Issue 32

DigiMag Issue 32


Dafne Boggeri: Zigzagging Between Images And Sound

Dafne Boggeri is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and many-sided artistic personalities who have emerged in Italy in the last years. In her approach to art she has dealt with photography, videos, installations and performances, developing a kind of work where shape and meaning continuously cross media borderlines.
Geert Lovink

Geert Lovink: Free Cooperations In P2p Networks

During the latest Video Vortex meeting organized by the Institute for Network Culture in Amsterdam at Club 11, the large networker's community met to analyze how video and other materials are shared through the net. In substance the questions that were addressed were how video and audiovisual information is used and shared through the net, how platforms like Vlog and podcast are developing and what tomorrow's television will look like in terms of clustering of information and free construction of programs with independent content.

The Darwinian Composer

As my activity in the theoretical and academic field often involved introductions to Polymorphic Intelligence, I have been developing a series of paradigms and examples to help the reader or the listener understand (if not feel) the deep link between psyche and the cognitive styles of individuals on one side and the simple/advanced technological functions of modern computer science on the other. Among the many models one of the most popular - probably because it manages to approach the different kinds of sensitiveness among the audience - is what I call the Darwinian Composer.
The Hidden Road To The City Of The Future

The Hidden Road To The City Of The Future

The first February the German magazine for the 'young research' Sciencegarden opened a request for bids called 'City in present, past and future' (Die Stadt in Gegenwart, Vergangenheit und Zukunft).

Trok!: Free Music, In Free Spaces

In Italy , more than anywhere else, the cultural life of experimentation is related to political underground through a system that developed from the 60's. Social Centers and Squat have been locations of the (electronic and not) experimentation of the 90's, with alternate fortune.

Aether Architecture: Real Spaces, Virtual Spaces

Aether Architecture is a design and architecture studio based in Budapest, Hungary , that is known at an international level for its innovative and conceptual approach to media architecture.

Who Is Afraid Of Janez JanŠa?

Berlin, 28th January 2008, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe . It's one past midnight. Three people wearing white windbreakers and carrying backpacks with GPS devices and a webcam turned towards their own faces, stop for a second, in silence.

The Eye Of Women

Roland Barthes highlights on 'La chambre claire' how photography is no more than an object of three practices where Operator is the photographer, Spectator is everybody and the last one is Spectrum, as this word keeps a certain relation with 'show'.

Generator X 2.0, Objects That Don’t Exist (yet)

During the presentation of GeneratorX 2.0, which took place in Berlin's DAM in collaboration with Club Transmediale 2008 and Hyperwerk, Marius Watz, the one who organized and curated the event, concluded his introductory speech inviting the audience to go and visit the generatorX exhibition, soon to open its doors. An exhibition of objects which are yet to exist.

Babilonia Teatri, Society Of Spectacle

Debord writes in 1967 in his masterpiece La Société du Spectacle: 'le avanguardie hanno un unico tempo e la fortuna pi grande che possono avere , nel senso pieno del termine, quella di fare il loro tempo.' Babilonia Teatri, winners of the Premio Scenario 2007 with their latest theatre performance 'Made in Italy', enter the Italian performance scene from the northeast and rightfully occupy the post-vanguard scene. This young group from Verona emerges from a concept of performance that speaks about the war in Iraq , and it conceives of a different type of theatre that looks at the contemporary.

An Heideggerian Lecture Of Software Culture

During the 30's, Martin Heidegger dedicated a series of conferences to artwork that would have led on to writing of the essay 'The origin of the artwork', published in 1950.

Share Festival 2008: Manufacturing

Cos" inizia il testo introduttivo di Vladimir Archpov, che ha pazientemente raccolto 220 invenzioni nate dall'estro di una popolazione russa colpita dalle ristrettezze economiche generate dalla fine dell'impero sovietico. Tra gli oggetti la " gabbia antivandali per lampione ', una " stufetta con lampada al quarzo ' e un " distillatore casalingo ': cosa centra tutto ci˜ con Share Festival? Manufacturing, tema della quarta edizione del festival, che si tiene a Torino dall' 11 al 16 marzo 2008,  stato scelto per due ragioni.
Ken Jacobs

Ken Jacobs: The Demiurgo Of The Moving Image

Mentre scrivo questo 'pezzo' la dodicesima edizione del Sonic Acts volge al termine e come ogni evento che si appresta alla conclusione lascia nell'animo di chi era presente, come pure di chi non c'era, l'enorme ansia della perdita che non  solo lo scivolare via d'un momento presente che si vorrebbe eterno, ma il timore dell'essersi lasciati sfuggire qualcosa da sotto il naso: un'intuizione, un momento, un bagliore irripetibile per sempre andato.

Christina Ray: Open Source Territories

Christina Ray lives in Brooklyn, New York. She's an artist and a curator focusing her efforts on psychogeography, the creative investigation of physical and psychological spaces inside the cities, she founded Glowlab, an initiative which produces art linked to the fruition and interpretation of urban spaces, as well as the Conflux Festival.

(Italiano) Black Box: Gli Spazi Del Cinema

(Italiano) La versione inglese di questo testo  stata pubblicata sul libro ideato dall'artista belga Boris Debackere e curato insieme ad Arie Altena 'The cinematic experience' per Sonic Acts XII, in cui I testi di nove autori e dieci interviste, riflettono sul cinema, sulla sua essenza e le sue modalitˆ di produzione.

Taylor Deupree: The Beauty Of Minimalism

Nel mondo della musica contemporanea e dell'arte digitale Taylor Deupree  considerato uno dei migliori interpreti della rivoluzione digitale a cui abbiamo assistito in questi ultimi anni.

Sonic Acts Xii: A Cinematic Report

Sonic Acts took place in Amsterdam on the last weekend of February. Its focus was the 'Cinematic Experience', and I believe it to be one of the best festivals that I have attended of late. It managed to strike a stimulating balance between conferences, projections, performance and exhibitions.