Felipe Zuniga

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Pablo Gav. The Sound Art In Mexico City

To write about Mexico City as an emergent scene for contemporary music and sound art seems a difficult task. There is a lack of information and specialized publications. Thanks to some artists like Manuel Rocha Iturbide this scenario is slowly changing. Some academic essays are available on line, few catalogs of exhibitions that included sound art pieces or installations, and mostly we find artists websites and some festivals publications. These are the nodes available to build a network of scattered references.
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Between Bodies. The Bodily Sounds By Nina Waisman

In the 2010 Orange County Biennial we gladly testified the selection that Sarah Bancroft curator of the OCMA (Orange County Museum of Art) did of some artists identified with Souther California art scene linked to the U.C.S.D. (University of California San Diego) Visual Arts program alumni and faculty.
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Dream Addictive. Designing A Sound Ecology

Dream Addictive is a collaborative project in the context of the relationship between art and technology, founded back in 2003 in Tijuana, Mexico by Carmen González and Leslie García, both with a solid background in the field of applied sciences, physical computing, visual programming and independent hardware production. These elements made them particularly sensitive to the development of artistic works in interaction design, highlighting the possible dialogue between the reality of the audience and the simulation provided by the machines.