Issue 35

DigiMag Issue 35

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Degradarte @ Lpm 2008

28th May 2008. On the eve of the fifth edition of LPM (Live Performers Meeting) , the beautiful pavilion of the former Mattatoio (Slaughterhouse) in the district Testaccio in Rome, is invaded by trolleys, cables, equipment, people quickly moving from side to side with tools and things to do, people that, arrived one day in advance, chat and laugh, meeting or meeting again, looking forward to the days of the meeting.

Koan01+ootchio: Landscapes From A Past Future

After three editions dedicated to great masters such as Cunningham, Glass and Bertolucci, the fourth edition of FUTURO PRESENTE festival opens up to the broader theme of the links between arts and new technologies: the legacy of the great experimenters, the dreams and utopias of the greatest twentieth-century protagonists revised and developed by artists who employ the latest technologies as lenses through which to observe and shape the world.
A Show On Friendship

A Show On Friendship

Nico and the Navigators are back to Italy as absolute protagonists of that Image Theatre able to win spaces of thought, with reflexions born from the same social drama analysis already examined by Victor Turner in the essay Performance in Postmodern Culture and able to show the public a creative approach half-way between improvisation, and absurd and maniacal rituals.

Confini Ttv

Digicult is a media partner of the 19 th edition of Riccione TTV Festival , the biennial event of theatre, visual arts and new media, running from June 12 th to June 15 th in Riccione, with unusual and significant locations in the city.

Marianne Weems: Digital Divide And Theatre

Marianne Weems is the founder of American techno-theatre ensemble The Builders Association, specialised in theatre exhibitions exploiting the richness of interactive digital technology and panoramic screens. In 2004, they brought to RomaEuropa the multi-awarded Alladeen , winner of an Obie Award, a not so much fairy-tale story about employees in a call centre in Bangalore .

The Wonderful Ideas Of Theodore Watson

Theodore Watson is the classical man in the shadow. The genie of the lamp, the one who turns the impossible into possible, that transforms an idea into reality. No matter how hard or ambitious it is.

Offf In Lisbon: Post-digital Saudade

This year OFFF moved to the wonderful Portuguese capital. Considering its huge international public, it probably matters very little where the very loved festival of 'post-digital' culture takes place.
(Italiano) The Griefers

(Italiano) The Griefers: Sabotando Second Life

(Italiano) Guerriglia digitale organizzata, sabotaggio virtuale, o, peggio, terrorismo della Rete. é come viene definito il fenomeno dei griefers, letteralmente coloro che vanno online con il solo intento di creare grief, dolore, dispiacere, agli altri utenti della Rete.
Sonar 2008

Sonar 2008: Advanced Music & Cinema Beyond

The presence of Spain at S˜nar 2008 is very important, with a third of the music schedule presenting more than ninety artists including composers, DJs and producers. At the centre of the festival there is also a tribute to the creative advertising communication on the Internet, from the fake to the self-promotion through MySpace. Starting from the coordinate image of S˜nar 2008, conceived at first as a series of short amateur videos in which strange genetic experiments are filmed, in a mysterious place, by mixing animals and talking human heads; the anonymous broadcast of the videos on YouTube and through a false website caused an incredible response with hundreds of thousands of hits in few hours.

I’m Not David Lynch. Charlemagne Palestine In Milan

I'm not David Lynch... but I think I deserve a better space... I've been working for forty years in the underground... I am an underground artist!... but since some years I'm considered an important artist. Why Triennial Design Museum of Milan doesn't even meet me? Nobody greeted me, nobody welcomed me...

Militant Art, Cultural Subversion

Arbeit macht kapital': this is what says the neon work by Claire Fontaine , at S.a.L.E.-Docks in Venice, a space for the promotion of contemporary art and cultural production. It was open last October and it is self-managed by a group of students and militants with a background in community centers.

The Last Supper: Souvenir From Milan

Behind the scenes there is a cultural turmoil of anxiety, trouble, phone calls, institutional activism (which characterizes me and has involved me a lot) to obtain from the Ministry the already granted and then revoked authorization to Greenaway to elaborate his reading, animated with lights and sounds, of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, exactly like he admirably did with Rembrandt's Night Watch and he is going to do with Picasso's Guernica.'

(Italiano) L’invisibile Nella Scienza

(Italiano) Non  ancora stata scritta una storia dell''invisibile' nella scienza eppure i presupposti ci sarebbero, perlomeno per una storia culturale, se non, ancora meglio, una storia metodologica.

We Are Not Alone – Part 2

Having achieved presence, the research systematically proceeded through the study of identity, following two directions: on one side the inversion of the strategy designed for 'Talker' and 'Talker Performance' and, on the other side, the creation of a totally virtual identity. Ex-novo. 'Dead on SecondLife' inverts the process created for 'Talker Performance'. The direction changes: body shifts towards virtual.

Marc Garret & Ruth Catlow: Net Visions

Let's talk again about Marc Garret and Ruth Catlow, two people that don't need to be introduced in the context of networking and mailing list about new international media art. Marc Garret and Ruth Catlow promoted many on-line debates, through not only their channel, NetBehaviour, many art networking projects, and they've been working for ten years on their project They already wrote an important text of reflections and theories about art, that was published on Digimag 33 - April 2008. And they promised us to be interviewed; let's see what they answered

All Rights Reserved. All Wrongs Reversed

Being original is a vexata quaestio for all the art critics. Every art studious knows that sooner or lather the question will have to be faced, willy-nilly. And, in the majority of cases, the points on which art studious lean on are predictable: Walter Benjamin, Jean Baudrillard, Rosalind Krauss and so on