Issue 21

DigiMag Issue 21


Evil Evolution

Technology progress miracles have always generated utopia and nightmares. Hopeful visions of a better future, but gloomy and catastrophic predictions too. The risk within the rash use of scientific discoveries and their products is a subject which, since the First Industrial Revolution, when the panorama of cities and suburbs started to show the signs of a firm 'artificial' invasion, has been animating sociologic debates as artists, writers and filmmakers do.

Networked Nature: Nature And Electronic Art

This is Networked Nature , a collective exhibition of artists that work in a network and reflect on the importance of a definition between the human and the nature. They mix politic and commitment, new technologies and the collaborative and unanimous spirit of the Net. They are guest from the 11 th January to the 18 th February at the New Museum of Contemporary Art of New York . The show is realized by Rhizome . The artists are C5, Futurefarmers, Shih-Chieh Huang, Philip Ross, Stephen Vitiello and Gail Wight. Let's know all of them and all of their works.

Live Ixem 06…a Summary

The last 17 th December there was the 6th Edition of the Italian contest of electronic experimental music and arts Ixem, at the Rialto Santambrogio in Rome, in an intimate and cordial environment; it was enough to dilute the competitive tension which was however present, to testimony the importance that the festival/competition of Antitesi has on a national level.
My Space Vjing, Bullettin From The Net

My Space Vjing, Bullettin From The Net

There are rumours about MySpace being the responsible for some new bands come into the limelight recently such as Hawthorne Heights, Arctic Monkeys, The Feeling a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Lily Allen. Even many bands and Italian artists have something to say about MySpace potentialities.

Avit C23, Pixels Want To Be Trusted

The second edition of Avit C23 took place in Berlin from the 27 th to the 30 of January together with the 23 rd annual hacking conference: Computer Chaos Conference. The event, organised by the new association Visual Berlin, gathering from less than a year, video artists active locally, configured as an exchange moment between European realities (and not only) active within visual experimentation and as a confrontation with the wide computer addicted community gathered in Berlin on the occasion of the Chaos Conference

Interactive Pictures By Nicolas Clauss

I didn't know Nicolas Clauss until a few months ago, when I occasionally read the communicate of the Bananram Festival that announced the purchase of one of his work Scalpe for 15.000 euros. Maria Rita Silvestri , director and curator of the festival, defines the work as 'characterized by a strong European identity' and states that 'he contaminates with poetry the digital instrument'. My curiosity was already going sky-high and in less than one sec I was on his site. I there discover a complex work, educated but involving at the same time, where analogical dialogues with digital openly, creating evocative, poetic, challenging images.

Motomichi Nakamura, Japanes Hasta La Madre

In un ambiente, artistico e professionale, in cui sempre pi spesso il riconoscimento di una precisa levatura artistica  determinato, soprattutto a livello grafico e visuale, pi dalla capacitˆ di utilizzo eclettico del software open source pi recente che da una visione estetica pi ampia e stilisticamente matura e riconoscibile, il lavoro del visual artist, vj e motion graphic designer giapponese/americano Motomichi Nakamura, riconcilia con la semplicitˆ, la dinamicitˆ e la potenza espressiva della graphic animation.

Arcangel Costantini, Hacking As Art And Life

Arcangel Costantini is a volcanic artist that works in Mexico City. From the last 90's his works have been oriented to the realization of projects later defined as Net Art, whose he's one of the most representive international exponent. He's now taking distances from this kind of definition, as he wants his work to have a larger and more complete collocation.

Blip Festival, Low-bit Art In Love

If your first love has been Pong , and not the girl or boy next door; if your childhood physical activity was taking Mario from a platform to another; if you brought your Game Boy with you to the toilet to get to the next level of Donkey Kong ; if you answered yes, the Blip Festival is for you.

No Signal: Overseas Music

What will Fellini's movies be without Nino Rota's soundtracks? Chaplin's silent movies without its music counterpoint he composed even after sound advent? Chaplin, who believed that cinema's essence was its silence, has taught us that sound isn't composed of words, but notes.

Bigonzetti-plessi. All Standing

A Romeo and Juliet different in the forms and the stereotypes, strange vision and pure creation, impeccable refined and contemporary creature signed Bigonzetti-Plessi, guarantee of innovation, quality and aesthetic-artistic perfection.

(Italiano) Ladytron, E’ Di Nuovo L’ora Delle Streghe

(Italiano) é questo il caso, decisamente, dei Ladytron, fenomeno pop degli ultimi anni grazie alla pubblicazione nel 2001 e nel 2002 di due album folgoranti per gli amanti del genere come 604 e Light and Magic nonché di alcune vere e proprie hit come Playgirl o Seventeen o True Mathematics. Il quartetto di Liverpool (Daniel Hunt, Reuben Wu, e le vocalist Helen Marnie e la bellissima Mira Aroyo) ha appena dato alle stampe il suo terzo album, Witching Hour, dopo una lunghissima assenza durata quasi 4 anni, dovuta prima a una interminabile attivitˆ live in giro per il mondo e poi a problemi contrattuali con relativo cambio di etichetta.

Nuovi Media E Museo: Un Caso Italiano?

Dal 16 dicembre 2006 al 16 gennaio 2007, il Casoria Contemporary Art Museum ha proposto una colossale mostra itinerante progettata e curata da Agricola de Cologne e da Antonio Manfredi. Ma il piccolo e intraprendente museo napoletano non si  fermato l', accogliendo questa ampia scelta di opere - 260 opere multimediali, audio, video e fotografiche pi 100 testi di scrittura creativa e poesia visiva, per un totale di 360 artisti - nella sua collezione permanente.

John Duncan, Music Of Invisible

Something Like Seeing in the Dark is the title of world premiere sonic performance, realized especially for Netmage 07 by John Duncan e Leif Elggren. John Duncan, American by origin, though stateless resident of countless countries (over six years in Japan, six months in Sweden, more than a decade in Italy, while maintaining citizenship in the strange kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland) distills his experiences in ways that go far beyond the limits of sound-art.
Cory Arcangel, Re-costructing Code Art

Cory Arcangel, Re-costructing Code Art

He lives and works at Brooklyn and he is one of the most interesting digital artists in America . His works are exhibited at the Whitney Biennale, at the Guggenheim, at the MoMA and the PS1. He began with the hacking of filters for the Nintendo, continued with a version of a slow motion Tetris and with a 15 minutes video on Super Mario.

Networking, The Net Like Art

Tatiana Bazzichelli, known online as T_Bazz, presents her book Networking. La Rete come arte , edited by Costa&Nolan, a new point of view on the technological and cultural panorama which takes shape in Italy and involves the movements and the experimentations of the underground, of the digital nets and of the auto-organized experiences of the computer communities.

New Music Shorts: New Talents Growin’up

The new short forms of audiovisual communication live nowadays continuous contaminations of genres and shapes. If we observe short movies and music videos we can see happily that separation between genres is not so defined.