Silvia Scaravaggi
Silvia Scaravaggi
Silvia Scaravaggi, Freelance Editor and Curator

Silvia Scaravaggi is a freelance editor and curator; her research focuses on video, interaction design, art-science-technology. She got a Master Degree in Theory and Technique of Audiovisual Media (University of Pisa).

Silvia also studied Cinema and New Media Art at UvA (Amsterdam) and at Aiace-Milan, Silvia collaborated on Techne05 and Invideo (2003-2005). Since 2005, she has worked at the Cultural Department of the Province of Cremona; from 2008 she is the contact for the study of the Cultural District. For ContemporaneA Association in Cremona, from 2008 she is leading the project ContemporaneA for emerging art. For the Municipality of Cremona, she is curator of 7 Note, she has been committee member for BJCEM (2009) and curator of GemineMuse (2008). She collaborates with the emerging artists: Gianluca Ferrari (ThereÕs Light. Her Light, Galleria Rallo, Cremona, 2008), Margherita Martinelli, Elena De Prezzo, Mt Piezein Circle (Spazio_Tempo_Loop, 2009). She wrote articles for Exibart.

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