Issue 14

DigiMag Issue 14


Multi-screen Videoart , Or Something Like

The net art author we're talking about in this article is very mysterious because he never shows himself in public and he doesn't say anything about his origins. The only thing we know for sure is his name: Jimpunk
Progetto Antenna

Progetto Antenna: Audiovisual Rendering

By multiplying themselves infinitely, rendering specialists multiply 3D experiments, unfortunately not always at the same speed. Sculpturing virtual material and sculpturing sound, scanning physical time and cutting up cinematographic time are beginning to be manipulated by the new creative generation in search of more and more integrated expressive techniques
netart_tizianagemin01, Territory And Virtual Spaces

It is possible to find some analogies between the concrete spatial dimension and the intangible net dimension. Both dimensions are places where you can act and interact with peculiar temporal characteristics and similar relational dynamics

The Multimedia Colours Of Micha Klein

Micha Klein, Holland school year 1964 is considered to be one of the most well known exhibiters of digital art and culture of recent years, computer graphic genius and pioneer of the vjing, in the as we intend it today

Camp Darfur In Second Life

Camp Darfur, built on Better Word Island in Second Life, a collaborative virtual gaming community, is an entire simulation camp of Darfur refugees. It was born from a collaborative work of some members of, who, some months ago, have decided to create within this virtual world a place of reflex ion and raise of awareness on the violence and atrocities ongoing in Darfur

All Christina Kubisch’s Ligths

The solo show of Chiristina Kubisch in Turin is an important occasion to approach the work of one of the undoubted reference points in the field of visual art connected to audio. And silence on the corners , the solo show of the German artist, was housed in the e/static Gallery (Digimag#11) from the 1st of April to the 13th of May

Briand Feat. Philip K. Dick

Mathieu Briand s first US solo show recently opened at L.A.'s REDCAT gallery. Briand, who was seen last November on the occasion of the lap of Emergency Biennale in Chechnya at the Stecca degli Artigiani in Milan, works at interactive installations where computer, electro music, robot, video etc., make up situations, environments and atmospheres

Muv Festival, Music And Digital Arts

The second edition of Muv is coming from 26 th May to 4 th June . This is an experimental media art festival, a beggaring description representation of electronic music and innovative visions, which was born last year in Florence. The main components are the audio-visual combination and an interest for the European scene connected to the Italian verve for the development of a high-quality multi-sensorial project and a unique location

The Dancing Image

Talking about video dance today is no longer 'complicated' as it was some years ago, it is no longer a place alien to the most significant visual arts, and it is no longer a 'new vanguard' or just an élite contemporaneity
Viral Communication Hotbed

Viral Communication Hotbed

According to some scientists the word virus does not indicate a living being, but information contained in the DNA/RNA with a various alignment at some point of the genome. The virus enters into the organism and taking advantage of vital cycles and nutriment it infects it, it modifies the cellular morphology succeeding at times to prime modifications in the informative matrix of the host, represented by the DNA

Deconstructing Deck

Nowadays the adjective collaborative, referred to an art work, sounds old and arouse a stupid smile typical of our infant memories. Its glorious moment was in the middle 90's, when the new creative possibilities given by the Net were a new entry, as the interactivity

Stalder: The Future Of Digital Communities

It was almost 10 years ago, when in 1994 Pierre Levy wrote the collective intelligence. Maybe it was a too positive vision of what was going to be the digital, but that book developed a lot of scenary, from the idea of a virtual community to a ciberspace made of related minds.

I Love Gif

Animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) are the emblem of a vintage aesthetic applied to the net. A retro and nostalgic aesthetic, built with natural forms, a poor palette, the pixel grid in view. One of the first format to allow the insertion of animated elements inside web pages, in use since the dawning of the Internet

The Ethics Of Emerging Technology

From May 26 th to May 28 th 2006, at the Stanford University Law School a conference will be held, entitled 'Human Enhancement Technologies and Human Rights' Human enhancement technology involves neural studies for the overcoming of paralysis and brain lesions

Pleix, French Videoclip

There is a videoclip, one of the most curios, funny and classy that Mtv has ever seen. On music notes and rhythmic created by Vitalic, a genius of the French electronic movement, a lot of dogs and puppies are flying in slow motion, a great contrast with the music

Which Culture?

In an editorial on teenagers, published on the New York Times of November 2005, the colleague analyst Keith Ablow denounces the status of the widespread mental distress among teenagers

Children Of Uranium

Lots of people thinks he is not so nice, and they are probably right. He is a snob, too self conscious, with a huge ego, and by the way he is anglosaxon, with all the bad habits this mean. Loving him or hating him, once again and underneath it all, we are talking about Peter Greenaway

Daniel Rozin, Mirror Of The Soul

Daniel Rozin is an artist and teacher of new technologies applied to interactive arts. Personally one of the most original international author, one of the few able to exalt the concept of interactivity with his works and personalize the connections between artist, work and spectator