Pasquale Napolitano
Pasquale Napolitano
Pasquale Napolitano, Researcher and Professor

Pasquale Napolitano is an expert in design and visual communication. His PhD research in Visual Communication at the University of Salerno, is focused on the design possibilities of video as a form of expression and the relationship between these and the drift of contemporary visuality

He is Professor of Digital Video at the Institute of Design in Naples for the Multimedia Graphics course. Pasquale is also a professor of Corporate Identity at the same institute. Since November 2011, it’s Professor of Digital Video at course of New Technologies of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Multimedia artist, video maker and video artist, has participated in numerous exhibitions, festivals, residencies with the collective “Componibile 62″. With digital art collective “Sound Barrier”, with the network of new media performance “Hypoikon”, has exposed in some of the festivals and performance in the most significant new media art in Europe and world, such as NIME in Genoa, in Vision’R Paris, ‘HAIP of Ljubljana, LPM in Rome, Flussi and Interferenze in Avellino, the MediArc of Florence, the SEAM of Sydney.

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