Issue 20

DigiMag Issue 20


Futurist Conference Luzern

The futurist conference Lucerne, at its second edition, is an annual appointment, which wants to analyze and to document the trends and assessments regarding the studies on the future.
(Italiano) Sognando Il Recombinant Media Lab

(Italiano) Sognando Il Recombinant Media Lab

(Italiano) da qualche mese il paese delle meraviglie per chi si occupa di sperimentazione audiovisiva esiste ed  in funzione, si trova a S. Francisco e si chiama Recombinat Media Lab. Ho avuto modo di visitare questo spazio e di saggiarne le funzionalitˆ in occasione di un mio concerto in California. Accompagnatore di questa visita  stato proprio Naut Haumon, ideatore e sostenitore di questo ambizioso progetto

13 Most Beautiful Avatars

In the balance between references at the pop culture and digressions in virtual worlds, this is the new project of the (that is Eva and Franco Mattes) the 13 most beautiful Avatars.

Suguru Goto: New Perception Methods

The Milanese meeting with Suguru Goto at the end of November 2006 (on the 27 th concert at Teatro Arsenale , organised by the Federation of electronic music in Italy and the day after the workshop at the Accademia Internazionale della Musica ) showed the subtle charm of this artist (Digimag devoted an article to him in its 12 th number with an interview by Elena Vairani: .

Resistant Maps Between Net And Art

The meeting-show Mappe Resistenti , Azioni artistiche nel territorio urbano interconnesso took place the 25th and 26th of November, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Villa Croce - Genoa . The event was managed by Alessandro Ludovico, Gianfranco Pangrazio , Tommaso Tozzi and Marco Villani .

Globus Medicus And Medical Ediology

During the meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago from the 26 th to 30 th November has been presented the new system Globus MEDICUS ( Medical Imaging and Computing for Unified Information Sharing).

(Italiano) The Piksel Bing Bang: Tra Codice E Arte

(Italiano) Una delle differenze fondamentali, dovuta all'innovazione tecnologica, tra l'archivio delle conoscenze tramite la rete o attraverso i libri e la pagina scritta, e' il fatto che il metodo di definizione e scrittura della storia, e la cronaca come descrizione del reale, hanno subito una potente deformazione.
Victoria Vesna’s Interactive Experience

Victoria Vesna’s Interactive Experience

Victoria Vesna (1959, Washington D.C. ) is an artist, a lecturer, and the chair of the Department of Design | Media Arts at UCLA, School of the Arts and Architecture . Her work can be defined as experimental creative research that resides between disciplines and technologies. Since the 80s she has been exploring digital and virtual worlds and the relationship between art and science.

(Italiano) Top-banana, Indie Games Remix

(Italiano) Una volta i videogiochi nascevano nei garage, dalle brillanti menti di sviluppatori-demiurghi che, soli o in piccoli gruppi, infondevano vita alle loro creazioni digitali. Da oltre un decennio, le produzioni videoludiche destinate a varcare la porta dei negozi vengono concepite da enormi team di professionisti altamente specializzati: game designer, programmatori, modellatori tridimensionali, animatori, compositori, beta tester ecc

Id-lab, Interaction And Innovation

Milan is one of the most important centre of international design. It is the location of meetings and debates of creative realities related to the design mixed with business and show business, as in the case of the Salone del Mobile, a reality that is getting bigger and bigger.

Onoxo, Generative Vjing

Onoxo is a project of experimental media design, realized by the Croatian Vedran Kolac, software artist, vj and motion designer and also member of the collective Strukt Visual Network.

Motus. Essential Return

The Teatro Maddalene of Padua , inside the exhibition Contrappunti 06- 07 , gave hospitality last 24 th of November to the new video-performance show by Motus , A place [that again] , pice directed by Daniela Nicol˜ and Enrico Casagrande from All strange away by Samuel Beckett .

Alterated States Of Perception

The show managed by Richard Castelli called Sensi Sotto Sopra have been present at the Palladium in Rome since last 20 th October and included in the 2006 program of the Romaeuropa Festival. Through interactive and immersive works, Richard offered an experimentation of perceptive modalities with whom everyone rapports to art, movies and communications means, but also underline the distortion of the relationship work-spectator triggered by the use of digital, classic theme of the mix art-technology.

Mil I Una Veos: Sound Landscape

On the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of Cabaret Voltarie , the Sonoscop/Orquestra del Caos , presented on the 3 rd and 4 th of November at the CCCB auditorium of Barcellona, Mil i una Veus (One thousand and one voice).

Debackere: Electronic Live Cinema

Rotor is a young creature that enchanted thousands of people since its born a year ago. The show treaded the boards of the most important new media festivals in the whole Europe - from the debut to V2 going through Netmage , Sonic Acts , STRP! citing some examples. The two Belgian authors of Rotor, Boris and Brecht Debackere , came back to Italy to participate at ScreenMusic, curated by Digicult .

Pixxelpoint 2006: Dresscode

Pixxelpoint was born in Nova Gorica ( Slovenia ) in 2000. It grew up during the years to the point of trespassing the borders and incorporating (from 2005) a series of events managed by the Dams of Gorizia . It is now at its seventh edition and Pixxelpoint it is not one of the digital arts festivals spread all around the world.
Murcof, The Possibile Dialogue

Murcof, The Possibile Dialogue

Murcof is like his music: a concentrate of classicism and modernity, quiet and tension, maniacal precision and tendency to the laissez fair. Murcof real name is Fernando Corona and he was born in Tijuana ( Mexico ).

Eco-sustainable? Off-corso

Nowadays eco-sustainability is a very important and concerning subject. Everyday we are kept on alert by the media and their worrying news about dangers deriving from the traditional exploitation of our ecosystem that in 2050 will become unsustainable.