Issue 30

DigiMag Issue 30


The Gate: Open Considerations – Part 2

The Gate (or Hole in Space, Reloaded) is an installation created for the opening exhibition of iMAL Center for Digital Cultures and Technology in Brussels (4th - 10th October 2007).

Blip Festival: Chiptune Music & Low Bit Visuals

Game Boy's devotees and Commodore 64's fans: Blip Festival is back! For four days New York had been the centre of the electronic world of the 80s aesthetic and of its current reinterpretations.

Mike Mills: Humans Before All!

It is not a case that one of the diamonds of this year edition, the documentary shot by the american director Mike Mills Does your soul have cold?, investigates the depression in Japan through the history of five guys recovered for the cited illness. Mills realized numerous music videos for artists such as Yoko Ono, Moby, Air, Blonde Redhead, short films and his first real movie, Thumbsucker, is from 2005.

Art And Activism In The Showbusiness Era

What if the artists suddenly stops working with the traditional means of contemporaneous art ( and with the Avant-garde's expression strategies), what if he makes a review to the existing reality through the construction of a metaphorical talk representing it, so unveiling the undergoing mechanisms? What is he makes a direct intervention on reality creating situations able to change and improve it? And if he gets engaged on a political point of view?

Sex Is A Pain In The Ass

Sex is a pain in the ass: this was the title of the event on body art that was held at porn cinema Avorio in Rome from November 30 th to December 1 st , featuring the works of artists of the likes of Matthew Barney , Joseph Beuys and Chris Burden. The title suits the mood of the Roman public perfectly, as it was denied access to a cultural event that was previously promised funding from the institutions.

Andrea Marutti: Italian Experimental Underground

Digimag readers are probably bored by my long prologues on the reasons why I chose to interview someone. I'm unfortunately convinced, and I'm getting more and more into those convictions, that explaining the reasons behind articles is definitely one of the most important part of the article itself. Well, Some weeks ago I was at Torkiera in Milan (for those who missed it, Torkiera is one of the few spaces of the metropolis that is seriously promoting musical experimentation, among all its proposals). I was resonating with Marco Mancuso about potential interviews. Suddenly, I saw the table of Afe Records and I asked myself: Is it possible that we haven't interviewed Andrea Marutti yet, one of the most interesting key character of the experimental underground of the last ten years?. Yep, it is possible. So here I apology and remediate.
Live!ixem, The Five Days Of Palermo

Live!ixem, The Five Days Of Palermo

Il Live!iXem, a music contest and festival of audiovisuals, mixed media and experimental electronic arts which is organized by Antitesi, is continuously changing. This year's fourth edition has ben still characterized by the most advanced research in creativity.

Graffiti Research Lab: Writers As Hackers As Artists

Real and virtual spaces, cities and new media. These are the domains of confrontation of the new semantic clashes, made of massified and pre-digested messages on one hand, and free circulation, manipulation and expression of ideas on the other. The main characters are big companies, buying ads spaces to spark the consumerism at the basis of their economies, versus individuals, sometimes gathered in little independent groups, using new technologies for realising and using expressions means and the net to communicate and join in.

Gordan Savicic: Technosurveillance Martyr

Between bodyart and situationist electropunk, fetish and technocratic musing: the Viennese artist Gordan Savicic speaks about the pain of everyday life. That's the title of his new work The pain of everyday life - Constrain city, presented in Rotterdam during V2 Testlab.

Polymorphic Intelligence: Part 2

As far as we know, the human being is the most 'intelligent' organism. Their brain includes a number of fuctions so complex and sophisticated that, when the neurologist and psychologist Howard Gardner in his Frames of Mind tries to recap its structure, he comes up with seven sub-structures: Linguistic Intelligence, Logic-Mathematical Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence and Intrapersonal Intelligence.

Mutamorphosis: Challenging Arts And Science

From 8th to 11th November Prague has been protagonist of the third edition of the international festival Enter3, dedicated to the relationship between art, science and new technologies, with a series of expositions, performances, panels, workshops and the Mutamorphosis symposium, meeting and exchange point between students, artists, scientists from all over the world., Italian Netlabel Grow Up, Italian Netlabel Grow Up

Is it the internet the future of music? This could be the beginning question to start a reflection about the netlabels universe, a word that is filling the web pages during last years, and not the musical ambit ones.

The Unbearable Lightness Of The Web

Now, I've been waiting for years for a net art project that tried to take the distances from the complexities of the contemporaneous digital world.

(Italiano) Media Studies E Globalizzazione Degli Stereotipi

(Italiano) Nel settembre 2007 si  tenuto presso l'Universitˆ di Westminster a Londra la conferenza Internationalising Media Studies: Imperative and Impediments. La rivista Global Media and Communication , tra le promotrici della manifestazione, ha dedicato il numero monografico di novembre 2007 alla sintesi degli interventi pi significativi.

Festival Cultania, Culture From Southern Italy

Sold out for Cultania Festival, organized by the councillorship for Culture, within the project 'The Multimedia Centre of the Archaeological Park ' (Por Sicilia 2000 - 2006 - " Catania , metropolitan city').
The Importance Of Being Interactive

The Importance Of Being Interactive

My collaborator Dawn Stoppiello and I created our dance theatre company Troika Ranch in 1994, our purpose being to create dynamic, challenging artworks that fused traditional elements of dance, music and theatre with interactive digital media.

X-scape: Escape From Lenguage

Martux_m aka Maurizio Martusciello, composer, musician and performer since more than 10 years, builds with his sound work and research an important interpenetration between traditional concrete and electro acoustic music and the synthesis of the digital electronic.

(Italiano) Scolpire Microscopicamente Il Suono

(Italiano) Torna SIGNAL, dal 30 novembre al 15 dicembre. La seconda edizione di un Festival senza padri ne padroni, in una terra dove niente e tutto  possibile, dove uomini e cultura mescolano l'ospitalitˆ con i venti d'oltre mare, con passioni e forze nuove provenienti da lontano; ma a Cagliari  come ritrovarsi, un ricrearsi di energia pura e creativa, libera e mai superficiale.