Zoe Romano
Zoe Romano
Zoe Romano, Copywriter, Activist and Craftivist

Zoe Romano is a media activist and visual artist based in Milan working on precarity, material and immaterial labor in creative and service industries. Partner at WeFab, openwear and Serpica Naro

With a Degree in Philosophy at University of Milano and a Master in Media Science and Technology at University of Pavia, since 2000, she has co-developed several projects in the context of the Italian and European post-1999 movement, such as Chainworkers.org, EuroMayDay.org, and the icon of Italian precarious laborers and their struggles, San Precario In 2005, she was part of the initiators of Serpica Naro media hoax, the fictive fashion designer accepted to the official calendar of Milano Fashion Week, whose identity – anagram of San Precario Ð saw the collaboration of precarious workers, stage hands, taylors and designers. Since then, she’s been working to develop the Serpica Naro Ccollective brand with several events and initiatives. She earns her bread working for advertising agencies as copywriter and concept designer.

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