Issue 15

DigiMag Issue 15


Visual Signage In The Italian Ether

Next 9 th and 10 th June the spot in disuse of the Pontedera Piaggio factory will put up the 2MANYVJS second edition, vj'ing and electro music festival that unites young artists of the electro scene, with due care for Italian area

Online Video

The mess is the message. This is how Wired magazine portrays the online video present situation. An explosion of aggregators , that is portals collecting and re-distributing different video materials and single Web sites such as vlogs, experimental animations, video-archives and newsletters

Minimalist Monday At The Tate Modern

The London Tate Modern, sanctuary of the contemporary art, has just welcomed a series of events to celebrate art, music, dance and movies. UBS Openings: The Long Weekend , this is the name of the first festival of live events
Digital Sculpture Is Oriented Toward North

Digital Sculpture Is Oriented Toward North

Sabrina Raaf, is a young but established Chicago-based artist working in experimental sculptural media and photography. She creates works of art linking science and technology, nature and mechanics. Her sculptures continuously relate to real world, but Sabrina alters familiar landscapes bringing invisible aspects back to life

Lemur Robots, Electric Music Players?

Mechanical creatures are always captivating, although digital culture seems to be directed toward visual, web semantic shifts, and informatics codes poetic and revolutionary linking. But we are talking about robots that keep on lasting and astonishing despite the success of immaterial dimension. Karel Capek 's offspring is increasingly numerous

Meet Jaron Lanier

After Geert Lovink, Meet the media Guru meets Jaron Lanier, eclectic personality and specialised scholar in exploring and bringing the their extreme the frontiers of virtual reality. Lanier, authentic computer genius, is one of the pioneers of Virtual reality, ossimoro that he himself coined in the early 80's, and co-inventor of the famous DataGlove, the interactive glove used to get into virtual reality

Collaboration Paradox

Collaboration is one of the most consolidated scientific practices. Scientific collaboration derives from the increasing knowledge specialization, from the complexity of investigation problems and from the increase of technological devices costs

Television Serrana, Mountain Network

Buey Arriba is a rural community placed down a hill. There's only a coach passing it by daily, main street crosses the village and coasts fields, every Sunday a small fair takes place some kilometres away from the village, near the banks of a little river

Offf Festival, Graphic Design Con Amore

Una volta un musicista pose una domanda piuttosto comune: Qual  il senso per il pubblico nell'incontrarsi fisicamente con gli autori di web art? Ovviamente il senso  umano, ma allora perché gli enti pubblici dovrebbero pagare questa cosa?

Max Payne Cheats Only

What happens on the screen of our computer can tell a lot about us, of our tastes as well as of our daily existence. Back in the far- off 1997, the project Desktop IS, by Alexei Shulgin, showed how a simple desktop screenshot might be an effective self-portrait

The Best Of Offf

The Barcelona-based OFFF festival presented as usual a series of meetings with the world's best graphic designers. The artists introduced their works to the audience during meetings, workshops, and projects
C.stem, Generative Art Forms

C.stem, Generative Art Forms

It is not easy to give a definition of generative art if you do not want to be limited, moreover some aspects of this expressive form can create misunderstandings and doubts on the comprehension of this phenomenon. An explanation clarifying some essential outlines is given by Philip Galanter

The New On The Stage

A work by Mario Merz identifies the eleventh edition of the Festival delle Colline Torinesi a Fibonacci series that grows from one to a multitude of numbers. The staff of the festival started to work in the 1996 in the Hopefulmonster center, the publishing house of Beatrice Merz

A Cup Of Tea With Matthew Barney

Drawing Restraint 9 , the new work of Matthew Barney. A full-length film 135minute long with soundtrack studied by Bjork. Two of the most interesting minds of the nowadays scenery have worked together on this project, a video plunged with Japanese culture

Mixed Media: S’alzi Il Sipario Sul Digitale

L'occasione per Milano  ghiotta: la location spettacolare su cui tutto  giˆ stato detto e scritto, un programma dal respiro internazionale e convincente nel percorso trasversale a cui ambiva, sugli schermi i contenuti dell'arte digitale ed elettronica, disciplina che raramente trova spazio nella programmazione culturale della nostra cittˆ

Video Art In Loop

May will be a month full of dates in Barcelona this year. The many and unmissable spring festivals can represent the way to explore more or less remote corners, but always very interesting, of a city that seemes to be always discovered.

Music In Second Life

There's heaps of music in Second Life. Each night of the week there are dozens of lives, new record labels have opened, the BBC channel 1 has bought an island and broadcast on Saturday the 13 th and Sunday the 14 th of May One Big Weekend festival

When The Dj Goes To The Cinema

these last few weeks news has emerged that Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homen Cristo have finished a feature film entitled Daft Punk's Electroma that talks about two robots that are intent on finding their own humanity