Ana Carvalho


The never-ending performance that is living. An interview with Hugo Olim

The still image, which can be a photograph, or a frame of a video, or even a pixel, is a unity and as such it is a departing point for Hugo Olim’s artworks concept. Metaphorically, the still image, as is presented to us, results from a dialogue with sound from which it receives properties of rhythm and movement.

Rodrigo Carvalho: Sound + Visual + Movement

Rodrigo Carvalho’s practice and research result from the possibilities of the combination within the triangulation between sound, image and movement. He is a very prolific artist with work mostly developed and presented under the names of several audiovisual projects. For each project, Rodrigo Carvalho join skills together with other artists, such as sound artists and dance groups.

The “Interactive Audiovisual Objects” by Nuno Correia

Nuno Correia is teacher, researcher and artist. His Doctor of Arts thesis, with the title "Interactive Audiovisual Objects" (2013), published by Aalto University, is grounded on dialogues between ephemeral and fixity, between artist and users, between technologies and possibilities for interactions.
numero71_The Total Artist 01

The Total Artist. Arts Of Stage And Music

The Brain Soundtrack is a body of work, in development since its beginning in 2002. It is a trilogy of projects that its author, the Portuguese artist Ye77a (stage name), defines as ìthe soundtrack of my lifeî. The first project of the trilogy is called 4Play and the second one is Back & Forward. The third is still in its early conceptual phase.