Claudio Musso


About Art (and) Failure: interview with Iocose

IOCOSE are a collective formed by: Matteo Cremonesi, Filippo Cuttica, Davide Prati and Paolo Ruffino. They work with a mix of media, such as websites, videos, social networks and portraits; and they are focused on the teleological narratives of technological and cultural development expressed through their enthusiastic and pessimistic visions

Digital automat dioramas: an interview with Boris Labbè

The digital universes drawn by the hand of Boris Labbè are placed in the meeting point among Steve's Reich compositions, Bosch's paintings and the evolutionist theory. With solid bases in free-hand sketching and in plastic arts, hw carries his complex imaginary in extraordinary animation films
numero67_Mauro Coelin 01

Mauro Ceolin: Ethnography Of The Imaginary

Mauro Ceolin, present in September and October to Triennale Bovisa in Milan with his exhibition Contemporary Naturalism, VIVENDI - da Lassie ai Pokemon, made of hybridization his trademark. In fact, at the base of his work lies an analytic attitude, reason to study and ultimate goal at the same time. His methods of research lie on the border between a large body of disciplines ranging from sociology to biology, anthropology to chemistry, from science of materials to neuroscience. Before such a wide arsenal of options it would be practically impossible to give some answers to the first question, but the artist's extraordinary coherence of work comes to our aid.
numero64_ ROberto Pugliese 01

Roberto Pugliese. Digital Bio-acoustics

Roberto Pugliese is a distinguished representative of what is described above. He comes from a musical academic culture, but having soon felt the limits of a single view, he then began to look for other stimuli in the field of visual arts. This should be a reason of pride for the visual field, so often denigrated and abused, and moreover it helps to underline the need to mix different points of view.
numero63_ Paper resitance 01

Paper Resistance: Graphic (r)existence

By reading in one go - as imposed by the absence of punctuation - this long periphrasis, one witness a superimposition of images, concepts and ideas that flash in mind like they do into Paper Resistance drawings. Its work of counterpoint and oxymoronic juxtaposition of figures and symbols of modern society, delineates in a biting manner all the contradictions and deformations of the present. Through a plain stroke, its composition defines clearly in frames and posters filled with alienating and unpredictable associations.
numero60_Gob Squad 01

Gob Squad. Neverending Live Cinema

On their website, just after the welcome messages, it says: Gob Squad make performances, videos, installations and weird happenings, mixing performance, theater, film and real life. Apart from the huge variety of artistic practices mentioned, the focus rests immediately on the weird. The term, difficult to translate alludes to different meanings such as strange, eccentric or curious. Indeed, after having had the opportunity to take part in a work of the Anglo-German group, it becomes much easier to understand the reason for that adjective.
numero54_Evan Roth 01

Evan Roth: Graffiti Taxonomy. Writing Between Research & Documentation

If it is true that since the beginning of this phenomenon numerous photographers and video makers, have tried to slow down the extinction of Writiing, it is also true that their tentatives were limited. This is probably what pushed Evan Roth to create a new method, which offered graffiti artists to archive and store their work and their tags.