Issue 18

DigiMag Issue 18


Schonberg Returns In Barcellona

Seventy-five years ago, Barcelona welcomed Arnold Schönberg between its wonders. Today the city remind its illustrious Viennese guest with an exhibition dedicated to his character and his artistic and creative production, not only musical
Christian Fennesz

Christian Fennesz: Electronic Punk Frontier

Christian Fennesz is an atypical character of the electronic contemporary music universe. Anti-star per excellence, shy and reserved as his music, Fennesz has obtained during the last ten years international fame and prestige in a world sometimes too mean of sensitive and eclectic artists

Floating Gender: Travel Notes From Etc

A text written in Italian is similar to a Zen exercise to an emigrant. The concentration comes when you write by hand, at the back of a printed paper. English keeps your mind busy, your brain is mixed up with the sounds of a long travel

(Italiano) Interactiva 07, Biennale Di Arte Nuova

(Italiano) La Biennale InteractivA'07, si svolgerˆ a Mrida, nello stato messicano della Yucatan, in giugno/luglio 2007. In questi giorni il curatore esecutivo Raul Moharquech Ferrera Balanquet sta aprendo nuovamente la call per partecipare alla quarta edizione di una biennale indipendente, internazionale, incentrata sulle nuove e vecchie tecnologie e sulla creazione di reti, anche non digitali, che connettano saperi dislocati e critica al colonialismo culturale, anche quello nuovo

(Italiano) Hackmeeting: + Politica – Tecnica?

(Italiano) Hackmeeting 2006. IX edizione. Se gli scorsi anni la comunitˆ degli hacker italiani, che fa riferimento al sito e alla sua mailing list, si  spesso radunata in centri sociali occupati che hanno accolto centinaia di ragazzi con computer in spalla e dato loro la possibilitˆ di confrontarsi anche con le svariate e complesse realtˆ sociali, quest'anno sono stati gli hacker in persona ad aver occupato a Parma un edificio ed  qui che hanno preparato l'hackmeeting

Body In The 21st Century: More Than Skin-deep

The exhibit Körper, Gesicht und Seele is one of the many events that in the last years have developed around the body. The contents focus on the typification of femininity from the 16 th to the 19 th century, from the pictorial imaginary of the Renaissance up to the androgynous subjects of contemporary performances


I just got back from Denmark, where I attended the first edition of Robotsatplay. Spread over several dates, the event took place in the historic center of Odense, one of Denmark's oldest cities, consecrated to the god Odin, and birthplace of Hans C. Andersen
Dropping Knowledge

Dropping Knowledge: Tavola Delle Voci Libere

Heinrich Heine scrive: Dovunque si bruciano i libri, alla fine si bruciano anche gli uomini. A Berlino nel 1933 di libri ne bruciarono a migliaia e Bebelplatz divenne il luogo simbolo della Bücherverbrennung il rogo della cultura voluto dai nazisti

Semantic Vjing

The number of images surrounding us is everyday increasing in events and place of every kind. Sometimes probably you have thought about the existence of a secrete meaning behind the images that are projected on screens of club and festivals and about that meaning construction

Light Up Y(our) Contemporary

If, as De Kerkhove states, we are in the electric era, it is then allowed to consider the forms of digital culture to be a sort of Diogenes' lantern with which illuminate our humanity. Light up your contemporary , that is to say Transart, at its sixth edition between Trento and Bolzano, seems to boost this vision through a hectic schedule of events and performances

Abstracta 06: Cinema Astratto Remake

From the Twenties on authors coming from visual arts have started to manipulate the cinematographic language to snatch it to pure narration and reality reproduction: Eggeling, Ruttman, Léger, Picabia address their camera beyond the phenomenal reality, giving the cinema musical rules of rhythm and composition, experimenting the use of the film as material, made up of light and shade

Simply Ars Electronica

The contemporaneity is irremediable influenced, in its various domains, by the use of the technologies, which should be used to simplify our life and to make the sharing of our experiences more direct. But the new technologies influence us and persuade us to not always spontaneously behaviours in order to permit the interaction between the mankind and the machine

Designing New Audiovisual Universes

There are several dimension during an audiovisual performance. Time management, relation with the space, chromatic and formal balance, project and composition coherence, audiovisual sync, liveness, synaesthesia. Maybe more than anything else, there is the immersion

Struttura, A Wreck In The Digital Sea

According to the Italian dictionary, Structure means an organic system of elements, materials or not materials, on a mutual coordination and interdependence terms. This is also what we find during Tuscan three days of studying and comparison between the languages and the new media art

Cartsen Nicolai, Aesthetics of Error

It is called Xerrox, it is inspired to the photocopy process, and it is a project that explores the borders of recognizability of an information. It is the last creation of Carsten Nicolai , a.k.a. alva noto . It is a live for laptop and video, where the original sampling is reproduced and varied, disturbed to create a product that shade off its characteristics without losing completely its identity

The End Of Neverending Cinema

The summer creative workshop where young artists, musicians, DJ's and VJ's have animated Trento's Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea , turns into an actual showing, and all the experience gathered during these months are gathered in The End , an exhibit of the works thus realized

Wefail, The Web Irony

Some studies give their mind to their technical capacities, to likely future imaginaries, to complex navigations and elements in 3d in order to celebrate the net and the new way in which they think it should be. Wefail is a study of graphic design which simplifies everything and turns it into practically art

Gaming Realities, Videogame Art

The love affair between art and videogame has a long history at his back, which could be dated back in the mid Nineties. A series of shows and publications sanction, along the years, stability, and yet the news of their marriage reaches us as a surprise