Issue 19

DigiMag Issue 19


Alex Dragulescu, Art Code

We have already talked about the software artist Alex Dragulescu. As a matter of fact Valentina Tanni brilliantly presented the Romanian USA-based artist in the n°17 Digimag issue, describing his work with code, his poetic and aesthetic

Cum2cut, Let’s Go Indie Porn!

With the shout 'share and spread pornography!' the city of Berlin was literally raided by courageous men and women, most of which outsiders of the porn industry, who had just a few days to document and edit their very personal idea of pornography, summarized in only 5 minutes

The Archimedes Project Insists On The Net

It's singular how often the real experiences of the net are neglected from the public to the prejudice of intangible theories which predict whatever paradise in internet and in its social sublimation

Playing Music: A Game Of Sound Perception

I attended Playing Music a few months ago, in a small theatre near Livorno . I arrived late, missing the introduction. What I saw was two guys, each standing in front of a console with 6 numbered infra-red sensors, which, alternatively, through a movement of the hand towards them, activated short and suggestive sound-events, each of which corresponded to a specific number of a 6x6 numeric matrix

Piksel 06, Hardware Network Politics

From 12 th to 15 th October , in Bergen, Norway, Piksel festival developed its 6 th edition, intituled HardWare Politics. Piksel, for those who doesn't know yet what we are talking about, is an international meeting, actually one of the most important, for artists and developers of free software and independent art

Realcore: Sergio Messina And Online Porn

Ever since it was produced legally, and gave life to a market of its own, pornography has gone through two epochal turns, caused by the introduction of technological tools that changed the way it is used, its formal canons and distribution strategies

L’estetica Dei Dati: Art Futura 2006

Ed  arrivato alla sua diciassettesima edizione il festival ArtFutura di Barcellona, che si  svolto dal 26 al 29 ottobre presso gli spazi del Mercat de les Flors, nella suggestiva cittˆ del teatro di Montjuïc. Il programma di quest'anno, come neli anni scorsi del resto, era denso e ricco di conferenze, proiezioni, worshop, feste e tavole rotonde. Abbiamo seguito la ricchissima rassegna, difficile, forse impossibile da valutare nella sua fieristica globalitˆ

Press In Second Life

A Toyota parked in front of Wired's head office, here you are an image which pretty well summarise what is going on in Second Life. Companies start to arrive, as well as the press. The interest of the international press was in fact shocked recently by the Second Life phenomenon, which has overtaken the 1.000.000 residents in October and which is starting to be seen as a tool which is changing the way of thinking the Web, instead of being a simple game

Kinkaleri. Beyond The Wall

We'll have to wait the next 23rd November before some Japanese not only full of eastern popular traditions but also opened to the new western world in the Beijing of the new cultural, multi-ethnical and multi-social winds, can admire the less conventional but more surprising work of the Florentine group Kinkaleri. We'll have to wait the Italian year in China event and enter in the Oriental Pioneer theatre to value and confirm the not often respected in homeland talents in order to find the only place where we can stay

Machinima By Eddo Stern

The widespread tendency to identify new technology with innovation, leads to a rather banal misunderstanding, according to which new media artists are all innovators. The artists able to use the tool in an innovative way are actually a few. Eddo Stern is probably one of the few cases where both of the two preliminary remarks are actually fulfilled

The Technological Beauty

in the creating scene of New York emerge withouth any doubt a Soho studio, where the director Arvind Palep and the producer Serge Patzak direct 1st Avenue Machine, an agency that realizes spots and music videos in computer graphic and 3D animation since 2004
Video Online, The End Of The Beginning

Video Online, The End Of The Beginning

The Net is the most huge communication prosthesis ever created. It is part of the definition new media and it is therefore different from the old media. The distinction is necessary as the Net can be considered a real new media, a big ensemble with numerous subsystem, included the traditional media
About My Space Vjing

About My Space Vjing

Recently, many newspapers have talked about it for many reasons. Users have expressed their opinion and complaints through forums and on-line magazines, so I asked myself what Myspace really was and what the people who gain from it think about it : musicians, DJ, VJ and filmmakers

Jankowski, Ahtila: Psyche In Video

You need a little bit of sense of humour to face horror. This seems to be the moral lesson of the tales of ordinary craziness by two video-artists whose technique and thematic are very different. Christian Jankowski's and Eija-Liisa Ahtila's exhibitions take place in New York respectively at The Kitchen and at MoMA

Interfacce, Interactive Comunication

Dynamic and provokative, but also strong and sober. This is the Interfacce style, Roman show about mediated communication languages, this year at its sixth edition. Photography, video, movie and special effects, electro music, modelling and 3D animation, the Net and man-machine interation are the principal discussed themes

Laurent Marques: Electro Head World

Laurent Marques was born in Bordeaux in 1971. He worked in the advertising graphics for over 12 years. In 1996 began to work with the artist and sound designer Patrick Malinguaggi. In 2002 after many 3D and audio experiments, the video-animation Subsynchronous Whirl was born from the idea of a demo

May 6, 2001

The night from 6 th to 7 th May 2001, Kenneth Kirschner, an American composer popular for his experiments of random-infinite reproduction of the sound, hangs around in the districts of New York with his equipment for the audio reprise searching new inspirations for his works

Club To Club 2006: Internationality Desire

From the 9th to the 11th of November will take place Club To Club , event self-defying itself as an international festival of music and electronic arts. At its sixth edition, the festival extends its normal field and from Turin shifts partly in Berlin , in search of a middle European connection marking definitively contemporaneity of artistic choices