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Media Art and Art Market: an interview with Pau Waelder

Pau Waelder is a researcher, art critic and curator who recently finished his PhD about the art market, its displacement on internet platforms and the interactions between contemporary art and New Media Art. His research acknowledge the explosion of the Post-Internet Art, as example of an artistic sector connected to New Media Art that stimulated the interest of the traditional art market.

Media Art and Art Market: an interview with Christa Sommerer

The 10th of October 2016 at the Lentos Museum in Linz took place the Media Art and Art Market symposium. This event aimed to discuss the current situation of the art market segment which focuses on the Media Art. The organization of the symposium has been led by Christa Sommerer, artist and pioneer of Interactive Art togheter with Laurent Mignonneau. Christa Sommerer is active in the in the art market with several galleries worldwide, she gained a special expertise in this sector.
ryota kuwakubo

Ryota Kuwakubo: the reality of shadows

Ryota Kuwakubo is a Japanese artist who has been working between art and technology since the end of the '90s. His cross-disciplinary approach brought him to produce various kinds of works, which ranged from electronic devices to interactive installations.

(Italiano) Eternita’ Presente: Il Sogno Di Comandare Aion

(Italiano) La percezione/paradigma del tempo  uno degli aspetti pi interessanti da osservare nell'esperienza del digitale. Questo  stato il tema della conferenza: 'Eternitˆ presente, senso ed esperienza del tempo nella societˆ digitale' svoltosi il 7 marzo presso il GAM di Gallarate, in occasione della presentazione di 'Visibile invisibile', mostra personale degli artisti Bianco-Valente.
Man As Pity Machine

Man As Pity Machine

Well-known writer Philip K. Dick used the word 'android' in opposition to the expression 'human' as metaphor, not to identify artificial entities.

The Sensitive State Of The World To The World

Between the several Italian reality that are entering the electronic and contemporary art world, this year Perugia hosted some events that deserve particular attention. Performance, workshop, interactive environment, exhibitions, competitions, concerts, meetings, festivals: this was 'Le arti in cittˆ', that showed between its protagonists Saul Saguatti, Murcof, Giovanni Sollima and Isabella Bordoni.

(Italiano) Stockhausen: L’inafferabilita’ Dell’attimo

(Italiano) Come anteprima del festival di musica elettronica e arti digitali Dissonanze, che si svolgerˆ a Roma il weekend del 1 e 2 Giugno 2007 nella splendida cornice del Palazzo dei Congressi, quest'anno  stato scelto il genio indiscusso dell'elettronica sperimentale d'avanguardia: Karlheinz Stockhausen.