Issue 41

DigiMag Issue 41


(Italiano) Il Tempo Delle Immagini Di Carlo Zanni

(Italiano) Data Cinema. Cos" Carlo Zanni, vivace artista concettuale capace di mixare con grande sapienza vecchi e nuovi media alternando ironia e poesia, definisce la pratica da lui stesso intrapresa che mira a dilatare, espandere e ridefinire il cinema attraverso la rete e i passaggi di informazione ad essa collegati.
Eduardo Navas

Eduardo Navas: Track Me Not, Please!

Three years ago I had a long interview with Eduardo Navas about his editorial project, 'NewmediaFix', the online platform that republishes and redistributes texts and interviews from the most influential international magazines focused on art and media (between them Digicult) and which I collaborated with as editor for almost one year. I met again by email Eduardo for another interview about his last online project, 'Traceblog, launched on October 2008'

Otolab Method

The interview to Otolab is a result of the event that was organised on January 16 th by the O' Gallery of Milan, in collaboration with Marco Mancuso, Digicult curator. During that evening, some members of the Milanese collective (which has come at its eighth year of life) could meet, have talks and watched the national exclusive preview of some of their recent creations, such as 'Circo ipnotico'(Hypnotic circus) and 'Giardini ner" (Black Gardens)

Transmediale 09: The Berlin’s Paradoxes

Transmediale's 09 theme 'Deep North' rotates around the concern about the planet's climate change, and how this inexorable process inevitably has an impact on every aspect of the contemporary culture and society. 'Deep North' is the starting point that opens the doors to diverse artistic interpretations, raising a whole range of issues translated and relocated into the language of digital art.

Biological Strategies At The Service Of Design

With the definition of 'hybrid design', a project planning approach is intended so that it may borrow the complexities embedded in the logic, in the codes and the principles of the biological world and insert these into the culture of the project itself. In hybrid design the complex qualities drawn from the biological world are transferred to the design of products and innovative services as if it were a sort of 'new genetic code'

To Give Shape To Social Networks

It is no accident that the next Social Networking World Forum taking place on 9 and 10 March at the Olympia Conference Centre in London has an auspice as a title, that of 'giving a shape' to social networks.

Graphic Design With Momomaker

MOMO is an artist whose work is not easy to catalogue. Defining it as a street artist would be boring and reduced. His life and his adventures are surprising as his experiments and they don't deserve being limited within no definition.

(Italiano) Corpicrudi: Attimo Celeste

(Italiano) Nonostante mi piaccia scrivere, penso che siano le immagini a parlare per noi, e la musica e' la loro parola.' Samantha Stella evidenzia questa frase nel parlare del suo lavoro all'interno del progetto Corpicrudi assieme a Sergio Frazzingaro, due artisti che hanno la fortuna di avere uguali visioni nonostante caratteri diversi.

(Italiano) Soundscapes Alternativi Per Citta’ Possibili

(Italiano) In occasione di Club to Club 2008, Lorenzo Brusci ha presentato al Lingotto di Torino 'Possible Cities_Alternative Urban Soundscapes', un'installazione di moduli sonori innovativi disegnati da Brusci stesso grazie al supporto tecnico dalla famosa B&C Speakers. Il progetto e' stato portato avanti dall'artista e suondesigner toscano insieme agli studenti del corso di Sound Design dello IED di Milano

(Italiano) Berardo Carboni Alla Prova Del Machinima

(Italiano) Anche se i facili entusiasmi che Second Life scatenava sembrano tramontati, le sperimentazioni artistiche nel mondo virtuale non si arrestano. È il turno del regista italiano Berardo Carboni, auotore del lungometraggio virtuale Shooting Silvio, che ha finito di girare nel mondo della LindenLab il suo secondo lungometraggio VolaVola\FlyMe.

Trevor Wishart: Chemistry Of Sound

Trevor Wishart, born 1946 in Leeds, is a composer and performer who developed (not only) sound transformation tools in his Sound Loom - Composers' Desktop Project software package. He's the author of the worldwide-known books 'On Sonic Art' and 'Audible Design', where he shares his extensive research on extended human voice and computer music techniques for sound morphing. He is currently 'Arts Council Composer Fellow' in the Department of Music at Durham University, England.

Cada: Did You Say You Wanted An Evolution?

CADA is a cultural, multi-disciplinary platform based in Lisbon: a centre that organises workshops, meetings, cultural activities and events within that grey area that lies at the margin between art and design.

Generative Nature

Modern ecology began with Charles Darwin's studies; in his 'theory of evolution', published in 1859 in On the Origin of Species, he underlined the adaptation of the different organisms to the various kinds of environment, which are subjected to the age-long examination of natural selection.

Matthew Barney: Contemporary Mythologies

In Turin, at the Fondazione Mario Merz, a retrospective of one of the most visionary and discussed contemporary artists, Matthew Barney, has just ended. In a site-specific set, composed by 5 screens arranged in a circle and others following the site's perimeter, Barney's work was exhibited in all its spectacular mood and in its entirety, together with sculptures and drawings which guided the visitor to a better comprehension.
(Italiano) Produzione Di Anticorpi

(Italiano) Produzione Di Anticorpi

(Italiano) Ogni nuova tecnologia  un'estensione di noi stessi; un nuovo medium che necessariamente introduce con se cambiamenti nell'organizzazione socio-individuale. Secondo Marshall McLuhan,  il medium (il mezzo), e non il contenuto, quello che determina l'informazione che trasporta. 'Le conseguenze di ogni medium derivano dalle nuove proposizioni introdotte nelle nostre questioni personali da ognuna di tali esten­sioni o da ogni nuova tecnologia.'

You Tube And The Accidental Videoart

YouTube has radically changed not only the way we look at video, but also the role of the audience and the language of video. No longer a mere spectator for the images created by the Author, Youtube users are increasingly involved in the making of unique and peculiar videos, unexpected 'viral' trends that generate in turn new influences - and all shared on the Web.

Anna Adamolo: Practical Critique Of Ideology

The Onda Anomala (Anomalous Wave) is the more important social phenomenon seen in Italy in the last years. It started from the school's ground, from the protests against the so-called Gelmini reform, but its value doesn't seem to be limited to that: it looks like the manifestation of a new process of global social mobilization. The material, cultural and moral uneasiness that starts from the problems of the school, is beginning to concern wider thematic: work, redistribution of wealth, lifestyle, democracy and equality Copyright vs Community, ci vediamo e salutiamo divertiti.