Issue 12

DigiMag Issue 12


Regional Innovation Systems

Nowadays a diffused sense of guilt is perceptible when pronouncing the word global, one of the most misused and poly-semantic terms used over the last twenty years, and equally a sense of compensation is felt when proposing, in substitution of it, the concept of glocal , that is the declension of global cultural, economical, political and technological dimensions with regional ones

Art . Exe

Promoted by the town hall of Monza and the province of Milan, in collaboration with Teche 05. The archipelago of Ulisse, journey with interactive installations by Mario Canali will be inaugurated at Monza march 15 th

Seamless 2.0: Inventing Integration

Seamless 2.0 is an annual exhibition dedicated to the integration of fashion and technology promoted by the MIT of Boston. This year the event, in part sponsored by Motorola, has taken the shape of a fashion show in the context of the Science Museum of Boston

Wj-s Project…web Emotions

For a long time I turned whirling for gorges of the Net searching for a project able to astonish me and speed up my mind. A project able to throw the basis for a happy integration between the virtual world behind our net cable and the chaotic universe of multimedia performances

To Cure With Video Art

Aroma therapy, chromium therapy, music therapy, crystal therapy, art therapy. The varied world of the alternative medicine spreads more and more. Is it due to the mistrust of the traditional medicine and the stress of the nowadays life, or another new wage wave?

Second Life Art

The online 3D world Second Life entirely made up by its residents is becoming a very interesting art experimentations platform. There are different experiences ranging over conferences, debates, communities of artists aggregations, exhibitions, private art galleries, film festivals, poems reading, concerts, and even a drawing course

Transmodal Intuition

An ever increasing number of artists shift through cultural interfaces, means and genres evoking both science and mythology, both technology and tradition. Postmodernism's heritage has changed into transmodal transit; today the human being is modulated by images, hyperlinks, processors, and nets

Vision Theatrical Machines

The Andersen Project, the fifth extraordinary solo-show directed and interpreted by the eclectic theatrical and cinematographic Canadian artist Robert Lepage together with his multimedia structure Ex Machina , was commissioned by the Andersen Foundation of Copenhagen for the bicentenary celebrations of the birth of the Danish writer

Fura’s Metamorphosis

The Fenice's theatre at Senigallia is becoming a unique referent point for passionate and experts of the contemporary artistic culture. The theatre has entertained in exclusive the last performative master piece of Fura dels Baus: Methamorfosis

Mikrosolke, Anarchia Audiovisiva

Mikrosolke, anarchic manipulators of narrations, were born from the meeting of Unz, Tatiana and MM . It is very difficult to explain what they do. First of all, we must say there is not a Mikrosolke recipe

The Dumpster, Bitter Love At Internet Time

Let's start from the beginning: The Dumpster is an online project born on Valentine's day, visualizing with a cool design, a huge number of data, collected from blogs and related to people, usually teens, dumped in a romantic affair. Its author is Golan Levin, that created and realized the project together with Kamal Nigam and Jonathan Feinberg

Qubogas: No Audiovisual Performances

Laura Henno, Jef Abl├ęzot and Morgan Dimnet started their common research at secondary school in Lille where they graduate in plastic art and together start to approach the graphic world

Esono: Procedural Thinking

Boris Muller is a designer artist from Berlin . He studied computer related design both at the famous College of Art and Design in Breme and at the Royal College of Art in London . Nowadays Teacher of interaction design and interface design programme, Boris share his life between his professional job and artistic activity
Live Dj Set Vs Studio Dj Set

Live Dj Set Vs Studio Dj Set

The forthcoming release of Miss Kittin 's Live At Sonar gives us the chance to consider the role of DJ sets immortalised and marketed on CDs the discography market is overstocked with. Can a DJ set be considered a live in all respects by the same standards of a concert with a lot of musicians making music through instruments

Living Room Video Art

The meaning of the term living-room is incredibly fascinating. The word living room has an abounding in images impact: it's the room where you live, the place where the family and friends spend time together, the room where entertaining stories are told, the fireplace room where the family gathers

Loren Chasse, Photographing Acustic Spaces

The American Loren Chasse is one of the most important international artists, connected to the environment/sound relation. His abilities to listen and to transform the object in musical instrument are some of the most identifying features of his work

Anti – Apartheid Animations

It's the parable of life, the history of a nation, the reflection of a visual poetic. From 15 to 20 February the MoMA of New York has presented 9 Drawings for projection , the series of animations realized from 1989 to 2003 by the South African artist William Kentridge

Inviting Horror: Join To The Fear

During this age of modernity or thoughtful modernity, how the sociologist Ulrich Beck define it, who has never tried fear? We live in the constant menace of global danger of high potential power, we are fed and exploited by power structures