Issue 16

DigiMag Issue 16


The Influencers

In the long list of festival that follows during the year, and that gets longer and longer, The Influencers conquered an enviable position as a cult event. Organized in Barcelona by the d-i-n-a network, creator in Italy of events part of the history, The Influencers is carried out in one of the Sonar headquarters, the Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona

Biomapping, Emotive Shared Atmospheres

Biomapping is put into the pocket before leaving the house, as a very mp3. This time you're though invited to leave your headphones and to abandon your lonely soundtrack to look and to live everything around you in a different way

Digital Art Week, Meeting Point A Zurigo

From July the 12 th to the 15th in Zurig will take place a series of meetings keens on digital art and those people who are looking for the complex relationship linking art to technology can't miss

Contaminating Vicissitudes Of Art And Science

The tradition of the modern historical thought induces us to think about art and science as two separate entities. On one hand science, the reign of the rational, the cognitive and of research, on the other hand the field of creativity, sensoriality and intuition. Such as Martina Heßler emphasizes in her essay Bilder zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft

No Brand’s World

From 15 to 17 June the first floor of CCCB in Barcelona gave hospitality to Sonarmatica , section of digital culture and projects of critical and creative use of the new media from Sonar festival, that this year had as subtitle Always On

Satellite Jockey, Audiovideo 2.0

It could seem a banality talk about audiovisual projects that use the infinite samples of multimedia contents that populates the Net on a review like ours. Besides is more and more on anyone lips, experts and not: the 2.0 Web is coming
L’artista Indagatore E Il Ruolo Dei Media

L’artista Indagatore E Il Ruolo Dei Media

Dal 24 al 27 giugno, presso gli spazi del CCCB (, si  tenuta la tappa barcellonese dell'Art Tech Media 06 diretto e coordinato da Montse Arbelo y Joseba Franco

Sonar 2006: Que Viva Barcelona!

Sonar is considered the European musical festival par excellence but this is not absolutely true. As a matter of fact Sonar is the Barcelona International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art

Santarcangelo 06. Emozioni Quotidiane

Una nuova direzione artistica guidata da Olivier Bouin, con la condirezione di Paolo Ruffini , firma la 36^ edizione del Festival di Santarcangelo, in programma dal 10 al 16 luglio 2006, a Santarcangelo di Romagna e dintorni

Sonic Acts Xi, Audio-video In Dvd

Sonic Acts is an electronic art festival set in Amsterdam , made of conferences, concert and performance and everything is in between. This year it took place in 2 historical location in Amsterdam , ParadisO and De Balie, with lecturers as Arjen Mulde, Ben Fry, Golan Levin and Casey Reas

Theare Of Art And Ardor

Recent guests at the Festival delle Colline Torinesi , Fanny & Alexander is not only an experimental theatre company. They are actors, writers, performers, photographers, video makers. A pair that stand out for volatility and goliardicity, certainly from the decidedly brainy features

(Italiano) Delacrew, Urban Vjing

(Italiano) Tra gli ospiti del LUX 2006, il festival spagnolo dedicato al vjing che si svolge nell'arco di un mese nel caldissimo Giugno di Siviglia, figura il nome dei Delacrew, considerati tra i portabandiera del vjing spagnolo per la potenza visiva della messinscena e per la qualitˆ della selezione, che mescola sapientemente architetture urbane con grafica 3D
Softwares Sensoriali E Materiali Digitali

Softwares Sensoriali E Materiali Digitali

There is an exhibition of some works created by the artists Alessandro Capozzo and Katja Noppes in Venice , at the Ex Cantieri Navali. The collaboration between these two protagonist is really interesting, considering the possibility of a dialogue between conventional art and new tecnologies. The two artists have different technical competence and way of representation

Pfadfinderei, First Class Digital Shit

For those who are interested in audiovisuals and vjing, Pfadfinderei needs no presentations. For those who are not so used to move between clubs and festivals or just don't pay attention to the screen in the clubs, well, Pfadfinderei is a 7 graphic designers, video artists group from Berlin

Onedotzero 10, Moving Adventures

Onedotzero, one of the most important international digital images festivals has just been held in London . It focuses on nowadays digital image aspects musing especially on young artists and creative industry

Andreas Schlegel, Structure And Design

Andreas Schlegel, aka sojamo, devotes to computational design for one of the most important production and experimentation realties of interactive solutions with the new media: art+com of Berlin

Projected Realities: Video Art From East Asia

Haiku and Karaoke, Ikebana and computer graphic. Last generation Asian artists' videos combine millenary tradition and vanguard technologies: after assimilating traditional media message video has become their main means of expression to decode an ever hastening reality

Future Fashion Show: Wearing The Future

The Future Fashion Show, the fashion show-happening of wearable technologies, took place the 20th and the 21st of May during the convention The technological Invasions, meeting-debate on the influence of new technologies on mind, communication and science