Issue 31

DigiMag Issue 31


The Landscapes Of Technoethic Art

Italy has a peculiar characteristic that is difficult to understand for those who are not familiar with the history of our country. That is that our culture, on the whole, is distanced, always lagging behind, lacking consciousness of, and sometimes even traveling in the opposite direction of the important cultural trends that emerge across the globe.

Tonewheels: Sound Optical Synthesis

The history of cinema and of visual arts is rich with moments in which visionary directors take their work into hybrid directions where physics, science, technology and music intersect. Chromatic futurist music, the abstract animations of people like Ruttman, Eggelin and Fischinger, the many visual music experiments of the beginning of the nineteenth century can be seen as the forerunners of contemporary forms of digital audio-visual interaction.

Cccs:cross-sectional View Of Contemporaneity

Emotional Systems - Contemporary Art between Emotion and Reason is the first exhibition of CCCS (Centro per la Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina - Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina) - as revealed by the name a part of the Fondazione Strozzi in Florence .

Sonic Acts XII:the Cinematic Experience

At last, after the usual two-year wait, Sonic Acts has come back. In my opinion, it is one of the best run festival inside of the international panorama of digital art.

The Catalan Technological Scene

In this article I have tried to ask some of the key components of Catalan artistic and cultural scene what are the health conditions of that so-called 'scene', which has been the reference point for everybody dealing with theatre and design multimedia art.

Konic Theatre, Terra Y Vida

Catalan theatre company Konic Thtr, created by Alain Bauman , artist and multimedia artist, and by Rosa Sanchez , dancer and choreographer, has attracted a large audience with its latest interactive theatre/dance work, NOU I_D , previewed at Cultania, Catania's multimedia theatre festival conceived by Salvatore Zinna.
Francesco Arena, Anatomy Of The Pure Image

Francesco Arena, Anatomy Of The Pure Image

In 2008 Genoa breathe thanks to different congruent aspects that give a unique vitality of personal human identity, a multiple desire to be free, present and socially participant of the cultural and artistic local and international 'Get Set'.

Dna: Dust Eye / Dust Architecture

Architecture and technology, design and digital media: a more and more daring connection that may seem outrageous because of its hybrid and audacious nature. After the two episodes dedicated to Lab(au) and Limitezero on the last issues of DIgimag, another piece has been added to this complicated mosaic, which is still far from being completed.

Test_lab, Live_coding

V2_Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam is internationally recognized like one of the main centres for research and practice for what concerns new media art and technological and artistic experimentation. It has recourses of several events and workshops to give life to wide discussions about modern age and to propose the most interesting matters of the world creative scene.

Scanner: Intellectual Electronica

Since his debut, Scanner has been an unclassifiable artist inside of the crammed panorama of electronic creativity. Actually Robin Rimbaud is well-known in the world of electro-music, appreciated by his own spiritual father, Karlheinz Stockhausen, but he always moves in the fertile ground of contamination of new technologies and of those potentialities offered by the means of electronic expression and integrated media.

Cccb’s Eccentric Cinema

Xcntric aims at promoting cinema and video productions which re-discuss images and define the medium through experimental means and intentions. Therefore, it recovers works kept secret or long forgotten through the audience's intimate experience.

Annalist: Controllo, Terrore E Sorveglianza

In anni recenti in Germania, come del resto un po' ovunque in Europa, l'opposizione politica ed il giornalismo di indagine sono stati messi pesantemente sotto attacco da polizia e servizi segreti.

Virgilio Villoresi: The Mise-en-scene Of Dreams

One of the most powerful characteristics of cinematographic language is to recall the imaginative mechanisms of dreams, to stimulate associations, to evoke atmospheres one can sink into, overcoming logic and letting images speak without using words.
Man As Pity Machine

Man As Pity Machine

Well-known writer Philip K. Dick used the word 'android' in opposition to the expression 'human' as metaphor, not to identify artificial entities.

Tech Stuff, Electronic Music Handbook

The following article is three different things at the same time. Number one: the prosecution of an interview I made to Lucia Nicolai (Editorial Manager of Qoob) published in Digimag 28 ( Number two: in-depth examination to understand the author/user that was firstly valorized by this experimental television, that is Giorgio Sancristoforo, better known as Tobor Experiment.
The Observatory

The Observatory: The Observed Science

The 15 th January 2008 Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) started The Observatory, a new observatory about science information cover and the journalism world environment.

Giuseppe La Spada: The Aesthetics Of A Digital World

I knew Giuseppe La Spada by chance, at the wonderful performance of Ryuichi Sakamoto last year during the third edition of Festival delle Arti Contemporanee in Rovereto. In that occasion the Sicilian artist was a guest of his friend composer, with whom he carried out a net art project called 'Mo No Aware'few people have heard about, which supports a green cause, aiming at drawing people's and media's attention to radioactive contamination Japan is experiencing in the village of Rokkasho.

Sign Philip Wood’s Microprogramming

When we talk about sign69,, basically when we talk about Philip Wood, we deal with one of the real net artists who has immediately guessed the intrinsic communicative and expressive values of the net, beyond the technological innovation aspect.