Issue 22

DigiMag Issue 22


Actuating Consciousness Of Cybernetic Future

The importance of science and art relationship is internationally discussed and it is at the basis of important academicals and experimental institutions programmes, daily exploring borders and links between art, mathematics, physics, electronics, chemistry, widen possibilities of knowledge and creativity, reflecting the structure of the nature itself, made by many layers and differences.

Ran Slavin, Improvisation Live Cinema

In the international panorama of audiovisual performances, one of the most structuring characteristics of the projects is the high degree of control that performers want to have during the performance. Ran Slavin, musician, video-artist and multimedia artist from Israel, works in a completely different manner.

Biodoll: Women And Manipulated Technoinfos

Milan , Historical centre, Monday afternoon. Outside the tube the evening edition and the remainder of the free press. In and out people in their routine. This Monday outside the metro you'll be approached by three (beautiful) girls wearing coloured coats, accompanied by drum rhythm. They're distributing a particular free press: a cut-up of four pages, paints and photos in which is hidden an artistic operation at the borders of technologies. The free press is called Bloki/Angel_f. and it's the last artefact of Franca Formenti.

Armin Linke / Claudio Sinatti: Details

Details is a production of Netmage 07 which took place recently, and came into existence thanks to the cooperation between Armin Linke and Claudio Sinatti, both looking for an experimental area in which photography overcomes the limit of its static nature thanks to an essential movement, aimed at catching what is already inside the picture.

Davide Grassi. Brainloop For Virtual Liveness

It was a lot of time that, even if directly interested and involved within the new media audiovisual performances, I was not surprised by the theoretical, technical and aesthetical installation of a project like the new Brainloop of the Italian-Slavonian artist Davide Grassi.
Marius Watz

Marius Watz: Code, Art & Aesthetic

He is programmer, graphic, vj and experimenter. He is hedonist of the visual environment, lover of colours and organic forms. Editor of the Generator.x project (between conference, exhibitions and live concert) maybe the most known and qualified platform for the diffusion of the generation art and the sharing of the knowledge tied to the open source processing code and of Code & Form one of the most important resources for whom is interested in the computational aesthetic

Urban Screens

This year the Transmediale of Berlin has presented a panel called Urban Screens 2007, conference preview that will be hold in October 2007 in Manchester , UK . The first edition of Urban screen.05, held in Amsterdam , was produced by the Institute of Network Cultures and conceived by Mirjam Struppek .

Takagi’s Treasure

In the video art panorama, an original figure is the Japanese artist Takagi Masakatsu . His works have a peculiar approach and they're suddenly recognizable. His work is a perfect fusion between images, colours and sounds.

(Italiano) Transmediale 2007. Unfinished Return

(Italiano) Dal 31 gennaio al 4 febbraio 2007 a Berlino, si  tenuto il Festival Transmediale, giunto al suo ventesimo anno di vita, e ospitato dalla scorsa edizione all'interno dell'Akademie der Künste.

(Italiano) Makroskop: Traduzione Sonora Del Passato

(Italiano) Una scultura-audio-visiva nata dalla collaborazione tra Hannes Nehls , ricercatrice e media artista, e Boris Hars Tschachotin, storico dell'arte e film-maker presentata nel 2006 presso la Kaisersaal del Museum für Fotografie di Berlino.

Euridice And The Others, Pink Noise According To Motus

In 1999 Orfeo and Eurydice, unhappy couple, moved to Motus' place. Stuck to Hades because of a glance, Eurydice became the omnipresent shade and the object- relic of a phonocentric god, Orfeo, disguised as Nick Cave . Their story is nothing but a small drama occuring in a New York loft.
Kaffe Matthews, Lovely Music For Bodies

Kaffe Matthews, Lovely Music For Bodies

The dynamic aim of Music for bodies is to find a new way of producing and perceiving music. Planned by the artist Kaffe Matthews, a collaborative study tries to explore new projects which are able to develop towards music and architecture, up to furniture and clothing.

Franco Vaccari: In Real Time

Talking about Franco Vaccari is kind of talking about contemporary society and people's desires and expectations in communication age. Do they wish to be protagonist, to be recognizable and recognized? Do they like to be in some way spied, spotted, turned into a show? We can say that, yet not without precautions and distinctions.

Visual Music On Big Screen

After the big success of the first edition of 2005 in London, Optronica comes back from the 14th to the 19th of March thanks to the collaboration among the British Film Institute , Addictive Tv audio-visual artists and producers and the association Cinefeel , to present what announce to be one of the most innovative and dynamic events of 2007.

Reflections About Gameart

(Italiano) John & Levi  una di quelle case editrici da tenere d'occhio; l'editore milanese, che giˆ aveva pubblicato la monografia sull'artista Mauro Ceolin, si ripresenta infatti nelle librerie con GameScenes. Art in the Age of Videogames, un'ambiziosa e altrettanto riuscita carrellata sulla 'Game Art', un termine atto a designare il lavoro di una serie di artisti che si trovano a confrontarsi con il videogioco.

Joost And Online Television

Once upon a time, there was a household appliance called television, a magic box allowing normal people to watch and perceive images and distance sounds, once allowed only to some magicians, medium, telepaths and visionaries. (Magic faculties of democratization operated by technology, unfortunately, don't always strengthen cleverness).
Slum Tv, Street Tv In Nairobi

Slum Tv, Street Tv In Nairobi

Everything started with a collective show of Austrian artist at the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi in March 2006, Economy class. Here different prospectives and attitudes of a group of artists coming from Vienna (Barbara Husar, Michael Lampert, Alexander Nikolic and Lukas Pusch), of an artist living in Nairobi , Sam Hopkins, meet with the life of a 700,000 inhabitants slum in Nairobi , Mathar