Eugenia Fratzeskou
Eugenia Fratzeskou
Eugenia Fratzeskou, Researcher, Author and Critic

Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou is a London-based artist, researcher, author, editor, critic and educator. Pioneering types and processes of digital site-specific art and drawing have been the outcomes of her research since 2000

Eugenia has advanced a wider discourse on digital visualisation systems and virtual environments in site-specific, digital media art and architecture, through inventing methodologies for mapping the invisible inter-passages between virtual and actual architectural spaces within new types of site-specific virtual environments. She has created new relationships between art, architecture, philosophy, computer science and virtual reality. Her expertise expands into the relationship between symbolic logic, Boolean set operations, algebraic, geometrical processes, VR, built architecture and cosmology. Her qualifications include an AHRC-funded practice-based PhD in digital site-specific art (Oct. 2002 Ð Mar. 2006, University of Surrey/Wimbledon College of Art, London), an AHRC-funded MA Fine Art: Drawing (2002, WCA), a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting (2001, WCA) and a CLTAD certificate in Higher Education teaching.

Eugenia Fratzeskou also wrote