Filippo Lorenzin


The medium is the medium. Interview with Metahaven

Metahaven is a research-focused design studio founded by Amsterdam-based Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden. Some the most notorious examples of this mission is their collaboration with WikiLeaks, for which they made scarves and T-shirts to modify their visual presence, the re-branding of the self-proclaimed Principality of Sealand.

To conceal and to reveal: an interview with Ruben Pater

Ruben Pater is a designer and researcher. He finished the master programme of the Sandberg institute in 2012, and as Untold Stories he works on self-initiated and collaborative projects between journalism and graphic design. His work has received several international awards and is featured in exhibitions around the world.

The relaxing area of Art Basel Miami. The Soothing Center at Satellite Art Show

The Soothing Center, made its debut at Satellite Art Show in Miami the last weekend. Curated by Jesse Firestone, is an artist-made pop up spa aimed at actively combating the disruptive influences of contemporary electronic media-driven stimuli. It’s supposed to be a relaxing area for the stressed visitors of the nearby Art Basel Miami Beach

Choreographing Gestures: Interview with Rosana Antoli’

The new project by Rosana Antolì, Virtual Choreography, was exposed at the Arebyte in London. It is an online platform that functions as an open database of movements, gestures of a world map that allows the public to view and upload numerous movements recorded and created by themselves

Mediating Beach. A comment on “Networking the Unseen” exhibition

The exhibition Networking the Unseen presented this summer at the Furtherfield in London and curated by Gretta Louw, was focused on the intersection of indigenous cultures and the digital practices in contemporary art. Creating a connection between the ancestral and marginalised cultures with the art-making in contemporary society

Invisibility and surprise. Eva and Franco Mattes at Carroll / Fletcher

"Abuse Standards Violations" is the exhibition by Eva and Franco Mattes at Carroll & Fletcher gallery in London, that invites us to reflect on what it means to participate in a critical reflection, before you even ask us to participate in the action that flows from it. We joined in the meeting which took place with the same artists at the The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) on 19th July 2016

Infra-red Wuthering Heights: Interview with Evan Roth

The new project by U.S. artist Evan Roth, Internet Landscapes (2016), a series of videos which can be watched only online. Focused on the experiences he had when travelled around Sweden searching for the physicality of internet, the project is part of the Masters&Servers open call programme

Be feral, open and yourself: interview with Alterazioni Video

Alterazioni Video is an Italian collective founded in 2004. Alterazioni Video works have been exhibited in museums and istitutions all around the world. The milanese audience will have the opportunity to see all Turbo Films in a special retrospective at Spazio Oberdan from 18th February to 4th March

Everything is Connected to Everyone: An Interview with Artist Simona Koch

Men and nature, men are nature, man or nature: these are just some of the most recurrent questions at the center of German artist Simona Koch’s research. She has developed several works and side projects that deal not just with the aforementioned themes, but also with politics, history of humankind and psychology.

Spread what has been destroyed: interview with Morehshin Allahyari

Morehshin Allahyari is a new media artist born in Iran that is working on Material Speculation: ISIS. It's a series of 3D modelings of selected artifacts destroyed by ISIS fighters in museums of Middle East that are 3D printed: every printed object contains an USB key with materials about the last months of the original artifact

A stream of junk: interview with Sašo Sedlaček

Sašo Sedlaček, Slovenian artist interested in obsolescence long before it became one of the hottest topics of the discussions of these years, presented his first solo exhibition in Italy about these and other issues. Curated by Domenico Quaranta and opened since May 16 in the spaces of Ultra (Udine)

The emojification of reality: interview with Carla Gannis

Online communication, chatting, colorful and disturbing interfaces are critically used by Gannis becoming the starting material for her artistic research. She is one of the most prolific American artists of digital art and in recent months her name has been one of the hottest in the market.

Listening to our sound: a reflection on the issues of Sonic Acts 2015

What is the individual thrown into the world? Part of it or, on the contrary, an alienated and manipulative element? These are to a certain degree the questions that underlied the general concept of Sonic Act’s 2015 edition, the AV festival born in Amsterdam already 16 years ago

Inside the user’s mind: interview with Nicolas Sassoon

At the center of the project WITCHCRAFT there was the intention to investigate the possibility to understand technologies like computers and internet, critically and poetically; the selection of the involved artists reveals, for those who already know this field of research, the mood and the premises of the exhibition itself

Painting the Invisible: interview with Aowen Jin

In an environment where often the importance of a work is measured on the basis of its virality, on its ability to capture the attention of an increasingly diverse audience, a work like i18n, made by Aowen Jin, requires our attention for the manner in which addresses this problem