Issue 28

DigiMag Issue 28


Creativity To The Cube

Qoob is a digital channel produced by MTV Italia that transmit alternative music'. This is what Wikipedia says for Qoob' . But everyone that experienced its shows or its website perfectly knows that it is something more complex.

(Italiano) Plug’n’play Festival, Audiovisual Club Salento

(Italiano) Stiamo parlando del Plug N'Play Salento Music Festival, che si é tenuto presso il Parco Manˆ di Vernole (Lecce), spazio storico della costa adriatica riservato ad esperienze acustiche di livello e a grandi eventi locali. Una due giorni, questa, dedicata ai nuovi flussi creativi ed energetici della musica electro coniugata all'esplorazione di percorsi visivi molteplici suggeriti da istallazioni e performance video, aperta ai nuovi 'cas" musicali del panorama rap ed hip hop ed alle avanguardie storiche del movimento techno.

Todaysart 2007, The Hague International Art

The Hague , The Netherlands, is a little city with no more than 1million inhabitants and 1hour and half from Amsterdam . A grey sky as scheduled, avant-garde buildings, cycle facilities and the hundred-year-old Royal Art Academy . This Academy pays attention to anything artistic or modern. The weekend of 21 st - 22 nd September was dedicated to the Todaysart Festival. I'm coming from a couple of days in Amsterdam and the impact with the political capital of The Netherlands is completely different.

The Truth-cinema Of Pierre Bastien

To be at a Pierre Bastien's live show is always a special event for any lover of contemporary music. And the other condition to appreciate the French multi-instrumentalist's music is to esteem a slightly poetical and joyful audiovisual dash. This is a feature of this artist so dear to Aphex Twin who has realised Bastien's production with his own Rephlex Records.

Ars Electronica 2007: Goodby Privacy?

As every September, the 2007 edition of Ars Electronica took punctually place in Linz. Since 1979 the Austrian festival dedicated to digital art and new media has tried to draw the lines that link art, technology and society together. The event has surely always been an appointment that cannot be missed as well as a firm reference point in international digital culture scene.

Atom: Floating Audiovisual Design

Sometimes things happen, a bit by chance. It is true, though, that in some cities by chance things happen easier than somewhere else. So it may happen to go for a walk to the Tesla Culture Centre in Berlin on a Friday rainy evening, maybe feeling a bit bored, just to take a look around at the installations, not all of them interesting, and then to come across the rehearsal of one of the best performances/audiovisual installations one have seen long since.

(Italiano) Liberi Prototipi Per Le Vie

(Italiano) Il nostro tempo  questo. Non pi 'moviment" generazionali o de-generati, non pi pesi disciplinari conformati da tradizioni drammaturgiche, non pi corpi intrisi da addomesticamenti in superficie e giˆ visti insostenibili. Non pi cliché s'il vous plait.
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Relational Architecture

Mexico, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's homeland, made its debut at the 52nd edition of the Venice Biennale with the artist's work exhibition. Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is well-known for his big installations used by the most various media and for his custom-made interfaces. In other words this artist loves the active interaction of the public. Robot installations, computers, video projections, sensors, lights (and shadows) and sounds, these are the means used for the creation of works. His works are famous because all around the world they can temporarily change space perceptions and their relations with people living there. Or they can draw attention to important issues such as the continuous control we are subjected.

Dias E Riedweg: Politics And Poetics

Dias and Riedweg's works (Brazilian and Switzerland artists) are an 'experience'. They absorb spectators inside lives of people they've worked with. It's a political and sensorial work. They make people feel emotions. They make people participate.

(Italiano) Silenzio, Le Declinazioni Della Sound Art

(Italiano) Si  conclusa lo scorso 23 settembre la mostra Silenzio, curata da Francesco Bonami alla Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo di Torino, con una buona affluenza di pubblico, un po' incuriosito dal tema e dalla modalitˆ di fruizione delle opere, un po' stordito dalla varietˆ dei suoni presentati.

Death 24x, Death And Feticism Of Image

The link of all the thoughts I would like to give to you is related to the fact that the deconstruction of new media, the non-linearity of digital arts simply are coherent with a perception/concept of our contemporary reality. So, if we want to make an artistic research, if we want to make some experimentation, we must go further, we must think at them as fixed point, even if not sufficient. We must think at them as generative art concepts, as art as deconstruction, art as remix of the post-modern. A work that is interactive to a presence or that answers to the criteria of post modernity is not enough to achieve an artistic value.

Ankersmit, Side By Side

Just imagine a desk with an EMS Synthi A and a laptop, a sax laying on the floor inside its open case, just waiting for being awakenand a tall, fair-haired guy, with a very young face, and a serious and concentrated gaze.

We Are The…strange Media For Strange People

Stop motion, 3D, videogames, animes, 8-bit culture. With the Internet as distribution platform. The final product is We Are The Strange , an elusive and indefinite 90 minute film, where the author, M dot Strange , gathered everything that appeals to him visually, all his universe of images and styles.

Sustainable Non-property, The Answer By Estudio Livre

One of the innovations brought about by digital world is the reorganization of the process of creation/production according to an open system whose functionality is represented by the free software. The free software is the basis of the first free and widespread non-property net in history. Thanks to the overcoming of the binomial producer/consumer and the transformation of the product into process, an open and interactive relation between developer and user is created, with its potential of infinite new opportunities of production and creation.

Hackmeeting 2007: Ten Years Nerdcore

Right this weekend it took place the 10th edition of Hackmeeting. This is a very important appointment for the Italian digital community because of its love for free software, of its computer nerds, of its technology freaks, regardless of hardware, software or reality manipulation. Hackmeeting is an independent initiative dating back to 1998. Every year a different Italian city is chosen as seat of the event, hosted by free and public spaces. For this edition the seat was the social centre Rebeldia' in Pisa, Tuscany.

The Knowledge Of A Fragile Future

On 27th September Helga Nowotny ( ) took part in the seminar Scienza Tecnologia e Societˆ (Science Technology and Society) organized by the University of Trento . The topics have been mainly those analyzed in her book Insatiable Curiosity. Innovation in a Fragile Future , which has been recently translated into Italian but which was first published in Germany in 2005 with the title Unersättliche Neugier, Innovation in einer fragilen Zukunft . Nowotny iso ne of the most famous living science sociologists: she is both Vice-president and founding member of the European Research Council (ERC) , and she was Chair of the European Research Advisory Board of the European Commission (EURAB) in 2005 and 2006.

Scali & Goode: Nan°art

From October 1 st to the 21 st 2007, Palazzo Frizzoni in Bergamo present NAN°ART inside Bergamo Scienza, managed by Stefano Raimondi , with works of Alessandro Scali, Robin Goode and Grit Ruhland .