Carla Langella

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New Planning Protocols. From Design To Science Transitions

During the last decade the design field has been showing a growing interest in the possibility of improving scientific research with its products, by making use of multi-disciplinary integration methods and tools and scientific matrix-based criteria. Contemporary design aims to promote innovation and experimentation procedures, where design and science get closer to each other, melt and give birth to something new.
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Biomimethic Prized By Science. Scientific Imaging As Art

A team of researchers from the Seconda Universitˆ of Naples formed by Professor Mario De Stefano from Environmental Sciences Department, Pharmaceutical Science for Environment and Health Section, myself from the History and Environment Industrial Design Department, Luigi Vanvitelli School of Architecture and by recently graduated at this same school, Doctor Antonia Auletta, awarded with honorable mention during the 2009 edition of International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, the prestigious international competition of scientific photography organized by National Science Foundation and by Science magazine.

Fluctuating Intelligences

In the 'liquid society', as Zygmunt Bauman defines it in: 'Modus Vivendi. Hell and Utopia of the Liquid World', the structures that create the boundaries of space of behaviour, habits and social and individual forms, are dissolved, creating a chaotic and dynamic context in continuous transformation where contemporary men and women find themselves having to continuously and frenetically pass from social one role to another. Family, work, social life, are alternated until they overlap, despite having different needs and necessities that are often distant from each other.

Biological Strategies At The Service Of Design

With the definition of 'hybrid design', a project planning approach is intended so that it may borrow the complexities embedded in the logic, in the codes and the principles of the biological world and insert these into the culture of the project itself. In hybrid design the complex qualities drawn from the biological world are transferred to the design of products and innovative services as if it were a sort of 'new genetic code'

(Italiano) Design Biomimetico Per L’innovazione Sostenibile

(Italiano) Nella storia dell'uomo la natura ha sempre costituito un importante riferimento per concepire artefatti innovativi. Numerosi progressi della tecnologia, del progetto e dell'arte sono nati nell'ampio bacino dell'ispirazioni biologica.