Issue 9

DigiMag Issue 9


Connessioni Leggendarie, Interview To Netart

It is really hard to be an impartial journalist when, because of the critical approach hold in this professional figure and the intellectual responsibility of this role, you are almost obliged to express your opinion on what is happening into the world of elecgtronic art

Frieze Art Fair

Regent's Park it's a beautiful park in the heart of London. But for the last three years, during October, it is no more crowded by lazy tourists or English that hope to find some tepid ray of autumnal sun

New Center Of Data Processing

Rechenzentrum, a data processing centre. It's the best chosen name for an audiovisual electronic experimentation collective, with that Teutonic touch us Italian, and not only us, are so fascinated by. All those who work and are interested in digital art, have learned to know and appreciate this Berlin trio

New Media Art, Selling Immateriality

The immateriality of the new media art creates confusion in the world art system to the point that at its start the ownership of this digital works to the traditional and institutional art system was in doubt. But this is the real exciting aspect of the phenomenon

Mikomikona, Media Archeology

Mikomikona is a Berlin duo composed by Andreas Eber and Birgit Schneider. Their audiovisual performances, aimed at an aesthetic minimalist strictness, are experimental lab sessions in which the duo focuses on the physic changes of sound into image and vice versa
Interactions And New Perceptions

Interactions And New Perceptions

I figure that the listener requires about half of what you think you require when you're the creator, says Brian Eno. During festivals I often hear artists and organizers say digital art is for few people

Slices, Electronic Music Magazine

While in Italy we can enjoy the yearned first magazine devoted to electronic music extracted from a well-known French format called Trax , the cunning German are enjoying their first electronic music magazine completely on DVD. Name of the editorial project Slices: the electronic music magazine

Living Theatre, Fuck The Legend!

Judith Malina and Hanon Reznikov of the Living Theatre have introduced to the Politeama of Cascina ( Pisa ) the movie Resist! by Dirk Szouszies and Karin Kaper about the history of the revolutionary theatre company. Twenty years after Julian Beck dead

(Italiano) Scultori Di Suono

(Italiano) Scultori di suono non  un manuale e non ha pretese di esaustivitˆ. Ma, aggiungiamo noi,  comunque un libro originale e prezioso nel panorama editoriale italiano. Infatti, attraverso pagine in cui si alternano ricostruzioni storiche, riflessioni personali e interviste [materiale in parte inedito, in parte rielaborato da quello pubblicato in questi anni dalla Cascella sulle pagine di Blow Up]

It’s Time To Zimmerfrei

I'm not interested in creating excellent, beautiful, new, marvellous art objects, but I am in proposing time and sense: different ways to listen to time, different places where share time, exercises to train senses or ways to find our own sense
elettronica_leolearchi02 In The Volcano Hearth

It's a pleasure to talk about, the project of Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono. Born from the collaboration with Rino Cerrone, a well known Neapolitan Dj, the sound of the group has cut down the post new wave elements to create a personal and mature formula

Klee As Software

When we leave a first mark/the page is no longer empty/the symmetry is broken/ and the drawing starts to live. This is the incipit of Mobility Agents. A Computational Sketchbook , by John F. Simon, Jr

Xx(y), Technologyand Chromosomes

Glass premises, very much like a shop, in the centre of the courtyard of a group of council houses in north Milan : this is the way Xxy , an association founded out of the gathering of a group of girls from the ex squat Shesquat and from the experience of the ex hacking laboratory Loa
Generative X, Between Art And Code

Generative X, Between Art And Code

Marius Watz , active as an artist since the early 90s, has recently organized Generative X, a meeting of conferences and exhibitions centred in computational design, which took place in Oslo at the end of September

Copyzero: All Rights Digitalized

The Movement Costozero is a no-profit association that is fighting for free of charge communication rights, considered to be a real source of development. It supports free information and free access to the means of communication, the diffusion of open content

Techne 05, Border Poetic

The space of choice of the art choosing new technologies and technology innovation becoming linguistic change is one of the most waited for events of this autumn in Milan : Techne 05 third edition of an international biennial exhibition promoted by the Province of Milan

Cryonics, A Prospect Of Immortality

On the opposite pole of pessimists ˆ outrance there's a thought current that has a positive and maybe positivist attitude towards future: I'm talking about supporters of cryonics therapy. Cryonics consists of the immediately after death freezing of a human body trated with peculiar protective agents to better assure the preservation of cellular tissues

Dara Friedman: Sunset Island

Created by Woody and Steina Vasulka in 1971 as an artistic association and privileged space for video and vanguard music experimentations, The Kitchen in New York remains one of artistic experimentation contemporary hot spots