Issue 29

DigiMag Issue 29


Polymorphic Intelligence: Part 1

As I had the impression that for too long both the scientists for Mind and the researchers for Artificial Intelligence had taken for reference completely inadequate concepts, at the beginning of the year I developed the concept of Polymorphic Intelligence. This theory has little by little gained importance, being requested and welcomed all around the world.
Florian Thalhofer And The Korsakow System

Florian Thalhofer And The Korsakow System

If Shakespeare considered the world a theatre, Florian Thalhofer believes the world is a hyperlink system. That is how he represents it, film after film, shooting landscapes, stories and revelations which are 'assembled' with his original software, the Korsakow System .

Beijing, World Researches Politics

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the China Association for Science and Technology (Cast) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) were the protagonist of Beijing meeting of 24 th -29 th September. It deserves an in-depth examination of its contiguous and symbolic meaning. It is impossible to disregard this kind of initiatives to understand how the future developing and technology geopolitical relationship will evolve.

The Theatre Of Electronic Surveillance

Does anyone remember Enemy of The State directed by Tony Scott and starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman? The story deals with a man targeted by closed-circuit cameras, radars, bugs, satellite indicators, high-sensitive microphones following each of his movements. This movie as many others is concerned with important issues such as control, wire-tapping, data security and satellite espionage. Among them we must mention Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation,The End of violence by the German director Wenders and The listening, shut in 2006 by the Italian director Giacomo Martelli.

Lab (au): Meta Design. Liquid Spaces And The Cities Of Tomorrow

There are people living in cities who are careful observers of the slow changes which are taking place around them. Such people are not inclined to complaining about new telecameras controlling the access to the old town centre, about the prevailing traffic and polluted air, or the advertising billboards covering the facades of the old buildings in boulevards.

Steal This Film 2: Share Alike

n the wake of the diy-do it yourself attitude of Abbie Hoffman s book, Steal this book (1970) , in 2006 a pretended group of filmakers who gathered under the name of The league of the noble peer , produced an interesting documentary film, Steal this film , showing how the present time's pirates are causing trouble to the diffusion and production system of knowledge and information with their recreational and disenchanted habits.

Near Future Lab: Imagining A Possible Future

Provare ad immaginare nuove modalitˆ di interazione tra corpo e tecnologia  ormai, sembra chiaro, la grande sfida a cui sono chiamati a rispondere scienziati, artisti e studiosi del mondo contemporaneo.

The Gate: Open Considerations – Part 1

The Gate (or Hole in Space , Reloaded ) is an installation realized for the opening exhibition of the iMAL Center for Digital Cultures and Technology in Brussels (4 th -10 th October). Come up in Yves Bernhard's mind, manager of the iMAL Center , the installation was created to handle a only apparently simple question: how to build a bridge between real space and virtual worlds. The objective in mind was the enjoyment of virtual spaces and the interaction with their inhabitants in the physical space without the interaction of a graphic interface.

The Sensitive State Of The World To The World

Between the several Italian reality that are entering the electronic and contemporary art world, this year Perugia hosted some events that deserve particular attention. Performance, workshop, interactive environment, exhibitions, competitions, concerts, meetings, festivals: this was 'Le arti in cittˆ', that showed between its protagonists Saul Saguatti, Murcof, Giovanni Sollima and Isabella Bordoni.
(Italiano) Avatarc

(Italiano) Avatarc: Una Seconda Vita Per Second Life

(Italiano) Il mese di ottobre ha chiuso in Toscana con due eventi particolarmente significativi per aver focalizzato nuove interpretazioni sui metaversi e aver dato spazio a protagonisti emergenti sulla scena di Second Life.

(Italiano) Allan Kaprow A Genova Un Anno Dopo

(Italiano) é passato poco pi di un anno dalla scomparsa di un artista determinante ed essenziale per tutta la storia dell'arte contemporanea; un artista senza il quale forse tutto sarebbe diverso nel panorama delle arti figurative, nel teatro e nella performing art odierna.

Vinz Beschi: Media Don’t Eat Children

I casually discovered the media, digital, A/V world at school, actually during my first year of university. Before that moment, I didn't even know its meaning. I watched television, I went to cinema, I looked to music videos, I wrote emails, and I listened to music on CDs without an education about that. I never learned to understand the mechanism behind and inside the instruments I used, their history. And I didn't even know anything about their evolutions and implications for the future

Art Futura 2007: The Next Net

From 25 th to 28 th October 2007 Barcelona witnessed the 18 th edition of Festival ArtFutura, hosted as tradition in the stand of del Mercat de les Flores . The subject for this edition was 'The Next Net': experts and celebrities of the field tried to foresee the next developments of the web.

(Italiano) Fe/male: Il Festival Dei Nuovi Generi

(Italiano) Un invito all'estasi dell'insurrezione, al desiderio del gioco, al sublime piacere dell'abbandono, perpetrato da bans, djs, filmakers, performers, case editrici, visual artists; ma anche una critica graffiante all'eterocrazia che ingabbia inclinazioni e corpo all'out .. out d'identitˆ vincolanti e prestabilite, alle discriminazione misogene e sessiste che venano di contraddizione pure lo stesso movimeto gay e lesbico.

Transitio Mx 02: Nomadic Frontiers

Sei mesi dopo Interactiva 07, la Biennale dei Nuovi Media di Merida, e qualche migliaio di chilometri pi a nord, nella capitale federale, si  appena conclusa la seconda edizione del festival Transitio Mx (12 - 20 ottobre 2007), progetto espositivo ed esplorativo dedicato al video ed all'uso creativo delle tecnologie

Who Is Afraid Of The Dark?

Composer, performer and sound installer, John Duncan is a rare example of those artists who have always been totally engrossed in existential research and for more than twenty years has been a pivotal figure for radical experimentation.
Quasi Objects Project By Lorenzo Oggiano

Quasi Objects Project By Lorenzo Oggiano

Some times writing a Digimag article is a little nightmare. No one of your contacts answers, the issue date gets closer and Marco Mancuso rightly starts asking for some material.

Duprass Duo, New Audiovisual Politics

I had the chance to know part of the interesting work of the Israeli artists Liora Belford e Ido Govrin on the occasion of the Experimental Intermedia Festival in New York. What aroused my curiosity was their approach which, though experimental in its nature, tends to create more relaxed and less aggressive atmospheres than those of other Israeli artists I knew before.