December 2005


Netporn: New

In olden times we inquired into digital bodies and bit physique, today we prefer real performance to virtual one where the body becomes flesh at last (using a now memorable Cronenberg-like expression. I think many of you remember his movie Videodrome

Bioart, Between Ethics And Aesthetics

By means of technology these days' sciences produce aesthetics images so it is not surprising the artistic field produces works which look like genetic engineering surgical procedures or laboratory experiments

Tez, Meta Generative Artist

TeZ is Maurizio Martinucci 's stage name. He was originally a musician and he became then a 360° media artist thanks to his creative inclination. TeZ is not famous in Italy yet, but he's considered one of the most complete and versatile electronic artist abroad

Peam 2005 Report

After more than one month of activity the third edition of the Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting is over. The meeting, this year, has shown artistic robustness, intellectual determination, social strength, political consciousness and philosophical inspiration

Resfest, Keep The Mind Curious

I still have the images in my mind, I am happy to have participated in the first edition of Resfest in Rome at Palladium Theatre ( 18 th -20 th November 2005 ). Let's try to sum up what the new artistic vanguards are elaborating in the world of video
Jesper Just, True Love Is Yet To Come

Jesper Just, True Love Is Yet To Come

Performa was born as a cultural association in Spring 2004 with the goal to organize a Biennal Exhibition dedicated to performance and visual arts

Ethical Hacktivismo And Cuban Rhythm

How does the new media concept work where even technology is difficult to find? Is it possible to talk about hacktivism in geographical, political and social spaces where the lack in technology prevent from developing practices and activities that involve exclusively the Internet

Do You Remember Our Beloved Commodore 64?

Bit & Bite story, an exhibition path, promoted by Sogei (Societˆ generale di Informatica, General Society of IT) devoted to the story of IT, has just ended at the Accademia dei Lincei of Rome

For A Democratic And Shared Net

During the last weeks, the World Summit on Information Society took place in Tunis , two years after the summit of Geneva , and had to deal with global strategies in order to face the issue of digital divide
Big Art Group And The Infested Screen

Big Art Group And The Infested Screen

The NewYorker Caden Mason, leader of Big Art Group, famous for his spectacular technological manipulations on stage, has landed at Senigallia, at the Theatre La Fenice with his House of no more, invited by Velia Papa (director of the Inteatro Festival) which attracted a mass of people

Material Girls

Without a doubt, there is nothing more exciting for a designer than to touch, experiment and create new material. For a creative mind, in fact, new material could be the final step of a long experiment or the stimulating beginning of a new project

The Dialogue Of Ics And Ipsilon

An interactive system, I believe, can be considered a new type of film; but a film that can be controlled, and that concerns something we wish to influence. And the important duty of a project maker is to imagine this interactive film. Let's not wonder about the nuts and bolts: what is the dream

You, Robot

What is natural and what is artificial? What characteristic does this distinction take on today, if there be one possible? What can Man do facing a nature that is escaping the reductionism model and in which Man appears more and more of an exception

Evolutionary Simulation Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Life born from a promising interaction between evolutionist research and informatics: in the computer simulation environment a togetherness of instructionist technology and selection processes are applied, taken from the Darwinism paradigm

Metamkine Look At Us: Live! Ixem 05

The second edition of Live!iXem 2005 took place in Mestre-Venice at the Candiani's Centre from 9 to 11 December 2005. The contest-festival is aimed at analyzing the Italian realities involved in sound and interdisciplinary experimentations

Dj: Shaman Or Jukebox?

What are the differences between a good dj set and a bad dj set? When a dj is considered a good dj? Who are the best djs? These question seem to be really personal, but they hide some esthetic rule

Thomas Brinkmann, Electronic Antistar

The two things most of the people knows about Thomas Brinkmann: the first is that the artist is one of the brightest musicians in the so called minimal techno scene of the last 20 years, the second one, is that he has always been dar from the worlwide tour, from the huge cache and from the more or less commercial production

Video Art Perceptive Codes

These days' visitors of Siena meet with a maybe unexpected scenario when treading in medieval tradition footsteps they get to via di Cittˆ. A strident voice arrogantly tunes up a double-speeded song from the entrance-hall of the historical Palazzo delle Papesse