Issue 23

DigiMag Issue 23


Spanish Spring : Art, Science And Technology

Some traces of events, collaborations, meetings, inaugurations enriching the Spanish panorama in this spring 2007 and which prove the ferment in the environments of research and study on subjects connected with the relation between technology, science, environment and economics.

Optronica: The Audiovisual Culture

The second edition of Optronica took place in London from 14th to 19th March, in the restructured National Film Theatre Complex, opened with the name of BFI Southbank and in the incredible IMax Cinema , near the first one. This edition confirmed the British festival as an not to be missed appointment for the lovers of Live Media and Live Cinema, and as meeting for the experts of the sector.

Diwo: Co-creation, Co-curation

Since last 1st February you have read a post on the mailing list ( ), an open call to collaborate to the artistic and editing project DIWO (Do It With Others). What you have to do is sending any texts, audios or videos you have. They will be shown in an exposition in the HTTP 's London Net Art Gallery .

Cindy Keefer: Visual Musica History

Projected light and Colour: Early Visual Colour Organs and Light Shows'. This is the title of the talk that Cindy Keefer from the Centre for Visual Music of Los Angeles held at the NTF1 of BFI during last Optronica Festival day in London

Natactivism, Against Consitutional Order

Stefano Gulmanelli , ten years of multinational industry, twenty between East Europe, Middle East and Africa . Symbolic analyst, collaborator of several newspapers, researcher of phenomenon related to changes, cultural conflict and social transformations caused by new technologies.

Quayola: Visual Delicatessen

Davide Quagliola is among that group of sensible Italians who left their native shores to move to less sunny yet more hospitable places. Having moved from Rome to London, his work had been long associated with that of HFR Lab (a visual experimentation duo together with Chiara Horn), a project of sound and video, graphic and music on the border between installations and live performances which, also thanks to the good choice of moving to London, succeeded in creating a considerable professional connection net which probably would have been impossible to have living in Italy.

Andreas Broeckmann, Contemporary New Media Art

The last edition of Transmediale represented for us a change edition and after gathering many opinions and impressions during the festival we can say that, according to many, it was an edition of difficult comprehension. Despite it, as point of reference for all who deal with new media, Transmediale is on everybody's lips, even after its end. And as each important appointment it is always under floodlights, giving confirmations and wrong-footing with its changes.
(Italiano) Nulife, Digital And Emotional Environment

(Italiano) Nulife, Digital And Emotional Environment

(Italiano) Per Milano aprile significa Salone del Mobile, una manifestazione che ormai da anni propone il meglio (e il peggio) del design nazionale e internazionale, in tutte le sue forme ed astrazioni. Ed  proprio in occasione della nuova edizione del Salone Internazionale del Mobile che Studio Canali sceglie di aprire al pubblico la sua nuova sede con Nulife, una settimana di incontri, eventi, emozioni.

Klaus Obermaier: the strange dance of New Media

Klaus Obermaier, electronic musician and Austrian digital artist, creator of many multimedia and cross-media works (from video art to web projects, from interactive installations, to computer music), has participated on the 14th of February in the initiative "Mercoledì da Naba", meetings and cultural meetings of the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano

Deaf 2007: Interact Or Die

Interact or Die is the warning of the ninth edition of Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF), the international art and new media biennial organized by V2_Institute of Unstable Media which will take place in Rotterdam from 10th till 29 th April. By emphazising the unavoidable process of interaction, conditio sine qua non of human behaviour, new flexible interactive models are proposed and analyzed, with their characteristics that cannot be strictly defined, but on the contrary follow ever-changing rules of relation.

(Italiano) Valdoca, Concerto D’elite

(Italiano) Al Teatro del Parco di Mestre, nell'ambito di Fuori Contesto 2007, si respira un'aria quasi spirituale, interiore, aspettando l'aprirsi del sipario, consapevole riparo onorato che svelerˆ la quiete scenografica. In un attimo il pianoforte, i fiori distesi, i palchetti sui quali vedremo corpi femminili salire e brandire lance insanguinate mostrano giˆ la staticitˆ coreutica, la centralitˆ drammaturgica.

Cardiff-miller, Suggestive Power Of Sound

From 2 nd February to 1 st May 2007 in Barcelona Contemporary Museum MACBA (Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona) you can visit the show The Killing Machine i altres histories . Co-producers of the exhibition are the museum and the Institut Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt ( Germany ). The show will also take place in the Miami Art Central Museum

8bitpeoples, Research And Development In 8bit

n last number you find out about the Blip Festival , probably the most important international gather of 8bit artists ever organized. In New York Monica Ponzini had the opportunity to assist at the event and describing it in the article on Digimag 21 of February, with the video support of State Grezzi Production.
Sonar 2007, Smiling To The Future

Sonar 2007, Smiling To The Future

The Woodstock of the electro contemporary music is back to lighten the most cosmopolitan city of the entire Europe : Sonar and Barcelona , an indissoluble relationship, almost symbiotic, between a worldwide event and its city.

Maria Roussou, Immersive Interactive Experience

Maria Roussou worked for years (1993 - 1997) at the CAVE of Electronic Visualization Laboratory in Chicago . From 1998 till 2002 she directed the Virtual Reality Department of the Foundation of the Hellenic World in Athene. She cooperated with several museums, such as the Minneapolis Walker Art Center , where she was in charge of online art education. She studied Electronic Media and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at Illinois University in Chicago , she is PhD in Computer Science at London University and teaches New Technologies & Museums for Master of Arts program in Museum Studies at Athene University .

…Critical Art Ensemble…

(Italiano) Recombinant Theatre  la definizione data dal collettivo statunitense Critical Art Ensemble al proprio lavoro performativo. Nato nel 1987 a Talahasse in Florida il Critical Art Ensemble fondato da Hope e Steve Kurtz, Steve Barnes, Dorian Burr, Beverly Schlee, si autodefinisce un collettivo di artisti dediti all'esplorazione delle intersezioni tra arte, tecnologia, attivismo politico radicale e teoria critica.

(Italiano) Digital Barcelona Film Festival

(Italiano) Dal 23 al 27 maggio 2007 a Barcellona si terrˆ la terza edizione del DiBa (Digital Barcelona Film Festival). Si tratta di un Festival giovane ma cresciuto rapidamente grazie alla sua originalitˆ e qualitˆ, che si propone di presentare le ultime tendenze audiovisuali nell'ambito di una vasta gamma di generi (lungometraggi, documentari, animazione, videoclip, cortometraggi), ma soprattutto vuole essere un'occasione per entrare in azione e fare cinema condividendo questa esperienza con chi  animato dalla stessa passione.

G.r.l. And Techno Street Art

New York streets, as every metropolitan city, become more and more seat of word wars. On one hand you read the official messages from ads, on the other hand a whole range of artistic works reminding the passers-by that spaces are not and must not belong exclusively to pre-approved and uniform codes.