Issue 27

DigiMag Issue 27


Second Fest, A Great Event For Few…

In the afternoon of 29th June 2007 I'm anxiously waiting outside the gates of SecondFest , the huge musical event which will last all the weekend and during which a series of more or less famous artists will perform. A small and colourful crowd has already thronged at the entrance when, with a slight delay as regards the programme timetable, the gates open.

Pcc. Pirate Cinema Reclaims The Cinema

The Film industry's war against pirates is a war against reality. These is the manifesto of PCC-Pirate Cinema Copenhagen ( ), a project founded last year in the Danish national capital.

Skoltz Kolgen: Silence In The Rooms

The recent release of a wonderful DVD (presented during Elektra Festival in Montreal and now worldwide distributed) represents the newest chapter of Silent Room, a work by the Canadian artists Skotz Kolgen, started in 2003 and featured through years in different ways, from video installation to AV live cinema.
(Italiano) La Legge Nella Scienza

(Italiano) La Legge Nella Scienza, La Scienza Per La Legge

(Italiano) Nel giugno 2007, sulla prestigiosa rivista ISIS (The History of Science Society), Graham Burnett, storico della scienza presso la Princeton University, ha proposto l'interessante focus 'Science and the Law', ovvero una sezione dedicata al rapporto tra i mutamenti dei sistemi legali in rapporto all'evoluzione delle conoscenze scientifiche.

Struttura Organica 2007, Computing Nature

When we, in some years, will have stiffness, and maybe time, to watch behind with the right critical spirit and with knowledge instruments more and more mature and shared, I'm sure that one of the most strong thematic will be the possible relation between technology, nature and art in this systematic order. Struttura Organica 2007, video art and net art festival from 7 th to 9 th September in San Vincenzo - Livorno, is maybe the first Italian exhibition that turns the attention to these themes, through the well-known formula of festival, meetings, art works and live performance.

Eric Singer, Music For Robots

LEMUR, i.e. League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots . A group of artists based in Brooklyn who design and make up musical robots, a synthesis of musical instruments and technology applied to interactivity and robotics. With their robots, LEMUR members are contributing to redefine the shape of performances by creating a completely new kind of performer.

Greenaway: Cinema Is Dead, Long Lives Cinema

Among the several places where Barcelona offers its cultural proposals there is the Teatre Grec, hosting and giving the name to the famous summer festival. Designed by the architect Ramon Raventós in 1929, the theatre in the open air has the typical structure of the ancient Greek theatres.

Game Game Game And Again Game…

13 odd levels will set you free from cultural systems chains almost definable as dogmatic. The main objective of this play is, in the author's mind, 'to move around and think'. Game game game and again game is the latest Jason Nelson 's work. With an ironical and amused perspective the author looks back at the amateur aesthetics and the mistake theory and creates this work which he defines 'retro-game' . Here you find poems and family videos mixed together and found out by the main character during his weird adventure. And here are the character, a strange rolling ful ball, and its goal: the liberation from its own stereotypes.

Thorsten Fleisch, The Fourth Dimension In Video

Thorsten Fleisch is one of those artists that with his works, in my opinion, spontaneously gives meaning to theory, currents, opinions, discourses and discussions confusingly gathered around a specific theme, anticipating, in this, modalities and analysis often understood and shared but rarely expressed in a concrete way in a work.

Peer Production: The Wealth Of Networks

A moment of opportunity and challenge that is how Yochai Benkler's book begins . In Italy The wealth of networks was published by Egea a couple of months ago but can be downloaded from the site as well.  cos" che si apre il libro di Yochai Benkler - La ricchezza della rete, uscito da qualche mese in italia per Egea ma anche disponibile al download dal sito .

Alvarez-fernandez: Sound Amateur

Miguel Alvarez-Fernandez, young sound artist and designer ( Madrid , 1979), defines his background as a conventional one. Composition studies at the San Lorenzo de El Escorial Conservatory, composer in residence at the Madrid 'Residencia de Estudiantes' from 2002 to 2005, improvement in Germany at the Internationale Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik of Darmstadt, at the Stockhausen Stiftung of Kurten, at the Elektronische Studio-Technische Universitat of Berlin.
Collective Author

Collective Author, Shared Memory

An lightning text is " Post dramatic Theatre ' by Hans-Thies Lehmann , that faces the changes of the theatre and its fruition in the contemporary theatre, transformations often marked by hybridizations with new media. We must remember that theatre has always been related to the 'scene machine', that never hesitated to exploit the available technology of every époque.

Todo & Nada: Everything Or Nothing!

TODO & NADA are twin souls, complementary elements, the two sides of the same apple: it's a well done union between creative heads and strong-headed professionals working together in order to plan and build up projection and development of projects strictly linked to media, design and interactivity, communication and fun.

(Italiano) Progetto Dru. Supportare La Ricerca Creativa

(Italiano) L'evento Biorama  stata l'ultima iniziativa del progetto DRU che continua a promuovere un fortunato connubio tra arte, design, tecnologie e scienze della vita. Biorama, svoltosi nell'arco di un'unica giornata, il 13 di Luglio, ha avuto come tema la presentazione del lavoro dell'artista in residenza Andy Garcie, noto per le sue ricerche su i legami interstiziali tra mondo naturale e sistemi artificia

The Lab Style By Modeselektor

The Modeselektor, namely Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert , first met in Berlin in the early 90s in the illegal parties of the city's outskirts. Five years later they met again in a recording studio and realized their musical taste was similar. That's how they started producing music under the name of Fundamental Knowledge.

(Italiano) Motus, In Stato Di Grazia

(Italiano) Chi l'ha detto che il teatro di ricerca in Italia non richiama pi pubblico? Nell'edizione 2007 a dire il vero un po' sottotono, del festival Santarcangelo dei Teatri, MOTUS fa ancora una volta centro (e sold out ) con il nuovo spettacolo X Racconti crudeli della giovinezza debuttato poche settimane prima in versione provvisoria alla Biennale di Venezia sezione danza: a Santarcangelo erano proprio loro il richiamo principale per la stampa nazionale ed estera, per gli operatori teatrali locali e internazionali, e ovviamente per i numerosissimi fan che ormai la compagnia vanta in ogni angolo della penisola italica.

Missil, Miss Mash Up

Between the beautiful surprises brought to us by last ElettroWave, I surely flag the young Missil, one of the new international djing promising, guest for the first time during an Italian festival.

The Revenge Of Nico & The Vascellaris

He's from Vittorio Veneto the most interesting, charismatic and eclectic thirty-year-old of the Italian art, and he never failed. Nico Vascellari made his name at the design department of Fabrica and at the Superior Course of Visual Art of the Antonio Ratti's Foundation to turn into the winner of the International Prize of the Performance of Trento .