Issue 13

DigiMag Issue 13


The Fear Of The Limit

Not long ago I was invited to the conference (The Sense of the Limit, arranged by Pino Zappalˆ) which closed ToShare, a festival of digital arts. The subject of the conference was the sense of the limit. I had to relate the point of view of the artist
interaction_lucamergello02 Designer O Developer?

The majority of developers are not really designers and vice versa. It is more common to find a work team instead of a single do-it-all. We can however come across really talented, creative and enthusiastic people, who are not worried about using this or that software and who at the same time love design and programming

Rld, La Republique Libre Du Design

Also this year Milan is speaking about design again in the liveliest and most gossiped about week of the season, Il Salone del Mobile. Here design is extended over a closed public to awaken wider curiosity and consensus, but still waiting to know if also this year the Salone del mobile will be a sort of collective relay race between aperitifs and parties or if instead everything will be reduced to a more authentic and introspective social and cultural dimension

Mutaforma: Private Becomes Collettive

Collective Intelligence - a name taken from the cyborg imaginary - is the new Evilia di Leonardo and Daniele Tito 's outcome. They created the multimedia project Mutaforma. Collective Intelligence, which uses web audio and video resources to generate artistic creations

Sven And The Creative Video-surveillance

Every day we leave a variety of uncontrolled traces of our passing and actions. As a matter of fact new technologies extend our possibilities and make us more visible and identciable. Television cameras, mobile phones, satellites, and personal computers give us the possibility to monitor our actions and constantly spy our lives

Lol Architects, Architecture In Second Life

In Second life there's no need to sleep, drink or eat, it's not cold, but there are houses just like those in the real world; kitchens, living rooms, bed rooms, and they are solidly anchored to the ground even in the absence of gravity, with a roof even though it doesn't rain and stairs to go from one floor to another even though you can fly

Share Festival, The Limit Is Surmountable

The last edition of the Share Festival 2006 has just ended, this year it had the pleasure of accompanying the acclaimed winter Olympics in Torino. Growing in notoriety, both at a national and international level, and attracting institutional interest, this time the Share Festival was held on the premises of the prestigious Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti

Roberto Latini Chained Atmotion Capture

There are rare example of use of the technology Motion Capture in the prose theatre, as this is a modality more frequented by the digital choreography or special effects cinematography. To experiment the expressive potentiality of the machinery-body associated to data glove, an artist eclectic such as Roberto Latini was necessary , recognized as the talent of the new Italian research theatre

Finalmente Cosmesi

The Italian theatre re-start from Dramaturgy from the Space. I want to start woth this phrase pointing the lights on a project born in 2003 with two young from Friuli that already have years of research on their shoulder: Eva Geatti e Nicola Toffolini

Experiment New Interactions

Kinotek is a duo of video performer from Rome, composed of Mattia Casalegno and Giovanni D'Aloia . They try to build up audio-visual ambient using the languages of the new media arts. They move with confidence between the area of club vjing and the area of abstract performances, with the objective to experiment the different modalities of interaction between technologies and performances

Remediating Pontecorvo

According to Jay D. Bolter and Richard Grusin, new media absorb and emulate old media. They call this phenomenon remediation and it can be seen both as the direct expression and invisibility of medium and hyper-mediation or display of medium and its characteristics. One of the most interesting characteristics of this process is it's multidirectional action

Rec Festival, Live After Siesta

The Rec Festival of 25 th February 2006 in Madrid has seen the participation of different artists from all around Europe and local artists as well. The festival was a marathon of 12 hours where 24 deejays and as many vee-jay alternate head to head on two different stages giving a good overview about the last European production

Hans Schabus And The Very Pleasure

The artistic collaboration between the Austrian artist Hans Schabus who inquires mainly into the space and The Very Pleasure duo (composed by the Austrian artists Oliver Welter, who's the singer of the band Naked Lunch and Fritz Ostermayer ) turned out into an interesting event which took place at the spaces of the laboratory of Teatro alla Scala

Echran, Black Electronic Metronomy

There is a duo who come to the attention of the musical chronicles of Italian underground, a couple able to mix with care both the musical production and the live aspect, the audio synthesis and the video representation
Video Mobile

Video Mobile

From installations exploiting mobile technology to works expressly conceived for iPod video is becoming more and more interactive. New possibilities of production and using have been opened and they encourage the artistic practices connected to imagining in movement

Live: To Play And To Create Is Like Playing

There is a musical software application which has been changing the modus operandi of electro music for some years. It is called Live. It is produced by the Berlin software house Ableton, founded in 1999 by the programmers/ sound engineers Robert Henke and Gerhard Behle, known as well as musicians under the name of Monokale

La Molleindustria, When The Goin’ Gets Tough

A process of creative deconstruction has been assaulting one of the most representative mass entertainment commercial product: videogame. Groups as Molleindustria, Newsgaming , Antiwargame, Metapet deconstruct schemes and contents of videogame language changing videogames from entertainment instruments into soft stings to kindle lethargic brains

Meeting The Media Guru: Geert Lovink

The official and awaited moments before meeting our mind myths are never the proper occasions for a fruitful exchange, as the conditions for a necessary concentration and participation do not occur easily