Donata Marletta


Christina McPhee, the Political-Aesthetics of Nature

Christina McPhee with different media, spanning from video and digital technologies, to drawing, painting, and photography. Her works are stunning, intricate and abstract figures in which the artist combines both digital and traditional techniques in order to give a visual representation of her ideas, experiences, and her strong engagement with nature and its processes of creation and destruction.

Bill Vorn. Immersed in a world of robots, metaphors, and paradoxes

Bill Vorn is a Canadian artist and academic based in Montréal. He has worked on performance, interactive installations, experimental soundtracks, soundtrack scores, and sound editing, creating components for film, video, and various other artistic projects. His works have been shown at major international media art festivals and events

Kohei Nawa. A Japanese artist beyond cultural stereotypes

Born in the ancient city of Kyoto (Japan) in 1975, Kohei Nawa studied at the Kyoto City University of Art, and in 1998 moved to London. The symbolic art of Buddhism and Japanese Shintoism are additional Nawa’s influential inspirations that characterise several of his idiosyncratic works.

The Oriboticist. Interview with Matthew Gardiner

Matthew Gardiner is an Australian artist and researcher. Since 2011 he has been Senior Research Lead at the prestigious Ars Electronica Futurelab. Gardiner holds a Bachelor of Fine Art Photography at the Victorian College of the Arts,. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle, Australia
Marie-Jeanne Musiol1

The Aura of Nature. An interview with Marie-Jeanne Musiol

Artist and photographer Marie-Jeanne Musiol , through electromagnetic photography, records the aura that surrounds biological bodies. Her latest works of electrophotography explore the significance of magnetic fields as carriers of information and metaphor of the cosmos wrapped in the light corona of the plants

Perte de Signal. An interview with president Sofian Audry

Perte de Signal, based in Montréal, is one of the most creative and dynamic centres supporting local and international artists committed with new technologies; it deals with an eclectic range of media and a wide variety of approaches. Members at Perte de Signal include artists such as: Erin Sexton, Sofian Audry, Pavitra Wickramasinghe, Nicolas Bernier, Robin Dupuis and Maxime Damecour, just to name a few.

Organic Forms and Digital Visions. An interview with Sougwen Chung

An afternoon in Geneva, during the last edition of Mapping Festival ( I had the opportunity to meet and interview Sougwen Chung, a multidisciplinary artist that during the festival was presenting her new installation Chiaroscuro at the Bâtiment d'art Contemporain (BAC).

Mapping Festival. A little treasure between the Swiss Alps

The 9th edition of Mapping Festival took place from 2nd to 12th May in different venues around the city of Geneva (CH). I was invited by Ana Ascencio, co-curator of the festival to attend the concluding weekend of Mapping that this year presented a whole schedule filled with live AV performances, installations, workshops, club nights, lectures, round table, and outdoor video projections.

The latest endeavours of DjSpooky: The Imaginary App and the The Met Reframed residency

Several authors in the past have widely focused on the artistic projects of Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, an inexhaustible artist whose works have the ‘remix’ as a core concept and primary form of representation. The following article traces Miller’s latest endeavours, in particular his residency at the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the forthcoming book project about the terrific production of apps for mobile devices.

Jonah Brucker-cohen: New Media, From Web 2.0 To Web 4.0

Jonah Brucker-Cohen is a researcher, an artist and a writer who, in spite of his youth, has reached unquestionable fame and respect internationally in the field of new media and technologies applied to art. He has recently obtained a Ph d at the Disruptive Design Team of the Networking and Telecommunications Research Group (NTRG) at the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin.

Geert Lovink: List Culture And The Art Of Moderation

Geert Lovink is one of the most influential cultures of the net worldwide. He is a critic and a theorist, he has been interested for years in texts and essays about the new media and network culture, and among his most recent projects the creation of the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam is worth to be mentioned. This institute works on critical analysis of the Internet, and its aim is to help actively the development and the divulgation of studies and discussions on network topics, even through the organisation of conferences, and publications whose aim is to stimulate dialogue and online sharing.

Marina Abramovich Presents: Experiments And Tension

For about 2 weeks, between last July 3 & 19, the Manchester International Festival commissioned and produced the performance Marina Abramovic presents..., created by the Serbian artists especially for the festival. For the performance, the spaces of Whitworth Gallery in Manchester were completely emptied of all arts pieces, and put at the performance artist's disposal, event almost unique in the contemporary art's world.
The Digital Market Of Elektra

The Digital Market Of Elektra

Last 6th and 7th of May Montreal's Cinémathque Québécoise has hosted for the third consecutive year the International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMDA), event organized within Elektra, new media and audiovisual art festival. The International Marketplace for Digital Arts is a meeting for professional networking among those active in the field of production, creation and diffusion of digital arts.

The Discreet Charme Of Elektra

Elektra Festival is one of the most interesting festivals on the international scene dedicated to the avant-garde of experimental art and new media, that has taken place every year since 1999 in Montreal, a Northern American city with a European flavour, creative and lively, most of all when it comes to artistic production and promotion and distribution of art in general.

Cybercultures 4: A Journey In Virtual Space

From the 13 th to 15 th of March Salzburg hosted the fourth edition of the multidisciplinary conference Cybercultures, academic meeting that aims at examining and exploring the diverse implications that derive from the use of information technologies in the field of interpersonal communication