Issue 11

DigiMag Issue 11


Gwei, Against The Nice Dictator

Can a dictator be nice, make people trust him and have an unambiguous face? There are a lot of answers to this question and honestly I would be embarrassed if someone asked me to give a precise answer. In real world is difficult to find a person who's got these characteristics but in virtual world it's different

Biological Memories And Artificial Memories

After more than ten years since the official born of the Internet structure, the concept of memory togheter with computer is now common, so that is now acceptable a sort of analogy between human brain and computer, considered as a sort of electronic brain
Digital Ecosystems To Click Capacity

Digital Ecosystems To Click Capacity

You have certainly heard about the singular convergence between evolutional dynamics and informatics. Probably you're not stranger to the definition of Alife, of artificial life, and maybe even the one about the genetic algorithm

Free Minimal Interactions

The real strenght of the Teatro di Piazza o d'Occasione, founded in 1971 by Leonardo Toccafondi and then again in the 1979, is to create and use scenaries, images and materials always new and spectacular, developing lights, perceptive esthetic education, movement, colours, graphic signs and digital interactive technology
Tmema, Amplified Reality And Interactive Gesture

Tmema, Amplified Reality And Interactive Gesture

They have developed many software and interactive machine, generally connected with gestures and drawings, expanding reality, with the dialogue between technology and human, but also with fun, of the audience at their shows or art exhibitions

Artistic Deviations And Net Comparisons

Deviant ART (DA) is an art-oriented web site. It's a virtual art gallery where artists expose their digital works and chat with users. It's even a work place, where young promising artists looking for gigs can be noted
netart_monicaponzini01, Experimental Fake Movie

There's a new movie coming out or maybe not. It's the European answer to American spy-stories and action movies. It has a captivating title: United We Stand; it is directed from a new talent and interpreted by Ewan Mc Gregor and Penelope Cruz

The Port, Artists Community In Second Life

The Port is a virtual island of 16 acres inside the on-line 3D world Second Life . Second Life is a space on the net where a parallel world in continuous expansion is being built, modelled by its own residents, that has meeting places, commercial spaces, artistic projects, and what is more incredible they are thinking and building the 100.000 avatars that they already live in

Sound Identities

That technology changes the perception of reality or reality itself, that it is becoming more than an instrument of approach, we have already discussed, faced and established it; the means through which all of this happens are not static and unchangeable, if anything they are quicker, more changeable, and more unpredictable

Netmage Calls Out For Italy: Special Edition 06

Once again Netmage is drawing near and the communities involved in electronic arts have the usual expectations and doubts. There are the accustomed solid group of participants and among them there are some prodigies and some artists who are not well known to the Italian audience yet

Multimedia Beckett Celebrations

There are a lot of editorial initiative and public events in occasion of the 100 th anniversary of Samuel Beckett while there are a lot of discussing about the feminine rapresentation of Waiting for Godot, directed by Roberto Bacci, Pontedera Teatro

Open Doors To Vjclash

The second edition of LPM-Live Performers Meeting, kept in Rome, has seen the participation of more than sixty artists from Italy, France, Belgium, Croatia, Thailand, Denmark, England and Uruguay. Organized and produced by Flyer Communication LAB, in association with FlxER, Shockart, Deliriouniversale, Homework, Peam, Electronic Art Café, the event has been kept into Linux Club

One Step Away From History

Teatro Lauro Rossi of Macerata, Italy, fifteen people. Three consecutive twenty-five-minute shows. Accompanied into the theatrical optic room set up on a stage, we sat down in front of a projection screen, which because of its closeness, appeared, to say the least, enormous

Rock-electronica: Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Some years ago, during a rock night, I played a sequence of tracks made up of Franz Ferdinand, The Rapture ed Electric Six . After a song of Electric Six Danger! High Voltage, an about twenty year-old guy, approached me and asked me to play rock

Playing With Code

Game Art originates often in the combination of two big passions: love for programming and for videogames. Besides, it happens quite often that those two passions originate together, and many are the hackers and the programmers who have discovered the delight of the code playing at Super Mario Bros

E/static, Sound Art Gallery…and Much More

If music has the possibility to release itself as it likes in the ambient where it's proposed, sound art on the other hand has a strong and rooted relationship with the space where it plays. This is an absolute fact, even if lots of people often forget about that

Gleetchplug: Noise Generation

GleechtPlug is a piece of audio software oriented to the production of gleecht and noise sounds through mathematic processes. The interesting point is how the instrument works and produces sounds, a procedure that is common between artists espousing generative methodologies in the field of experimental creativity

Paavoharju – Yha Hamaraa (fonal 2005)

It will be a passing phenomenon, a momentary tendency, but there is remarkable a productive underbrush within the ambit of new-folk, that demands continuous attention and analysis. Fonal is a recent discovery, simply fantastic label, that encloses a sort of Nordic hippy community, a detection that slowly blooms in the international panorama