Issue 43

DigiMag Issue 43


Vittore Baroni: From Mail Art To Web 2.0

Vittore Baroni was born in 1956 in Forte dei Marmi, Italy, and lives and works in Viareggio. A Music critic and investigator of countercultures, he has been one of the most active operators in the mail art planetary circuit for the past three decades

Exploding Cave

With a double reference both to the existentialist caves of 1950's Milan and the experimentation of Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Exploding Cave is a 2-days event that will be held in Milan on April 17 and 18, in the spaces of Cox18, structured in a series of meetings, workshops and performances that investigate the relationship and the least common denominator that ties cinema, sound, video and digital arts

Darwin From The Microscope

Darwin is turning 200 years old and we must admit that if we consider this period of time by the topicality of his scientific work, he doesn't look his age at all. Although Italy is not celebrating him except for small events (a Country with a catholic scientific freedom) there's someone like the National Research Council that with a number of Almanacco Science thought at least about mentioning the anniversary

Alain Thibault: Elektra From Past To The Future

Hereafter we will carry on an approach analysis on Elektra 2009, with the tenth edition of the festival of the Audiovisual Art research and the New Media Art, which is the most interesting and complete in the entire North American territory. And in general one of the finest on the international scene, as well as one of the most appreciated by the artists. This should never be underestimated, in my opinion.

Pathosformel fever

26 January 2009. Pathosformel received the special prize UBU 2008 with the following award : 'young company aiming at an abstract and physical theatre to be pursued with an already distinct and layered sign, by which the research on material and form is the starting point to evoke a fragmented and deconstructed visionary theatricality of great charm, which exploded in the national and international scene, achieving a significant relationship between conceptual art and theatre.'

Material Hybridization

The important progresses made by the science of materials in the last decades, have offered to the artifacts' projecting new and unusual opportunities to interpret the traditional concepts of materials' family, characteristics and sphere of application that in the past were typical of the materials selection for designers, architects and artists.

Psybody Design

Questo testo presenta il background teorico che ha ispirato la nascita del psybody design, un work-in-progress formulato per la prima volta all'inizio del 2008. Psybody design verrˆ presentato pubblicamente a novembre 2009 alle conferenze Multiple Ways to Design Research (Lugano, CH) e Consciousness Reframed X - Experiencing Design, behaving media (Monaco di Baviera, D)
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

They ask me what does Benjamin Button have to do with the Future Film Festival, what a question!' bursts out Oscar Cosulich, the art director of the kermes which presents the Italian Premiere of the film of David Fincher. Justifiably disappointed, because the special effects' always make you think of something heavily-noisy like travel to the centre of the earth' or King Kong, 20 meters tall'. - Young as in Kalifornia.

Antonio Martino, The Reflexive Stalker

1977 Class Antonio Martino is, without any shade of doubt, one of the most interesting documentary authors of the last years, the very many awards obtained by his works are there to show this, if only the vision shall be enough

Valerio Adami And The Pictorial Sound

Valerio Adami (17 March 1935) was born in Bologna, but he was in Milan during the war. He initially drew ruins: houses devastated by bombs. Felice Carena's studio, then the meeting with Oskar Kokoschka in Venice and later the Brera Academy with Achille Funi marked his education route.

In Video Collaboration

Towards the end of the '90s, long before the whole world found out about web 2.0, social networking and co-creation online, Furthernoise/Furtherfield, a collective of activists and radical artists that was founded in the UK by Marc Garret and Ruth Catlow, focused their activity on concepts such as horizontal collaboration, sharing, involvement, openness, co-creation. In short they were turning the culture of individualism and D.I.Y. (do it yourself) into a culture of community and D.I.W.O. (do it with others), and artistic collaboration from contextual into relational.

Esther Manas & Arash Moori: Sound & Sculpture

Last month Digimag devoted a section to Domenico Quaranta, curator of one of the two parts of the section Expanded Box at Arco Madrid 2009. Among the very heterogeneous works on show, encompassing different languages and media, one in particular represents in my opinion one of the exhibition's highlights: the work Every Man and Woman is a Star, by the two artists Esther Manas and Arash Moori

Giacomo Verde: Action Beyond Representation

Many people will already know Giacomo Verde's name and activity: a video maker, performer and, as he likes to define himself, techno artist. For those who do not know Giacomo's work, perhaps it's sufficient to say that he represents one of the ideal bridges between the first pioneer season of video and multimedia experimentation in Italy and the current experimental phase.

Marc Didou: Resonances

Marble, bronze and wood coexist with reflected images: what firstly appears as an abstract monolith, sudden reveals another face thanks to concave or convex mirrors. Marc Didou's original way of assembling the ancient art of anamorphosis with a cutting edge medical imaging technique is constitutes a remarkable encounter between art and science, where Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), set free from the scientific laboratori, is made available to the public as sculptures to interact with

Chris Woebken: La Gioia In Divenire

Uscito dalla nidiata di designers della Royal Academy of Arts, ricercatore presso la New York University, Chris Woebken  tra i pi originali interaction design americani.

Cybercultures 4: A Journey In Virtual Space

From the 13 th to 15 th of March Salzburg hosted the fourth edition of the multidisciplinary conference Cybercultures, academic meeting that aims at examining and exploring the diverse implications that derive from the use of information technologies in the field of interpersonal communication