Issue 26

DigiMag Issue 26

Edoardo Kak

Edoardo Kak: And So Artist Created Life

In case this summer you have bought one of the latest works by Eduardo Kak, you should then find someone or somewhere to entrust with your new work, together with your pet. No, this is not a provocation, but one of the latest bioart frontiers.

Kurt Hentschlager. Feed: Visible Space Collapse

Feed, an audiovisual performance on sensorial, spatialized, electronic experimentation produced by austrin artist Kurt Hentschlager ( for the ones that don't know him, he, together with Ulf Langheinrich, is one of the two souls of Granular Synthesis) is, at this time, a project that is unique in its genre, outside of the aesthetic and technical languages currently spoken in the contemporary world of performances and multimedia installations. There's really nothing to discuss: opinions are in total accordance among audience and critics

Light Bulb And Surreal Art

During 2007 edition of Sonar festival which ended a few days ago in Barcelona, a project by Jeff Lieberman, entitled Light Bulb, was presented at Sonarmatica , a show which takes place together with the usual festival. This year Sonarmatica presented a selection of works dealing with the magic' side of technology, showing processes which cannot be understood merely with intuition and trigger our wonder.

Synken: Audiovisual Transformations

Synken is an experimental project, imaginative and ambitious, born by the collaboration of the visual artists Transforma and the composer O.S.T. Transforma are Baris Hasselbach, Luke Bennet and Simon Krahl , a collective of vj, experimental video-artists and graphics from Berlin , collaborator of Apparat and Funkstoerung as well

Challenge Of Networked Books: Gamer Theory

Since ages we have been used to take part to always new web writing forms, i.e. weblogs different in style and genre mushroom everywhere, and they are so many that they inspired -already 2 years ago- the name of an essay called BlogGeneration. In their amount there are included several kinds: from the private blogs, having none art pretence, to the literary ones, from those dealing with political issues to those constituting real art projects.

Sonarmatica 2007: Media Art And Fantasmagoria

If I should pick a house flag for the multimedia part of the Sonar 2007, I surely choose FEED by Kurt Hentschlager , performance presented for the first time at the Venice Biennale of 2005 that is becoming more and more a classic of the international media art.

Cultuur 2.0: Regarding Telematic Ecosystem

Prometheus fire has been a turning point for human life. At the same time, this brought problems to human race, that, for the theft to Gods, was condemned to live in a sad existential condition. The fire has been a technological innovation at that time, that we learned to dominate and use as instrument. Surely, Prometheus myth doesn't touch our minds on when we turn on our stove!
Sonia Cillari

Sonia Cillari: Body As Interface

If you are close to me , created in 2006, is requested by many. Festivals, digital art and new media exhibitions try to obtain it, though it is not always easy. Sonia Cillari , the author, says this interactive installation/performance is so unique and expensive that its duplication in order to have it in different places at the same time is not advisable l'autrice. A sensitive platform on which the visitors place themselves to become actors, performers and audience of their own actions at the same time. The actions turn into geometric shapes and lines around their bodies and movements and can be seen thanks to the huge projections on the surrounding walls.

We No Longer Get Lost As It Happened In The Past

Locative media , the obsession of the moment. Thanks to new technologies all can be perfectly detected, since everything is nowhere and all is perfectly followed and spotted as a principle, placed in an universally known cartesian grid

Software Art Space. Software Art ?!?

You can bet on it. As soon as the news gets around through reference mailing-lists, word of mouth, international festivals, interviews by the most acclaimed critic or curator of the moment, infinite will be the praises raised to Software Art Space ( ), the second operation performed by Steven Sacks, founder of the phantomatic Bitforms gallery: digital in conception, but with a physical (micro) headquarter in New York. In that same city and neighborhood, Chelsea, in which an apparently infinite army of galleries and exhibition spaces devoted to contemporary arts seem to be struggling to be part of the quadrangle between 4th and 5th streets, determining the destinies of the international art market.

Ezio Cuoghi, High Education Of Brera 2

The Academy of Brera in Milan has been proposing the Course of New Art Technologies since 1999. Now it's introducing three more masters in Multi-media Arts, while big steps forwards have been made in education, especially in the fields of graphics, cinema and digital communication. But that's not all. It is also addressing to all the professions concerned by the world of the new media with a special focus upon 3D Animation, Digital Video, interactive advices, web design and show design.

Sonar 2007, A Chat…to The Rhythm Of Music

Digicult had the honor of establishing a partnership with the 2007 edition of Sonar, objectively the most widely known and populated advanced music and multimedia arts festival. The project has been carefully executed and many were the difficulties encountered by our small team, but we did it, and we can now proudly present you this double summer issue of the magazine filled with a report that is so complete and exhaustive that it can easily clear any doubts you might have left in your mind about the efefctive possibilities offered by editorial projects on the web, on both their viral capabilities and their structural dinamism.
(Italiano) Polverigi, Tra Hollywood E Big Brother

(Italiano) Polverigi, Tra Hollywood E Big Brother

(Italiano) Sono tornati in Italia, nelle Marche. Sono loro, come prima pi di prima, irriverenti, inventivi e grotteschi per natura, tecnologici, globali e mediali per antropologia. Il Big Art Group in occasione del trentesimo compleanno del Festival Internazionale Inteatro, alias Inteatrofestival di Polverigi (AN) non potevano non stupirci ancora, presentando in anteprima mondiale l'ultimo lavoro frutto di una residenza creativa nel paese marchigiano durata 65 giorni dove hanno coinvolto l'intera comunitˆ locale.

(Italiano) Source Code

(Italiano) Eyebeam, centro culturale newyorkese attivo nello sviluppo e divulgazione delle arti elettroniche, festeggia i suoi primi dieci anni di attivitˆ con una mostra intitolata, appunto, Source Code, in cui presenta una serie di artisti, programmatori e hackers che negli anni sono stati ospitati dal centro stesso. Un'esplorazione ad ampio raggio dell'impatto delle nuove tecnologie sulla creativitˆ applicata ad ogni ambito, dal video al videogioco, dalla rappresentazione di network al riciclaggio dei dati in rete

Decoder Island On Second Life

The 5th of June a new island emerged from the virtual ocean of Second Life . It is not palms and flowers, as every other, it is not decorated with sentimental balls and 'Beautiful' houses.