Issue 17

DigiMag Issue 17


Arthur Clay, Artist Or Scientist?

NArthur Clay was born in New York and lives in Basilea , Switzerland . He's a multifaceted artist using music, video and performances and assembling acoustic and electronic media to create original works. He participated in international festivals in Europe, America and Japan , where his works were unanimously appreciated

Beatpick, A Tomorrow Netlabel

Their homepage is clear. No DRM, no digital stuff to protect the eventual author's rights. And to be more digital-sustainable, all the music is compatible with every iPod, Mp3 player or electronic gadget available on the market, that are now testing the patience of new and old generations

Brian Eno: 77 Million Question Marks

Milan is always the same. It's got potential but it doesn't buckle down. It's the Italian cities pupil: the one which could, but doesn't ply. The one which does the needful, that impresses, but has little new to say. The phlegmy and lazy Milan showing itself doesn't betray its character

Privacy, Surveillance And Invisible Nets

Privacy is an everyday term, that the average citizen meets thousands of time on web disclaimer or little notes at the end of the bank or supermarket card contracts. The privacy concept or the more actual privacy feeling does not answer to the common sense of being in private as the behaving inside a domestic space

Traces Of Identity And Memory Of The Present

Bunker Art Division with scientific consulting of NOT gallery has presented at the end of last June in Naples an inedited work by Ruben Coen Cagli and IABO , two decidedly distant artists with two apparently incompatible projects, both of them born from an attentive observation of the insecurity that pervades modern manhood

Pirat Partiet At Riksdag

A series of initials are menacing our future. They would seem sounds without sense but they are laws and directives by the debatable content. They regulate the behaviours in the use of the information through the electronic means, they harmonize some aspects of the author right in the media society, they protect and guarantee us in the digital era

(Italiano) Zero One: Immersione Nell’avanguardia Digitale

(Italiano) San Jose, la capitale della Silicon Valley,  stata quest'anno la sede del Simposio Internazionale delle Arti Elettroniche. La manifestazione ha dato vita ad un nuovo interessante Festival biennale, ZeroOne, che quest'anno ha accolto a San Jose il lavoro di pi di 200 artisti digitali provenienti da 24 nazioni

Dragulescu, L’achitettura Dello Spam

At first glance they seem experimentations of a young visionary architect, who attended the international modernism school but obviously influenced by the three-dimensional aesthetic of modelling software, more than by gloomy and threatening sceneries of the new videogames

Ooff.ouro, Trilith System

Sardinia . It is from here that a new path, a stimulating process, an other artistic way, meticulous, wise and well oiled since the beginning, between movement and sound, choreography and technology, mathematical numbers and improvisations, was created

Time Frame And The Manipulated Time

Time is elastic as dilated by the passion, Marcel Proust wrote. And the subjective ductility of the time, the metamorphosis of the precise and measurable in something vague and indefinable is at the centre of the Time-Frame works, half-serious exposition at the P.S.1 COnteporary Art Center of New York on human perception limits
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Velvet Factory, A New Multimedia Space

There will be a meeting on Rimini 's hills on Saturday 23th of September at 7 p.m. for the opening of Velvet Factory, a space for sounds, images, performing arts, multimedia. The day will be a non-stop of performances, events, projections with the participation of the genius loci of Rimini 's territory

Dave Clarke, Superstar Dj…

It's quite unusual putting up in this magazine an interview with a dj. We are not a don't want to be a music magazine. We talk about electro music as one of the derivations offered by the artistic application of the new technologies
American Appareal In Second Life

American Appareal In Second Life

American Apparel is a clothing brand in Los Angeles which produces 210.000 t-shirts every day, it has 80 sales outlets in the world and one in Second Life. It is the first fashion brand in the real world to go in a virtual world with a shop opened in June 2006 and it is a strongly experimental example of marketing straddling real and virtual

(Italiano) The Garden, Suoni Per La Memoria

(Italiano) Lo scorso 15 luglio, presso l'ex fabbrica di colore Ciri˜,  stato presentato The Garden, installazione di Valerio Tricoli e John Duncan presso l'ecomuseo IPCA. Il lavoro presentato  parte del progetto Eco e Narciso. Cultura Materiale/Musica a cura di Daniela Cascella e Rebecca De March

Ryoichi Kurokawa, Perspective And Nature

Ryoichi Kurokawa is a young audio-visual artist from Osaka . He declines vibrant and refined universes through clips, albums, installations, and performances, where glitch minimalism breaks up and re-assembles in more complex and vertiginous structures. Some people think he's a visionary and genial artist while others consider him to be formal and technicist

Historia Vjing: Annet Dekker

You have to be keen to historically and critically approach current vjing world. You must know what are the most used equipments and technologies, the real original artists of this crowed artistic scene, and, last but not least, you must have the historical sense

Full Stealth, Director Vjing

Nate Taylor aka Full Stealth is 30 and lives in New York. He's an eclectic artist, he's worked for the professional film industry for the past 11 years and some years ago he's founded his own label: Full Stealth Films