Issue 37

DigiMag Issue 37


Arduino: Technology Made In Italy

Arduino from Dadone or Arduino from Pombia, known as Arduino from Ivrea, was the King of Italy from 1002 to 1014. The Romantic culture made his figure popular, because they saw in him a precocious representative of the struggle for Italy to get out from under foreign domination.

Julien Maire, Leonardo And The Visual Anatomy

The bewilderment between reality and illusion, between perceptive habits and a new way of watching through the video camera. A false step that interrupts the normal rhythm of perception and let us perceive other possible re-constructions of what we see. A jocose swing between these two levels is the trace that links the work of Julien Maire, a French artist living now in Berlin who, through performances and installations, apparently very different from each other, creates moments and spaces of compression, overlap and perceptive illusion.

Silvia Bottiroli / Zapruder: Conversazioni

Conversazioni (2008) is the first movement of the biennial project Generazione Tondelli 2008/2009 . It is curated by Silvia Bottiroli, in collaboration with Zapruder Filmmakersgroup.

Why I Cannot Writ About Isea 2008

If you are as reluctant or slow in making choices like me, from the very start, Singapore's ISEA conference programme was a daunting experience: six parallel conference sessions, next to performances, partner events, exhibitions, meetings

Paul Amlehn / Robert Fripp, Consciences Synthesis

Seven Words project was recently presented at the Chelsea Art Museum of New York, as a part of the Sound Art exhibition, The Sonic Self, with some guests as David Marcus Abir, Mikhail Acrest, Damian Catera, DJ Olive, Phil Dadson and Fiorentina De Bia.

Panorami Paralleli

Quattro spettacoli che hanno solcato i teatri e i luoghi dei principali Festival estivi, quattro performance nuove ed originali che hanno deliziato l'Europa nei vari ImpulsFestival di Vienna, DijleFeesten Deflux di Vismarkt, DasArts, Inteatro , Drodesera, e che rivedremo imminenti anche in autunno supportati del successo riscosso nelle anteprime.
elettronica_mk01 The Sound Gallery

Presented also at Dutch Institute for Media Art di Amsterdam, the next 14th of September an online environment for sound art and concentrated listening will be launghedon the Internet. Similar to a real museum, the sound art collection of is carefully assembled by the curators and editorial staff, according to their visions

Santarcengelo Of Theatres: Festival Is Still Alive

Santarcangelo is the venue of the most important and historic festival of research theatre, which was once just the festival of street theatre. And we were there! Also (and mainly) during this precarious edition, with no artistic director for the first time in its long history. We must report the valiant resistance of the actors of the now famous and historic 90s' generation (Teatrino clandestino, Fanny & Alexander, Motus), but also of the 80s' generation (first and foremost, Soc'etas and Le albe)
Bruce Mcclure’s Sculptural Material

Bruce Mcclure’s Sculptural Material

I had the opportunity to attend Bruce McClure's audio-video performance twice: the first time, in Rome in 2006 at Dissonanze (where I was involved as a curator) and the second time this year at Sonic Acts in Amsterdam (where Digicult introduced Otolab's live 'Circo Ipnotico').

Eva And The Electronic Heaven

This year's edition of EVA London conference took place from the 22nd to the 24th of July in the prestigious home of the British Computer Society (BCS).

Crack! Live Electronics In Palmaria

The first edition of the environmental art exhibition Genius Loci, curated by Federica Forti, was inaugurated on July 31 st at Palmaria island, in front of the town of Portovenere (Spoleto). And in this exhibition you could find the special section, entitled cRack! Live electronics, that I curated. I invited Motus, otolab, Giacomo Verde and Badsector.

Machines And Souls

Machines and Souls', an extremely well chosen title for an exhibition that is really worth visiting. Housed by the National Museum 'Centro de Arte Reina Sofía' in Madrid till 13 October 2008, the great 'Máquinas y Almas' exhibition investigates the points of intersection in which science and art have met during their respective routes in the last decade. By exploring the relationship between art and the other spaces of generation of knowledge and by showing how the one can be put into the service of the other in the search for beauty, the exhibition in Madrid reveals how imagination and creativity manage, after all, to shorten (or even eliminate) the distance between the digital sector and emotion.

Geoff Cox: Social Networking Is Not Working

Geoff Cox is an artist, teacher and organiser of events connected with digital experimentation in the United Kingdom. Within his curatorial route for Arnolfini, an organisation dealing with contemporary art, he developed an interesting project whose topic is the intersections between critical theory of social networks and critical practice of the world of art.
Netsukuku. Close The World, Txen Eht Nepo

Netsukuku. Close The World, Txen Eht Nepo

Netsukuku, una rete distribuita, decentralizzata e pienamente efficiente; una rete che possa quindi non essere sottoposta a nessun tipo di governo, che sia globale e distribuita, anonima e non controllata, separata dallo stesso Internet. Da ora in poi non sarˆ pi Internet ma Netsukuku!

Maurizio Bolognini’s Postdigital Conversations

Some issues ago, in the historic June 2005 issue 6, to be precise, DigiMag had already introduced Maurizio Bolognini's work on the occasion of an exhibition whose title was 'Programmed Machines' at the 'Villa Croce' museum in Genoa.

The Artist As Artwork In Virtual World – Part 2

Apart from what is produced, we have to say that everything in a virtual world is, first of all, a cultural construct . And everything, including the artist, can be considered as an artistic project. In other words, an avatar artist who works in Second Life, no matter the means he uses, is the artistic project of a real artist in Second Life platform.