Maria Chatzichristodoulou

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Move: Choreographing You. Art & Dance Exhibition

The exhibition Move: Choreographing You at the Hayward Gallery in London left me slightly breathless and over-excited. Curated by Stephanie Rosenthal, Chief Curator of the Hayward, Move is (yet) another participatory show at the Hayward, in that it 'invites you to become a participant -or even a dancer- in installations and sculptures by internationally renowned visual artists and choreographers.'

Annie Abrahams. Allergic To Utopias

Annie Abrahams, born in the Netherlands, has been based in France since 1985. She holds a doctorate in biology from the University of Utrecht and is a graduate in fine arts from the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Arnhem. Abrahams's work most often employs networking technologies: she produces networked performances, pieces, collective writing projects, videos, as well as installations and performances in physical space. She started using technology for her artistic practice around 1991, and her first telepresence piece took place in 1996, in a gallery in Nijmegen, Holland.
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If Not You Not Me. Annie Abrahams And Life In Networks

Annie Abrahams's show If Not You Not Me at the HTTP Gallery in London (12 February till 20 March 2010) was inspiring in its subtle, low-tech sensitivity of inter-connectedness. This was Abrahams's, a French-based pioneer in the field of networked performance, first solo show in the UK. Abrahams created three new works for the show. Documentation of several of her previous projects, including some of her most well known pieces such as One the Puppet of Other (2007) and The Big Kiss (2008), was also effectively displayed.