Issue 24

DigiMag Issue 24


99rooms: Net Synesthesia

99rooms is an interesting web-based project that mix real ambient and virtual ambient. It is realized painting worrying figures in an old abandoned factory, then animating them so that they interact through 99rooms.

Sonarmagica: Sonar Multimedia 2007

Why do you go to Sonar? Because of music, parties, Barcelona, summer starting, friends from all over the world you meet once a year, new persons you meet, the sea

Cristophe Bruno: Toward Sight Privatization

Have you ever thought that inside an African mask, the lines of McDonald logo could be hidden? Or that behind the face of the French Prime Minister De Villepin the Gaz the France logo could be found?

Elektra, Festival Arts Numeriques

It is now at its eight edition one of the first and most important festival of the world, in the ambit of digital art and audio-visual expression: the Elektra Festival of Montreal . One of the first international festival that focalized on experimental artistic audio-video forms with a wise and clever approach able to analyze the evolution of these years on the borders between art, experimentation, technologic research and communication.

Atm: The Artistic Nomadism Of The New Millennium

The speedy development of new technologies and their incursion into our everyday life, into our way of thinking and relating to the others, into our forms of expression and art, the advantages and dangers they are bringing with them and the direction they might lead us to; all these are subjects that more and more urgently need meditation.

Deaf 07: Not Everything Is Interaction

What does interactivity mean? Which is the original and deep meaning of this word, and how the world of new media and creativity confront themselves with it? In which fields can interaction dynamics be traced back and which are the parameters defining interactive environments, structures, works, networks?

Digital Art: A Market For Strong Stomachs

The relationship between digital art (I find it more and more difficult to use that that expression 'new' media art) and the market, it is a subject important for artists and professionals which is however still not very developed.

Futuresonic 2007: Music For Everyday Life

Futuresonic 2007 brings reflection. A festival of ideas and pioneers - as the curators of the event say - dedicated to the celebration of a fertile forty years (1967-2007), that has an expressive strength able to inform most of the creative energies of the new generations addicted to the exploration of relationship between sound and image.
(Italiano) Andrea Brogi, Motion Capture Teatrale

(Italiano) Andrea Brogi, Motion Capture Teatrale

(Italiano) Andrea Brogi, architetto digitale  attualmente uno dei massimi esperti italiani in materia di animazione grafica 3D Real time. Dalla fine degli anni '80 progetta spazi virtuali dinamici per i pi disparati campi applicativi: dal settore pi classico legato ai beni culturali fino allo spazio scenico teatrale; la sua sperimentazione si focalizza sull'uso della grafica tridimensionale interattiva e sull'interazione naturale con i sistemi digitali.

Sonar Music 2007: From The Past To The Future

Those images seem to be old movies frames ruined by a provoker, or either a nostalgic, with some smiles. But they're nothing but ambiguous and seducing images that represent Sonar 2007.

All This Is Beautiful Untrue People

We are speaking of new narrative forms at the dawn of the new millennium, evoking in their lines a Colaiacomo of the previous millennium. It deals with hybrid, social and globalized forms using all kind of mass media in order to convey a new more fashionable style, somewhat icy and minimal. A style that is Italian for its creativity, universal for its normality. An interview with Samantha Stella and Sergio Frazzingaro, the creators of the project 'Corpinudi', to know more about their work, symbol, in the last years, of the real Italian style as regards the new international art research.

Cavandoli’s Testament

Osvaldo Cavandoli, a master in the art of animated drawing and famous for his character La Linea (The Line) ,died on 3rd March 2007 in Milan, the city where he lived. Here is the posthumous message his son Sergio found in an envelope 'to be opened when I will no longer be here'.

Vvvv, The New Born One

Inside the wide universe of software programming, more and more powerful and performing, inside a revenge never solved between Mac and Pc developers, inside the ambit of a pulse to be open source or not, it is now deafening the noise made by vvvv.

New Art Interactiva

After a year of discussions and debates which took place in a mailing list, it is official the opening of Arte Nuevo Interactiva 07 , the fifth edition of the Biennial of Merida, Mexico, which will take place next June.
(Italiano) Joan Jonas

(Italiano) Joan Jonas

(Italiano) L'universo figurativo di Joan Jonas  un inarrestabile fluire di intrecci semantici, fatto di suggestioni e rimandi. In una continua ricerca sulle relazioni tra performance e media, l'artista crea opere complesse dove corpo, video, musica, disegni, fotografia e oggetti concorrono a creare un percorso di senso.

(Italiano) Realta’ E Retorica Del Brain Drain

(Italiano) Nei Quaderni del Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale dell'Universitˆ di Trento  apparso recentemente un contributo degno di attenzione di Lorenzo Beltrame sul fenomeno della 'fuga dei cervell" (Brain Drain ).

Homage To Alberto Grifi

After a long desease, the film-maker, photographer craftsman-inventor Alberto Grifi left us this Sunday, on 22nd April. The definition of Grifi as the father of Italian underground cinema was useful to dismiss his case and turn his concept of deconstruction of the artist-director against him. At the same time it made his films cult objects though many never saw them, so that the memory of the collective experiences impressed on them could gradually wear out as their 30-year-old magnetic supports.

Icra 07, Ubiquitous Robotics

From April 10 and 14 and happening for the first time in Italy , the 24 th ICRA's conference was set in Rome . ICRA is the International Conference on Robotics and Automation supported by IEEE , Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, an international association aggregating over 370,000 members in 160 countries and gathering the major experts and high-tech specialists. This association is considered as an authority in a variety of sectors such as aerospace systems, computers and telecommunications, control systems, consumption energy and electronics.