November 2005


New Center Of Data Processing

Rechenzentrum, a data processing centre. It's the best chosen name for an audiovisual electronic experimentation collective, with that Teutonic touch us Italian, and not only us, are so fascinated by. All those who work and are interested in digital art, have learned to know and appreciate this Berlin trio

Frieze Art Fair

Regent's Park it's a beautiful park in the heart of London. But for the last three years, during October, it is no more crowded by lazy tourists or English that hope to find some tepid ray of autumnal sun

Connessioni Leggendarie, Interview To Netart

It is really hard to be an impartial journalist when, because of the critical approach hold in this professional figure and the intellectual responsibility of this role, you are almost obliged to express your opinion on what is happening into the world of elecgtronic art