Enrico Pitozzi


The scene is a prism. Notes about ST/LL of Shiro Takatani

If the theatre, according to the word's etymology, is the place of the vision, it's all about understanding what we are going to see and what we actually see on stage, from which point of view experts from the theatre world look at the world and at which level of resolution they see things. Shiro Takatani is one of the leading exponent in contemporary theatre

Shiro Takatani. The extension of visible

there is a sort of landscape full of visual and sonic inputs determining – unconsciously – our perception. Just around these minimal perceptions, boundaries of the infinitely small, are the works of the Japanese and worldwide known artist Shiro Takatani, already leader of the Japanese theatre company Dumb Type and today involved in different projects, from installation - as Frost Frames, conceived for the Kyoto Spiral Hall in 1998 and the collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto for LIFE – fluid, invisible, inaudible…(2007) – to live performances, like the recent La chambre Claire (2008) and Chroma (2012).
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The Theatre Of Sound. Acoustic Research By Fanny & Alexander

Among the most interesting backgrounds on a European level, Fanny & Alexander was founded by Luigi de Angelis and Chiara Lagani (with the stable contribution of the actor Marco Cavalcoli) in 1992. Fanny & Alexander, which has asserted itself as research group in the theatrical context, produces works of art marked by the contamination of different artistic disciplines.
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The Cognition Of Gesture. Composition By Wayne Mcgregor

Perception and movement are the base upon which English choreograph Wayne McGregor founded all of his work. In 1992, when he was only 22 years old, he founded Random Dance Company, taking it to an international level by means of a radical exploration of the relation between dance and technology, and collaborating with multidisciplinary artists in the realization of works that widely contribute in making his company one of the best British reality of the dance panorama.
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That Measure Of Light. A Conversation With Ugo Pitozzi

Ugo Pitozzi, choreographer and video-artist, is one of the major personalities of ballet born during the ʻ80s. His background stems from his education: he studied idioms of visual arts at the Accademia di Brera in Milan, contemporary dance (he studied the Laban technique), contemporary technique with William Forsythe, Mary Wigman's principles with Erika Thimey, and choreography dance composition with Gerhard Bohner. He also attended choreography dance composition and contemporary creation with Merce Cunningham, Meredith Monk, Simone Forti.
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Organic Resonances. On Ginette Laurin

As one of the most relevant figures in the international scene, choreographer Ginette Laurin - founder of Canadian group O Vertigo, based in Montreal - is committed since the eighties to a radical research on movement, which she combines with an investigation on the stage mechanism both sound and chromatically-wise. Influenced by an extensive research on physicality, Laurin created a very specific language for 'writing' movement, which tends to deconstruct its features by working on dynamics of slowness and speed in the spacial organization of the scene.
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Radiography Of The Matter. Herman Kolgen And The Sound Perception

Among the interesting figures of the artistic panorama, Herman Kolgen lives in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Audiokinetic sculptor, he works starting from the relationship between sound and image creating, from their divergence, works presented as installations, performances, sound sculptures, videos and cinematographic works - for example Silent Room (2005), film, installation and live performance created with the collaboration of the video artist and photographer Dominique [t] Skoltz with whom he founded in 1996 the multi-discipline cell Skoltz_Kolgen (followed by DigiMag several times in the past).
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Spectra. Movement According To Cindy Van Acker

Cindy Van Acker - a choreographer who is among the most interesting international figures in this field - for years has been involved in radical research on movement, with which she associates an investigation into the mise-en-scene as a device, but in an auditory key, accompanied by leading figures of the contemporary electronic field, such as Mika Vainio from Pan Sonic: she has been collaborating with him since 2007, when they worked on Kernel.

A Collective Resounding Body. Aiming Towards An Auditory Tactility

Among the more interesting figures on the international circuit, the choreographer Isabelle Choinire has been developing a journey connected to sound qualities in movement for many years. She founded and currently directs the Corps Indice of Montréal (Canada) company with which she develops research projects on the relationships between dance and technologies.

Seismographs Of Time. A Conversation With Roberto Paci Dalo’

Among the main figures of contemporary experimentation, Roberto Paci Dal˜ is a director, multimedia artist and composer/performer. He is director and creator of the Giardini Pensili group. His research develops within an area that goes from the development of radio interventions to sound installations; from the development of plays to the building of virtual stages like the Itaca project commissioned by the Teatro di Roma and directed by Mario Martone (1999-2000), passing through the development of the film that, as in the case of Petr˜leo México (2004) was presented at the Locarno International film festival