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Jeroen Van Loon: the future is almost all temporary

With a degree in digital media design and a relatively short career which began no later than 2010, Jeroen Van Loon has shortly become one of the most interesting media artist internationally. His research is able to surprisingly and ironically integrate a critical approach to the use of technological tools - in particular the Internet, with a solid theoretical and conceptual framework. Such an approach results in the production of objects and installations that enter the exhibition space with disarming immediacy.


(Italiano) Tempo Reale e il Progetto Primavera 2016: intervista a Francesco Giomi

Il Progetto Primavera 2016 di Tempo Reale è una rassegna concertistica dal 21 al 28 Maggio organizzata nella Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, che prevede una serie di eventi che mettono in relazione suono, nuova musica ed elettronica: prime assolute e prime nazionali, giovani autori e interpreti di fama mondiale della musica sperimentale ed elettronica

The Art of Difference. New self narratives in Expo 2015 Italy

This is the curatorial text written by Marco Mancuso and Filippo Lorenzin for the Streaming Egos project by Goethe Institut, to reflect on the representations of the Self on the Net in Italy in the ‘10s of the new millennium ‒ which for the country is a time of severe economic crisis and deep changes in the political, cultural, economic and work sectors.

(Italiano) Claudio Sinatti. In ricordo di un artista gentile…

(Italiano) E alla fine è successo quello che non doveva succedere. E’ arrivata quella notizia che non doveva arrivare, che non ha mai un modo gentile per arrivare. Claudio Sinatti, artista, docente, attivo sulla scena undeground milanese e italiana fin dagli anni Novanta, ci ha lasciato al termine di una battaglia che sembrava aver vinto contro la leucemia

ST InnovationCUP: experimenting new artistic and cultural productive processes

ST InnovationCUP è uno dei processi di incubazione e ricerca nel rapporto arte, cultura e innovazione più interessanti presenti oggi sul territorio nazionale. Anche se forse, sarebbe più corretto dire che ciò che ha intercettato il mio interesse è che si tratti di uno dei pochissimi progetti (non si offenda nessuno) che lavorano in modo efficace e fattivo sul concetto di Open Research e su dinamiche di produzione culturale moderne e competenti.

“My open source cure”. Salvatore Iaconesi hits the Net at the heart

At this point, Salvatore Iaconesi does not need any introduction. With the launch of its latest web project My open source cure, he broke any balance in the relationship between net culture and mainstream media. Of course, talking about "project" leaves a bit confused, mostly because the causes and motivations are among the most tragic: the story is familiar to many, Salvatore Iaconesi has recently discovered to have a brain cancer.

Digicult launches the new Digimag Journal

Digicult announces its new Digimag Journal. Our magazine has changed its nature, after 72 monthly issues. A new hybrid instrument is born, open to international call for papers. We wait for you
numero72_Transmediale The Exhibition 01

Transmediale: The Exhibition. Uneasy energies in Technological Times

"Dark Drives. Uneasy Energies in Technological Times" curated by Jacob Lillemose, has largely complied with these resolutions, which I perceived as a pretty interesting purpose, and brave in their way, for a festival like the Transmediale, an event deeply rooted in the media culture, on an European and international level.
numero72_Heat Bunting 01

Heath Bunting: Identity Bureau. Against Residual Self-Image

Identity Bureau was established by Heath Bunting to construct a custom-made physical person for the user, who would be able to function freely in society. The activities of the bureau extend also to instructions for other users to construct their own new identities. It undermines the habitual ways of climbing the social ladder and offers an alternative system to the dictate of there being a one and only "official" identity allocated to the individual by the state authorities.
numero71_Kristoffer Gansing 01

Kristoffer Gansing. Talking about transmediale 2012

transmediale is just finished. The 2k+12 edition of the media art, design and culture Berliner festival took place rom 31 January until 5 February at the wonderful Haus der Kulturen der Welt, one of the most important European leading centre for the contemporary arts in Tiergarten.
numero70_Cyneart 01

Cynetart Festival 2011. Ecas Network And Audiovisual Productions

Last year from November 16th to November 26th took place the fifteenth edition of Festival CynetArt of Dresden, one of the most long-running and most famous European festivals, known in the field of digital art and its contamination with contemporary audiovisual methods
numero69_ None Stands 01

None Stands For Us. The Occupation Of Teatro Valle

The Teatro Valle Occupato has drifted away from its initial route and is now heading to Piramide. It's about 6 PM of 10/15, and this is the Twittered message you can find following ashtag #15o, the personal and global reference point of this crazy day. I just escaped from two indiscriminate charges of the security forces (I should use the word guard, as it is better suitable for their manners, but I use the official term out of politeness), which, as usual, do not know and do not care to make any distinction between peaceful and not peaceful demonstrators
numero63_Peter Tscherkassky 01

Peter Tscherkassky.audiovisuals From A Darkroom

Let's start from an assumption: I am not a film critic and more in general I do not work exclusively on experimental cinema. This analysis of the avant guard director Peter Tscherkassky, born in Wien in 1958 and winner at the 67th Venice Film Festival in the 'Nuovi Orizzont" section with the film Coming Attractions, will probably lack those lexical elements and elements of analysis used by the most orthodox film criticism, and will inesorably be exposed to a radical reading of the following text. In spite of that, my intention is to highlight the austrian director's work, in terms of the importance that I think it has not only as far as cinema is concerned, but also and especially towards the production and the audiovisual research taken as an aesthetic-expressive possibility of the sound-image relationship.
numero61_Zimoun & Leerraum 01

Zimoun & Leerraum [ ]. Sound Organisms In Evolution

The Swiss artist Zimoun claims he is an autodidact. During the following interview he will make clear he didn't study art and he doesn't have a solid background at his disposal, and least of all he never thought about confronting himself with other artistic or vanguard movements which came before him. As this article is trying to focus on, he is one the most interesting and visionary artist of our time. In the sound art international panorama, he is one of a kind for his research on the expressive potentialities of analogical (mechanical) sound in relation to the space, as well as for his aesthetical analysis on a possible visual translation of the sound mechanism implied by his works.