Issue 36

DigiMag Issue 36


Lights And Sounds At Sonarama 2008

The history of sound-light relationship is almost three centuries old, a complex and labyrinthine path, full of key characters and moments for the history of audiovisual art as we now know it.

Future Past Cinema: Sonarmatica 2008

With the title 'Cinema Beyond Cinema', the Multimedia section of Sonar 2008 wanted to offer a look on the different meanings that the word 'cinematographic' has taken on nowadays, in particular through the 'SonarMˆtica' exhibition with the title 'Future Past Cinema' and the 'Digital ˆ la Carte ' video interactive database.

Diba 2008: Cinema And Technology

In a Barcelona that is still unwilling to flower in a longed-for spring, from 5 th to 15 th June 2008 the fourth 'DiBa' festival took place; it is the festival of digital cinema in Barcelona .

Three Days With Sonar!

It's time to celebrate Sonar 's 15 th birthday, the annual and unique festival of electronic music and new multimedia arts, that doesn't need to be introduced.

Node, A Bet Won

In June 2008, the first season of the Node Festival was held in Modena . It is a festival dedicated to the meeting of visual arts and music, and new technologies. In the beautiful setting of the galleria civica in Modena , lectures and international live events followed one another nonstop for two days.

Thierry De Mey: Music Movement

Thierry de Mey is a contemporary composer and director who works on every creation as it was his first one, with the same intensity and passion, the same commitment and humility.

Some Days For Digital Inclusion

Beth Kolko is an Associate Professor of Technological Communication at the Department of Technical Communication at the University of Washington .
Tuned City

Tuned City: The Space Acoustic

From 1st to 5th July, the first Tuned City festival is taking place in Berlin; it is one of the most important festivals dealing with the relationship between sound and space.

Nico V From Close Up

Important magazines in the field, influential critics, successful artists have already talked about Nico Vascellari, pointing him out as one of the best artists of promise in the Italian creative panorama and one of the most original protagonist, destined to get on in life.

(Italiano) Il Teatro Calligrafico. Le Dragon Blue Di Lepage

(Italiano) Collocata al confine tra Germania e Svizzera nella regione dell'Alsazia a una trentina di chilometri da Basilea, Mulhouse ospita all'interno della vecchia fabbrica di cotone l'enorme e suggestivo spazio polivalente La Filature nato 13 anni fa; oggi  diventata Scne Nationale ed  collocata in un distretto multilinguistico di grande interesse.
Rob Kennedy

Rob Kennedy: Hapless, Helpless And Hopeless

There are several essential requirements for Rob Kennedy works, Scottish artist fascinated by language problems; for example separating 'sound/image' signifier from its immediate meaning, sectioning and assembling minimum unity to search for unexpected associations or unpredictable semantic locations.

Genius Loci Upon Palmaria Island

On 31st July 2008 opens the first edition of Genuis Loci, environmental art exhibition managed by Federica Forti and set up on Palmaria isle. Porto Venere and Alps is a marvelous frame of this suggestive exhibition that proposes as reference point for the young contemporary (and also electronic) art.

Once Is Not Enough

In 2007, Eva and Franco Mattes (aka 0100101110101101.ORG) created Sinthetic Performances, a series of 'live' actions, which were led in Second Life with their avatars, making use of some classical and historical performances of contemporary art

Do It Yourself. From Punk To Web 3.0

It is already known that western societies - based on marketing, communication and advertising - often rejected some controversial and revolutionary activities that, years later, were considered very cool attitudes

Ludic Technology. Hacker Space Festival

What would the Net look like today without the hackers? What would computers be today without the contribution of free software and open source? Which are the convergence areas between art and technological experimentation?

Brumaria, Militant Publishing

Brumaria is a six-monthly magazine that was founded in Madrid in 2002. It is an artists' project, a militant editorial project that reflects on the fertile boundary ground among artistic, social and political practices, with an engagé and maybe old-fashioned view, which in a period of post-post cultural and political relativism really makes a big impression.

The Artist As Artwork In Virtual World – Part 1

In the last years, we saw an increasing development of artistic activities in virtual worlds. At the beginning, these virtual worlds were just game-places (MMORPG) [1] or communication tools (chat, MOO, etc...) [2] , and included art as a mere peripheral issue, that was seldom supported and often refused by other users.

Sonarcinema 2008. Music For The Eyes

The section of the Sónar of Barcelona dedicated to the seventh art, SónarCinema , was held for the eleventh time (the first season being held in 1998), during all the three days of the festival, from noon to 8 p.m., as usual at the Auditorium of the Centre de Cultura Contemporˆnia de Barcelona .