Roberta Busechian


Werktank: a platform for new media art. Poetry, humor and beauty

Werktank is a platform for new media art. It is an organisation which focuses on the production of visual art projects, media art and performative art, with it’s headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. The main focus of their activities is to create installations that investigate the relationship between technology and perception

The riddler of sounds. Interview with Francisco López

Known internationally as a sound artist for his sensibility to the sounds around us, Francisco Lopez is able to present his tracks with a surrounding listening and without great sound-visual effects, but with the simple idea that: you must listen to the sound in an immersive way

(Italiano) Evan Parker e Walter Prati. Electroacoustic Ensemble al Progetto Primavera 2016

(Italiano) In data 21 maggio, durante la rassegna concertistica del Progetto Primavera 2016 di Tempo Reale, è attesa la performance di un duo di musicisti ben noti per la loro accoppiata vincente. Si sta parlando di Evan Parker e Walter Prati. Il loro è un progetto di improvvisazione ed elettronica; progetto che porterà in seguito alla formazione del Electroacoustic Ensemble