Hybrid Layers. The presence of the digital sphere and its effects on society

The exhibition "Hybrid Layers" focuses attention on a generation of artists who are engaging with the growing presence of the digital sphere and its effects on society. New perspectives on digital technologies, the Internet and social networks are shown, probing both virtual and physical manifestations of an artistic practice that is fundamentally influenced by the digital realm.

Abstracted reality and the hidden world. A fragmented report from Resonate 2017

Amongst the usual slew of corporate-funded projects that many of the artists and designers presented at Belgrade's Resonate festival this year, it was good to see a strand of work revealing ideas addressing cultural engagement and the contemporary political landscape. With Nora O'Murcha at the helm of the arts programme, it was reassuring to see her once again bringing her art and design take to the festival, following her 2015 curating of the "New Black" exhibition .

Open Call THE W:OW PROJECT | DEADLINE 1/09/2017

The W:OW Project is inviting artists from all over the world working in digital media, science and art to reflect present and future of our planet as the place where life as such, the amazing diversity of a magnificent nature and the human species had the chance to arise. Deadline 1/09/2017

BMW Art Car reloaded: Cao Fei going digital

Following the contributions by Jeff Koons and John Baldessari, Cao Fei (b. 1978) is the youngest and first Chinese artist ever to create a BMW Art Car. By employing augmented and virtual reality, the internationally acclaimed Chinese multimedia artist addresses the future of mobility such as autonomous driving, airborne cars and digitalization

“What The Body Knows”: Mattia Casalegno meets Antonio Canova

In Mattia Casalegno’s most recent project, “What the Body Knows”, he reinterprets the work of Italian Neoclassic artist Antonio Canova. The exhibition in Bassano del Grappa, Italy runs through June 25th and features an immersive audiovisual installation and a series of new sculptures.
next nature network open call "Intimate Technology"

Intimate Technology – Call for Videos by Next Nature Network | DEADLINE 15/07/2017

How far do we allow technology to go? And how close to the skin can it get? The international network investigating the co-evolution of the bio-sphere and the techno-sphere is calling on film makers, students, artists, enthusiasts, technology experts, dancers, choreographers, and professionals critics who wants to share a one minute video on the theme of Intimate Technology. Deadline: 15/07/2017

First alt.barbican arts accelerator

The Barbican and The Trampery today launch alt.barbican and announce the inaugural cohort of five artists selected for the major new accelerator for innovative artists working at the intersection of art and technology. Over 230 practitioners applied to the programme and the selected artists are: Dries Depoorter, Henry Driver, Jasmine Johnson, Ling Tan and Magz Hall

We are the robots! 18th edition of ELEKTRA Festival

ELEKTRA continues its AUTOMATA trilogy in 2017 and 2018, this time with the theme THE BIG DATA SPECTACLE. The first edition of AUTOMATA explored the creative capacity of machines (for a possible audience of machines), while the 2017 edition looks at the promises kept by major advances in fields of artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, data mining and human-machine hybrids, notably in art.

(Italiano) Video Sound Art. La grande occasione

(Italiano) A soli sei mesi dalla sesta edizione che aveva visto coinvolti artisti e curatori internazionali, dal 25 maggio parte l’edizione speciale di VIDEO SOUND ART, centro di produzione e festival di arte contemporanea che promuove linguaggi innovativi e pratiche di contaminazione, incentivando la sperimentazione di nuove tecnologie in ambito artistico.

11th Audiovisual Arts Festival

The 11th Audiovisual Arts Festival of the Ionian University, depts. of Music Studies and Audio & Visual Arts, is extended in space and time: the festival will last for a total of 23 days, from May 20th to June 11th, and will be held at both Corfu and Athens.

Digicult is media partner of ELEKTRA Festival 2017 in Montreal

Digicult is media partner of ELEKTRA Festival, an international Digital art festival presenting artists and works that combine art and new technologies. ELEKTRA unites music, video, cinema, performance, design, audio or interactive installation.


The global ecological crisis now affects all societies, territories and activities, criss-crossing its economic and social consequences. But this crisis is also a cultural one. Therefore, the solutions to it can not only be political and technical. Culture can be a major player. Every year the COAL Prize highlights ten projects by artists working on environmental issues in the field of visual arts. Together they are participating in building a new collective narrative, that is optimistic and essential for everyone to find the motivation to implement the necessary changes towards a more sustainable world. Apply until 20/07/2017

Media Art and Art Market: an interview with Christiane Paul

Christiane Paul is a renown theoretician and curator who has largely treated arguments that embrace Media Art, Digital Art and the wide spectrum of sectors that relates art and technologies. She is currently associate professor at the School of Media Studies at The New School in New York: coined the term “neomateriality”, which can be considered as a central concept in the definition of certain touching points between the realm of contemporary art and the general understanding of Media Art.

Joshua Frankel. I LIVE HERE

In partnership with Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and The Municipal Art Society of New York, Times Square Arts presents artist Joshua Frankel’s I LIVE HERE, Animation from “A Marvelous Order” on Times Square’s electronic billboards from 11:57 p.m. to midnight every night in May.

Digicult is media partner of Sonar+D 2017 edition in Barcelona

Digicult is media partner of Sonar+D, the international conference that brings together a combination of activities with a common theme: the relationship between creativity and technology, and the digital transformation of the cultural industries.

Rosa Barba: from source to poem to rhythm to reader

Rosa Barba’s films and sculptures bring together memory and fiction, documentary-style narrative and sci-fi storytelling, in a wide-ranging reflection on the poetic qualities of landscape as a place deeply engraved with the traces of history.