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Cinema in the time of workflow. The digital revolution and film criticism’s Ancien Régime

In 2007, when I started my collaboration with Digicult and writing for Digimag, I discussed with its editor, Marco Mancuso, about what could be the areas of intersection between digital art and cinema. At the time I was still rather fresh from a university degree course in film studies that was largely, if not entirely, based on textbooks using a terminology that was light-years far from actual, hands-on film-making. Six years later cinema was fully digitalized, but the language of film criticism has remained virtually unchanged.
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The Perturbing Image. Interview With Francesca Fini

Francesca Fini is an image-woman: she creates (moving, static, real and synthetic) images; she is an art performer and filmmaker, interaction designer and (hyper) graphic dealing with every kind of hybridizations and contaminations. During her life she has been trying her hand at several media. Her first work was the autobiographical novel 'Thus Spoke Mickey Mouse' (1996), then she began to work in the fields of cinema and TV.
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A Movie About The Revolution: Seize The Time

From June 1st you can find 'Seize the Time' in bookshops and online stores. The DVD + book (Federico Carra Editore, €19) contains the text published hereby by courtesy of Kiwido.

Bennet Pinpinella. Eccentric And Scratching Experimenter

The net is the new frontier of contemporary cinema, and it is through data communication and the digitalisation of information where the future, or rather the present, of the seventh art lives. From the launch of Youtube in 2005 everything has changed (lets hope forever), in the ways and of fruition and creation of images in movement.
Madden 12x A Second. When The Eye Flickers In Milan

Madden 12x A Second. When The Eye Flickers In Milan

From the 17th to the 26th September at the DOCVA (Documentation Center for Visual Arts) in Milan, via Procaccini 4, took place the exhibition 'Quando l'occhio trema. Il flicker fra cinema, video e digitale' (When the eye shakes. A flicker between cinema, video and digital world'. It is a videoscreening created by Claudia D'Alonzo (Digicult) and Mario Gorni (Careof DOCVA) and made of15 works of art which play the so called 'flicker' effect.
Rip A Remix Manifesto. A Specter Wanders In The Net

Rip: A Remix Manifesto. A Specter Wanders In The Net

Documentaries are often boring, especially when you consume something that insistently defines itself as a "good" thing. I don't believe however that RIP: A remix manifesto (USA/2008) falls into this category, probably because they share the view of the bottom

Antonio Martino, The Reflexive Stalker

1977 Class Antonio Martino is, without any shade of doubt, one of the most interesting documentary authors of the last years, the very many awards obtained by his works are there to show this, if only the vision shall be enough

Sonarcinema 2008. Music For The Eyes

The section of the Sónar of Barcelona dedicated to the seventh art, SónarCinema , was held for the eleventh time (the first season being held in 1998), during all the three days of the festival, from noon to 8 p.m., as usual at the Auditorium of the Centre de Cultura Contemporˆnia de Barcelona .

I’m Not David Lynch. Charlemagne Palestine In Milan

I'm not David Lynch... but I think I deserve a better space... I've been working for forty years in the underground... I am an underground artist!... but since some years I'm considered an important artist. Why Triennial Design Museum of Milan doesn't even meet me? Nobody greeted me, nobody welcomed me...

Ulf Langheinrich, The Useless And Fascinated Look

Here comes another chapter of the series of interviews dedicated to the most interesting representatives of Sonic Acts latest edition (Amsterdam, February 21st - 24th), which we started in March with a long virtual conversation with Ken Jacobs. ('Jacobs: il demiurgo dell'immagine in movimento' di Alessio Galbiati e Paola Cat˜ - Digimag32/marzo08).
Ken Jacobs

Ken Jacobs: The Demiurgo Of The Moving Image

Mentre scrivo questo 'pezzo' la dodicesima edizione del Sonic Acts volge al termine e come ogni evento che si appresta alla conclusione lascia nell'animo di chi era presente, come pure di chi non c'era, l'enorme ansia della perdita che non  solo lo scivolare via d'un momento presente che si vorrebbe eterno, ma il timore dell'essersi lasciati sfuggire qualcosa da sotto il naso: un'intuizione, un momento, un bagliore irripetibile per sempre andato.

Tech Stuff, Electronic Music Handbook

The following article is three different things at the same time. Number one: the prosecution of an interview I made to Lucia Nicolai (Editorial Manager of Qoob) published in Digimag 28 ( Number two: in-depth examination to understand the author/user that was firstly valorized by this experimental television, that is Giorgio Sancristoforo, better known as Tobor Experiment.

Creativity To The Cube

Qoob is a digital channel produced by MTV Italia that transmit alternative music'. This is what Wikipedia says for Qoob' . But everyone that experienced its shows or its website perfectly knows that it is something more complex.

Sonarcinema 2007, Music For The Eyes

As every year the Auditorium of Barcellona Contemporary Culture Centre (CCCB) was the venue for the three-day festival (14th, 15th and 16th June 2007) SonarCinema : the section dedicated to the evolution of the image in movement