Issue 44

DigiMag Issue 44


Infectious: Stay Away

The magical capability of the director of the Science Gallery is owed to the exhibition Infectious: Stay Away, if it's true, it's opening took place some days before the global alarm associated to the diffusion of the pork

Zeitgeist: For A New Social Order

The soul is restless and lost; this is our Zeitgeist, an everlasting state of collective hallucination, in which the conspiratorial theories create an history while the super-structures (media, economy, politics) create another.

The Chinese Nightmare?

The Chinese Dream is book of more than 700 pages about the urbanization in China, published by the Dutch editor NAI Publishers. This project of colossal dimensions is on the shoulders of an architect Neville Mars, and a researcher Adrian Hornsby and the Dynamic City Foundation. The disproportionate growth of the agglomerations in China is at the centre of this publication

Green Platforms, Making Ecological World

When I got into the hall of Palazzo Strozzi for the opening of 'Green Platform, the latest exhibition organized by Centro di Cultura Contemporanea di Firenze (Centre for Contemporary Culture in Florence), the cue waiting to get in was unexpectedly long. I am not used to it. Contemporary art, outside the certain circuits and without high-sounding names, can hardly attract the big crowds.

Video Interaction And Alternative Learning

The slogan elected by the European Commission for2009 year of creativity and innovation was imagine - create - innovate (European Year of Innovation and Creativity - EYCI). dare una forma ai tanto sfuggenti social network.

Awesome Santasangre

Santasangre (Maria Carmela Milano, Luca Brinchi, Dario Salvagnini, Roberta Zanardo, Diana Arbib), the best research theater company using new technologies for sound and pictures, was born in Roma in 2001 and immediately showed they were bordering between body art, video language and mechanical / sound performances.

Already Reality

They are four young artistic realities from 'our nursery': fortunately they always keep up with the times and they are very creative and original, an inexorable and continuing but well-selected and creamed-off mine of talented people. The performing art, able to contaminate and represent all kinds of visual arts, dances and dramaturgies, sounds and special effects, installations and showings, has become the daily bread of the young contemporary people.

The Neo World Of Virtual Life

Virtual constitutions, virtual nations, 3D environments, democracy, censorship, some of the keywords contained in a draft virtual reality 'to Second Life', funded by the European Union. The three-year project from 3.3 million euros, Virtual Life is a 3D environment that is the basis for a secure and reliable communication, to develop trade, educate and entertain.

Time And Identity In The Work Of Tacita Dean

Let me begin this text with an hypothesis, and join two elements that will help us fathom some important works of the British video artist Tacita Dean, born in Canterbury in 1965, always so balanced between representation and documentation, between contemplation and the action of seeing.

The Discreet Charme Of Elektra

Elektra Festival is one of the most interesting festivals on the international scene dedicated to the avant-garde of experimental art and new media, that has taken place every year since 1999 in Montreal, a Northern American city with a European flavour, creative and lively, most of all when it comes to artistic production and promotion and distribution of art in general.

Visual Music Marathon

The idea that music and moving images were somehow connected dates back to Newton . But it is especially starting from the 1900s, and with experimental cinema, video and digital arts in the latest decades, that Visual Music (that is rendering music through images, mainly abstract ones), has developed considerably.
Quantum Systems And Interactive Media Art

Quantum Systems And Interactive Media Art

The division between subject and object is a natural result of our sensory impressions ofthe external world, which seem separate from the thoughts in our heads. When we stare at a painting we apprehend it as an object distinct from our conscious self

Carlo Bernardini: Balance Of Light

Light is the key to the source of life and in its most immediate and vital nature it is in the sun and in electricity. Light is an extremely malleable medium: it is the key component of any work that can be ascribed in the category of new media, from video to net art, from generative art to multimedia installations.

Imaging Sounds Of Natasha Barrett

Natasha Barrett (1972) works fore-mostly with composition and creative uses of sound. Her output spans concert composition through to sound-art, large sound-architectural installations, collaboration with experimental designers and scientists, acousmatic performance interpretation and more recently live electroacoustic improvisation.
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The Sonic Orgasm Of Claudio Rocchetti

For some time now Claudio Rocchetti has been one of the most active and interesting electronic musicians in national and European scenes: be it because of his research on sound, as an emotional and compositional element, but also materially on analogical and electronic instruments, or because of his technical, improvisational and expressive capabilities be it in the studio or live, and the tight net of collaborations and participants active between Bologna and Berlin.

The Ecology Of Laboratorio Elettrico Popolare

He won't have it, he really doesn't like me calling him 'Master'. Peppo Lasagna is in principal a modest person, absolutely coherent in his being 'ecological' and in his relationship with the world, the environment, the technology that surrounds us. In principal, he's one of those people that does not bask in compliments or in the awareness of his own knowledge, but prefers to act, to do, to create.