Giulia Simi
Giulia Simi
Giulia Simi, PhD Candidate and DM Specialist

Giulia Simi was born in Livorno, Tuscany, in 1979, a border year that makes her a conflicted daughter of the seventies and Barbie. In love since chidlhood with the evocative power of storytelling and immagination, she preferes the refutable visions of art to the presumed objectivity of science

She therefore went for Literature at Pisa University, where she was introduced to electronic and digital art by Sandra Lischi. She graduated with a thesis on the experimental cinema and multimedia installations of Klonaris and Thomadaki, published in an edited volume by L’Harmattan in France. Her love for new media has carried her to the internet, which right now is the medium that allows her to pay the mortgage. Since 2005, in fact, sheÕs dealing with digital contents, design and marketing but she doesn’t give up with the investigation on contemporary languages. She lived in Paris, Florence, Rome, Milan. She currently lives in Bologna.

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