His characters seem to represent the perfect union of opposing forces like good and evil, darkness and light. Using only black, red and white graphic elements, jolts of razor sharp editing, combined with a minimalist approach to design Motomichi yields maximum impact. With these elements he creates powerful visual statements about the world we live in..

Motomichi Nakamura’s art work, whether it’s for a music video, a canvas painting or a VJ performance, focuses on a character or set of characters as its main element.

The characters can be mythical creatures, most often cryptozoological animals or monsters, or if human, they appear expressionless, robotic or otherwise disturbingly disattached from their surroundings. Since the atmospheric and story-telling qualities of the final art work will be depending on the strength and presence of this main character(s) Motomichi takes great care into creating each of these unique creatures.

Motomichi Nakamura’s live VJ performances have a ecstatic, pulsating quality that is also evident even in the most subdued forms of his art work, such as his paintings and prints. The vibrant effect is partly the result of the use of red, black and white in most of his work.

He has worked on TV Commercial, music video, toy design and illustration projects and produced music videos for the The Knife and for Otto von Schirach. He also gives lectures and workshops at art conferences and universities worldwide.


Animation and Video Installation

Motomichi started off as an animator by making a bunch of tiny, silly, animated GIFs for the web using Gif Builder back in 1997. The super slow internet connections meant that he had to create really small animated gifs, around 12K each. In order to keep file sizes small Moto tried telling compelling stories in a very limited amount of space and time, and he simplified his color palette to an extreme. Having to work with these constraints helped to shape his current animation style and he still prefers to keep visuals very simple and bold. Later on with Flash Moto was able to make more complex animations for online games, banners, mobile phones and broadcasting, he also started performing live video mixing (aka VJing) in 2003.


Workshop and Lectures

Whether Motomichi is working on non-digital, illustration or animated work he often starts off by sketching out a character, which helps him to layout his ideas. Character design for Moto is more than creating cute mascots, it’s a visual problem solving tool that helps me to communicate my ideas. In this section you’ll find a collection of his non-animated character design work in all types of media including painting, sculpture, toys, illustrations and tattoo art.


Vj Performance

Motomichi admires that most musicians not only produce their music but work hard to put up a good show on stage. He thought it would be interesting to try something similar as a visual artist, so rather than just showing his work he could “perform it” in front of people. Moto likes how the combination of animation and music creates an intense atmosphere, and how visuals seem to enhance music and vice-versa.


Audiovisual performance with Otto Von Schirach

Motomichi Nakamura uses to perform audiovisual live show creating visual animation on the music of Otto Von Schirach.  Otto von Schirach is an IDM and breakcore artist. He has released most of his work on the Schematic and Beta Bodega labels, and was featured in the 2002 documentary Electro-Dziska. Otto’s live performances include outfits, masks and props, and he has toured with the band Skinny Puppy. In 2011 he has toured U.S.A. with Atari Teenage Riot. He also does a large amount of work in the areas of music production and remixing and has collaborated with several artists such as Modeselektor on their records Happy Birthday! and Monkeytown.


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